Soft on crime: Boss Hogg Haley Barbour releases another coast murderer early.

First it was “Michael David Graham, who had stalked his ex-wife, Adrienne Klasky, before shooting her to death in 1989 while she sat in her car at a traffic light in Pascagoula.” Graham scrubbed toilets at the Gov’s mansion and Boss Hogg evidently took a shine to him. Now we find out that despite repeated denials from Boss Hogg’s office, Barbour also had a role in the early release of Joseph Goff after serving just 8 years of a 20 year sentence he received for the premeditated killing of  Kyle Todd by shooting him through the front window of  Todd’s house “while Todd was standing by a Christmas tree inside his family’s Gautier home on Dec. 8, 2001. Todd died in his mother’s arms.”

Geoff Pender and Margaret Baker have all the skinny for the Sun Herald on this inexcusable early release of a guy who frankly deserves to rot forever behind bars IMHO.

Willie Horton indeed.