Come Move to A Place Apart….In a trailer

Yesterday afternoon the bat line started going off about the new trailer on Highway 603 and a couple of inquiries later…….

Bay St Louis' newest trailer on Highway 603. Picture courtesy of a reader.
Bay St Louis’ newest trailer on Highway 603. Picture courtesy of a reader.

It’s better than the old school bus on stilts that graced that area before the storm but construction standards have supposedly improved since then. How about a close up shot of the building permit: Continue reading “Come Move to A Place Apart….In a trailer”

These Periscope broadcasts of the Bay City Council…..

Are becoming quite popular. For me the highlight of the night was when Mayor Fillingame told the council the supplemental bond agreement that he signed promising to segregate and deposit the $13/month water and sewer surcharge into a dedicated debt service account “is more your” (the city council’s) “agreement than it is mine”.

Meantime folks I reckon that surcharge everyone, most everyone pays the politicians promised would be used exclusively for debt service was really a back door tax increase so hare brained schemes like that free trolley no one rides could be funded. The people that live here are only schmucks after all that deserve to be parted from their money in such a way. Maybe Councilwoman Macdonald can propose a taxpayer funded program to help the ‘les’ fortunate because as it turns out most of the agreements that the Mayor signs do not apply to the executive office evidently, only the rest of us that actually pay the freight.

If I were to file a writ on mandamus it would center in on the Mayor’s use of dedicated funding sources for operating cash flow just like this diversion of the surcharge.

Stay tuned.