“Black Hat” West Bank Soprano Chris Roberts now wants to pretend he is not in the mob….

I tell you folks this last bit of Wiley Beevers inspired homecooking in Judge McCabe’s courtroom is the gift that keeps on giving. For instance we only need to take the Wayback Machine to May 16, 2009 to find this Mini-me Roberts inspired Allen Powell jewel that also causes some collateral damage IMHO to others with political aspirations in 2011:

So a buncha Sopranos stormed the Governor’s Mansion on Thursday. Funny thing was, though, they weren’t from Jersey. Try Jefferson Parish.

These guys are a bunch of politicians, long fans of the HBO television show, who got together every Sunday to watch it and stuff their faces with authentic Italian fare. “We all gained a little weight during that time,” Parish Councilman Chris Roberts said.

After years of faithfully following the show, they took to wearing black fedoras when they got together, especially when the fun spilled into a local bar or restaurant afterward. Soon they started calling themselves the Black Hats. Continue reading ““Black Hat” West Bank Soprano Chris Roberts now wants to pretend he is not in the mob….”

Change some of the names and you got Jefferson Parish…..

You know folks maybe I was being a bit hard on Mike Fawer for bringing the Renee Gill Pratt portion of the Dollar Bill Jefferson saga to trial.  Make no mistake, Fawer abrasive style will insure Gill Pratt gets the book thrown at her but the testimony this past week gives the public another good peek into the way business is conducted in the NOLA metro area thus the title of this post.

For our many readers that are not in this area who are hooked on our Jefferson Parish coverage we’ll start with a must read in the Times Picayune story Gill Pratt racketeering trial offers glimpse into inner workings of a political machine. The unbridled greed is breathtaking and provides probably the best reason for banning earmarks since it appears most of it is looted out by cronies of corrupt politicians who are incapable of making an honest living.

Next up is T-P columnist Stephanie Grace who wrote a column on the testimony of two DaimlerChrysler execs in Gill Pratt’s trial last week. This is also a must read as Grace describes the impact of these prosecution witnesses on the Judge and jury: Continue reading “Change some of the names and you got Jefferson Parish…..”

The Jefferson Report solves an internal Slabbed mystery, provides the Aaron Broussard to Chris Roberts connection.

And the answer Alex is the West Bank Beacon, which appears to have been set up by straw men so that Roberts could come take control after the fact (and secretary of state filings which list the ownership). The problem for “Sissy” Roberts is that he could not delay filing his 2009 ethics report statement any longer and the good folks at The Jefferson Report were dogged in its pursuit. It is a good thing too because now people can sit on the terlit at 5 in the morning and read all about Chris Roberts’ finances and the stench which emanates from same.

It was our commenter Patricia that first put the West Bank Beacon on our radar screens a few months back and we soon dismissed it as a fluffer publication staffed by political hacks that dedicated itself to reporting only good news as Gambit explains:

There’s a new publication for West Bank readers who tire of “negative” news — the West Bank Beacon. Troy Aaron Broussard, son of parish president Aaron Broussard, is the publisher of the Gretna-based monthly community newspaper, which debuted in June.

Despite our subject matter covering politics is not our goal here at Slabbed but it does pay to have a good understanding of the underlying lay of the land and network of candidate support to help properly put events in a better context.  With the qualifying period for the upcoming special elections in Jefferson Parish now over I’ll disclose I got lots of emails beginning with advance heads up on the 2 qualifiers besides Roberts in Tim Baudier and Jimmy Lawson of Slabbed Dumpster Diving Infamy.  Since we have a variety of sources I ran both Baudier and Lawson up the flagpole along with the fact that soon to be indicted Aaron Broussard is working hard in the Robert’s campaign ground game which a few of our sources thought very strange given the circumstances. Continue reading “The Jefferson Report solves an internal Slabbed mystery, provides the Aaron Broussard to Chris Roberts connection.”

I just had the most amazing conversation with the Lafayette Square Wino….

I’m coughing like I have TB but when the Wino calls I gotta take it.  “You’re doing a better job since I busted your chops on Meffert’s plea deal”, he said, “but is something you need to know….”

And talk we did but there is one problem, beyond being able to disclose that we received a great deal of additional color on Lawrence Chehardy’s untimely departure from the office of the Jefferson Parish Tax Assessor there isn’t much I can publish at this time.  (I know that sucks)

I will say this, I’ve again had a knowledgable observer explain how the DoJ is the fly in the ointment when it comes to some of these very obvious cases of public corruption down here. Holding case files until the statute of limitation expires is one way this is done. An understaffed US Attorney’s office is another way the public is cheated of justice as it is when valuable resources are wasted on political prosecutions like the one involving our own Ashton O’Dwyer.

Like with the crime cameras and Sean Alfortish, civil litigation could well force Mr Letten’s hand in some of these other matters. Continue reading “I just had the most amazing conversation with the Lafayette Square Wino….”

Someone want to let us in on the chain?

This post has experienced a spike in site traffic lately and if I had to guess the link is being emailed around based on the referral source.  It involves Chris Roberts, Gretna Police Chief Lawson and 2 of his boys including Robert’s staffer Brett Lawson and their connections to Adams and Reese lobbyst Chris Coulon, son of soon to be indicted former Parish President Tim Coulon and DA Conncik’s brother Dutchie Connick and his connection to Kass Brothers Construction and Kass’ connections to the River Birch landfill, whose offices were recently raided by the FBI.  Whew that was a mouthful.


Rut Roh! Its double trouble Gretna style. An update from the pig pen.

Jarvis DeBerry and the Times Picayune editorial board have called out that dishonest piece of crap/school board member Mark Morgan today in separate articles and I noted that many members of local hog pack were mentioned such as Morgan and Judge Kurt Engelhardt whom along with Chris Roberts, Tom Capella and Arthur Lawson will form the basis for this post. First up is T-P columnist Jarvis DeBerry who takes Morgan out to the woodshed over his lack of honesty:

“I didn’t speak,” this paragon of honesty said. “I made comments.”

And now the Editorial Board of the T-P chips in on the same topic:

Mr. Morgan is waging an all-out campaign against the probe and administrators. That’s troubling, especially in light of Mr. Morgan’s role in Gretna No. 2’s admissions process on behalf of a family member. Continue reading “Rut Roh! Its double trouble Gretna style. An update from the pig pen.”