"Apparently BP is no more adept at doctoring photos than it is at plugging deep-sea oil leaks"

An inquiring mind (AKA: SLABBED reader) send an email asking, “Why is this not the biggest news in the Country right now?”  Well, one answer could be that Lindsay Lohan’s trip to the pokey has dominated the news and BP isn’t blond.  Another could be that the MSM was relucant to report, “A blogger has noticed that the oil giant altered a photograph of its Houston crisis room, cutting and pasting three underwater images into a wall of video feeds from remotely operated undersea vehicles”.

However, now that the Washington Post has the story, it’s legs are growing:

The altered photo is displayed prominently on the company’s Web site.

An enlarged version of the photograph reveals flaws in the editing job. One of the 10 images sticks down into the head of one of the people sitting in front of the wall, while another piece of the image is separated from the other side of the head by jagged white space. The right side of the same image also hangs down below the area on which the video feeds were projected.

John Aravosis pointed out the alterations Monday evening on his Americablog.com and observed, “I guess if you’re doing fake crisis response, you might as well fake a photo of the crisis response center.” The photo doctoring comes as BP has promised transparency in a bid to regain the public’s trust.

My well-intentioned brother-in-law once used photoshop to trim down a rather plump young family friend whose size was even more pronounced in a group shot of my daughter and similarly slim college friends.  Amazingly, she looked at the finished product and exclaimed, “OMG, I look anorexic!”  IOW, not everyone appreciates the courtesy of a photoshop-altered reality as Wa-Po points out: Continue reading “"Apparently BP is no more adept at doctoring photos than it is at plugging deep-sea oil leaks"”