Family matters part 1: “AROD must be jacking his meat”

Since we’re USA only right now I think it’s a good time to clear the air some. First off is the post title in quotes, which means it is a reader comment to the link I am about to drop but first.

There is no one commenter that has caused me more problems than our own Ashton O’Dwyer. Lifers understand why Slabbed welcomes Ashton here despite all the headaches. I’ll admit that I harbor a personal affinity for the man because, as the late Frank Davis would say he’s naturally N’Awlins. That does not mean I approve of his racial views, however, but some people get hung up on that part. That I can not help. Now to the jacking part.

Early on in the oil spill litigation Slabbed covered some of the problems I saw coming – heck one of our 2010 oil spill stories crossed over in a big way in fact. Due to the size and complexity of the topic and my epic legal battle with Aaron Broussard’s Goatherd there was no way I could take it on circa 2012 but luckily for everyone Jason Berry at American Zombie has tackled it and his body of work on the subject is very impressive. I mention this because Jason’s work has crossed over and this is the latest from the mainstream media:

Oddly enough, judicial antics still shock ~ Sir James Gill

Speaking of AROD………

I spoke with him early this morning. He reminded me he wrote the Senate Judiciary Committee recently. I’ll see if I can get a copy up later today.

Meantime he sends his regards to the Slabbed Nation and he sincerely apologizes for using racial epithets. (not really the last part but we can still hope anyway).