Wade Rathke

Well, well Wade Rathke is back in his home town New Orleans again folks and has purchased a $500,000 coffee shop. But unfortunately his main intention is not to rebuild New Orleans or its economy. Nope, he’s back in town to again be a community organizer, promote his most recent socialist power to the people book and to start another Acorn-like organization. And his planned propaganda epicenter? Well naturally its his coffee shop , The Coffee Grinds, with its 300 daily coffee customers just waiting to be brainwashed and organized by Wade’s 40 years of community socialistic agenda.

Wade or course is the infamous founding father of Acorn locally and nationwide and still involved internationally in his revolutionary one man trek for a one world socialist economy. Now since we have a President , who is the world’s best community organizer and redistributor of wealth, does New Orleans need a home boy as a second rate organizer? I think not. New Orleans , especially the Ninth Ward, has been rebuilt not by Acorn or other power to the people groups, but predominantly by out-of -state white Christian church groups. And despite the efforts of our Chocolate Mayor Nagin to polarize the races, our city has become color blind and also united by the Saints championship and joined at the hip against crime and political corruption. Here especially at the SlabbedNation we have all suffered individual personal losses from the great flood, hence the term Slabbed, but in the end have all become mentally and physically stronger .

Wade’s racial propaganda coffee will not sell around here anymore in New Orleans, but especially not in the Slabbed Nation, as we are united and share success in exposing political frauds and corruption. Sorry Wade, but could you again explain why your brother, Dale Rathke, was not prosecuted for embezzling $1 MILLION DOLLARS from Acorn seeing that some of that may have been federal grant funds? And how can Wade now claim his brother paid back the money when he earlier stated that his family paid back $214,000 and a rich Californian, Drummond Pike, paid off the balance. Continue reading “Wade Rathke”

Separating the nuts from the ACORN

When you respect as reader as much as I do our “Sup” and see them as concerned about an issue as she is about ACORN voter registration, it’s only natural to want to know more – and for me that meant hours with my research assistant, AKA google, trying to separate the nuts from the ACORNS.

If you wish to strengthen a lie, mix a little truth in with it.

The search results were telling – in the number one position was a news release from the Republican National Committee! If you click on the link, you’ll see the “story” is actually a transcript and at the end includes this credit:

To View The Entire Video, Please Visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPvJRkyb8PQ Paid for by the Republican National Committee. www.gop.comNot authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.SOURCE Republican National Committee

I didn’t fully understand until I followed a link this morning and ended up here. Continue reading “Separating the nuts from the ACORN”