When it comes to a certain subject neither of us are usually at a loss for words…….

And that subject would be Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser aka Nunny aka Anderson Cooper’s “Bubba”.  While it is too early from an official standpoint to start taking victory laps as Slabbed, among a few other media outlets has consistently called this disgusting person out, especially since the oil spill and bermdoggle.  Lifers will recall it was none other than Jeanette Maier aka Gidget aka The Canal Street Madam who was kind enough to put Nunny on our radar screen as his tastes in “women” runs to the exotic (and that is very nice way of putting it).

Why do I mention Nunny?  ‘Cause on Friday Rich Rainey broke the story that Team Fed has subpoenaed records from Nungesser’s administration as the persistent rumors of Katrina related corruption in his administration heat up immensely.  During the process we’re gonna get a peeksie at the process of putting an investigative report on the TeeVee IMHO as I’ve been consistently told WVUE’s Lee Zurik had the goods on ol’ Nunny but left all that on the cutting room floor in favor of a partial expose on former Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Jiff Hingle.  As a general rule media coverage in metro New Orleans of Nungesser has been just a tad less disgraceful than Anderson Cooper’s lionization of the systemically corrupt and morally bankrupt Plaquemines Parish Prez.

I for one will enjoy seeing this scandal unfold.

Anderson Cooper’s strange fixation with Nunny during the Oil Spill comes into sharper focus……

Slabbed lifers well know I was very critical of Billy Nungesser being a permanent guest host on AC360 back during the oil spill given the baggage that comes with the guy.  Frankly I thought the fixation was indeed strange and that’s not to mention the crazy perverted stuff about Nunny and Gidget’s girls back in the day but Nunny is a golden child in certain GOP circles and this does not count persistent rumors of the Plaquemines Parish Prez and golden showers.

I mention all this because Anderson Cooper made his sexual orientation official via an online letter as the attraction to our favorite local fat ass comes into sharper focus.


In our continuing episode of Magnum J.D. Baldwin v Costner Day 2: There’s no business like show business…..

Today I’ll highlight some of the main stream media reporting on the trial and I am going to draw a sharp line and differentiate the reporting. First up though we need to examine what got everyone into Judge Feldman’s courtroom, one that is very plaintiff unfriendly if said plaintiff is an individual suing an insurance company.

Gullibility is a failure of social intelligence in which a person is easily tricked or manipulated into an ill-advised course of action. It is closely related to credulity, which is the tendency to believe unlikely propositions that are unsupported by evidence.

Classes of people especially vulnerable to exploitation due to gullibility include children, the elderly, and the developmentally disabled

I was tempted to sign into my wiki account and add the words “and National Media” because they made this lawsuit in a way back in 2010 by giving Costner huge amounts of free publicity when he showed up on the Gulf Coast like a fly circling a fresh cow pie after the oil spill. Notice I used the term “publicity” instead of “news” because the reporting was uncritical and 100% derived from controlled tests of Costner’s centrifuge technology, which were not previously commercially viable and was not used to any effect in the 2010 oil spill.

Simply put we had a ring side seat here at Slabbed when we highlighted the threatened lawsuit against Frank Levy on June 17, 2010 that was mentioned in so many of yesterday’s media reports on the civil suit. It was obvious to any local with half a brain this was the oil spill equivalent to a stock market pump and dump. But the media had stars in their eyes and made the Costner inspired scam “news” without a critical, second thought. Continue reading “In our continuing episode of Magnum J.D. Baldwin v Costner Day 2: There’s no business like show business…..”

Nancy you ignorant media whoring slut: “Tot Tee Vee” took one on the chin (and it ain’t doughnut glaze…)

For you partisan media freaks that read this blog it is duly noted that I’ve ripped on Faux News enough lately that our shorter term readers may not know that we also have fun with CNN here at Slabbed including calling out CNN’s Anderson Cooper for cavorting with local political whores during the oil spill little over a year ago. Tee Vee news outfits like CNN and Faux News, (likely along with your local news outlets) are way more show biz than journalism. I don’t watch much cable news and sensationalized coverage of stories like the Casey Anthony trial are the reason.

Evidently Grace shamelessly used the tragic death of a 3 year old to boost her show’s ratings as she evidently tried and convicted Casey Anthony for her daughter’s death on the Tee Vee. Fact is the entire Tee Vee media herd was balls deep in the Anthony saga and it looks like most whiffed but none as spectacularly as Grace, who shares the distinction with Mary Landrieu of strongly reminding me of Miss Piggy.

To the extent these are same folks that made the trailer trash lady from Wasilla who shall remain nameless (along with her single mom daughter) a national media sensation take my advice and just say no to Tot Tee Vee.


Now this warms the cockles of my heart…

Whether you can him by my pet name Nunny or Billy Nungesser it has been clear to me since the oil spill that Plaquemines Parish Prez Billy Nungesser is a corrupt sack of shit.  According to Lee Zurich at Fox 8 it appears the Feds are thinking the same thing and it goes beyond trying to stiff  Gidget out of her prostitution tab.  If the Feds are looking at Nunny I’d say there is also a good chance there is also a Jack Stevens in the woodpile too.

Anyone seen Anderson Cooper?  My mind is open to the possibility that most of his regular oil spill guests will end up doing time at the ol’ Greybar Hotel before this is over.


It’s Official, Anderson Cooper joins Bobby Bermdoggle Jindal as an oil spill idiot. Snookered again: How the National Media let us down after the Oil Spill

Is it news or is what we see on the TeeVee all show biz? The answer folks, is show biz aka self-interest driven propaganda, as Jonathan Tilove at the Times Picayune explains:

About of a third of the way through the National Oil Spill Commission’s 400-page report, there is a 43-page chapter on the oil spill response and containment efforts that suggests that berms and boom were pretty much a bust, collecting more headlines than oil.

Along the way, the report also casts a rather unflattering light on Louisiana officialdom, singling out Gov. Bobby Jindal and Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser.

And while Nungesser was cashing in with BP along with St Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack Stevens, the media was running to him for the self serving sound bite de jour, making the media in general and Anderson Cooper in particular mighty useful idiots for this corrupt local politician as we continue:

According to the commission’s narrative, the festering animosity in Louisiana’s relationship with Washington was nurtured by a news media that thrives on conflict. Continue reading “It’s Official, Anderson Cooper joins Bobby Bermdoggle Jindal as an oil spill idiot. Snookered again: How the National Media let us down after the Oil Spill”

As the sand berms turn: Slabbed goes on assignment. Drake adds outstanding analysis.

Slabbed contributor Russell and I traveled to the campus of Western Carolina University last Friday and met with Rob Young, Professor of Geosciences and of the Director of the University’s, Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines. Our readers should well know Rob by now as his name has been mentioned here frequently of late last time being Thursday night passed just before he appeared in an interview with Anderson Cooper.

We had a wide ranging discussion that included barrier islands, coastal insurance issues, state wind pool solvency and of course Bobby Jindal and Billy Nungesser’s sand berm boondoggle.  Rob requested that I keep certain portions of our discussions off the record and I’m happy to honor those requests. The reason is not that he is hiding something far from it in fact.  Rather, it was because he complained, rightfully so in my opinion, about the relatively recent trend of the politicization of science and he did not want any of his remarks misconstrued.  I am convinced Rob is in this for the science and only for the science. This is what separates him from certain politicians whose initials are B.J. who likes to use science only when it furthers his political ambitions.

With that said there are three points that need to be made. The first is I have a boatload of links saved where politicians like Nunny, Jindy, Chris Roberts and others whined to anyone who would give them an open mike (ie Anderson Cooper) about the feds not letting them dump rocks around their sand berms but I have none of those links handy as I write this post. It is just as well because these blowhards weren’t saying anything of substance anyhow though I’m certain it made for good TV footage and news copy, especially when Cooper’s airhead replacement went stalking the Corps of Engineers on July 5th inquiring why they were not working with the now suddenly wanting to be cooperative Nunny and Chrissy as their permit to dump rocks was rejected. For the record the powers that be at the COE were evidently doing the same thing Anderson Cooper was that day in enjoying the federal holiday but I digress.

Second, regarding the rock addition to the sand berm scheme, if the new goal is to rebuild the barrier islands as Chrissy suggested, Rob pointed out to us that the endangered sea turtles which use the islands and beaches to breed can’t very well lay eggs in concrete and rocks. It is those pesky little details the politicians never seem to grasp that comprise the reasons the coastal scientific community are united in their opposition to the berms or more simply put, it is the science stupid. Continue reading “As the sand berms turn: Slabbed goes on assignment. Drake adds outstanding analysis.”

Skimming the surface – honest services, honesty, and yatchs

Although I spend the winter dreaming of “summertime, when the living is easy”, the summer months are the busy season of my “day job” – months full of days like today when there is little time for more than skimming the surface of what would otherwise be a series of posts.

For example, the conviction of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman will not be among the “avalanche of legal challenges” expected to follow the recent USSC ruling on “honest services”.  The Court made certain of that:

In a one-sentence order, the Supreme Court instructed the Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit to review the convictions of  Richard Scrushy,  the former CEO of HealthSouth, and former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman…

Scrushy and Siegelman were convicted on bribery and corruption charges brought by the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Middle District of Alabama in 2006. The government alleged Siegleman had improperly appointed Scrushy to a hospital regulatory board in exchange for Scrushy donating $50o,000 to a campaign for  a state lottery that Seigelman supported…

Siegelman and Scrushy have maintained their innocence. Their attorneys have argued that donations the health care business executive made to the then-governor’s lottery fund and Scrushy’s later appointment to the Alabama health board wasn’t criminal, just ordinary politics.

Speaking of honesty, Mississippi-born Jimmy Buffett recently told Anderson Cooper that he knows “liars when I hear them”: Continue reading “Skimming the surface – honest services, honesty, and yatchs”