Getting ready for a long bitter winter: Fred Heebe continues the renovations at 5531 St Chas

Hat Tip to a reader for the steer to the building permit site for the City of New Orleans where we find the Heebes are spending $75K to insulate the place.  What I found interesting is that Dominick Fazzio’s name was not mentioned in the permitting despite the fact he was listed as manager of 5531 ST Charles Avenue LLC. The contractor for the work Live Oak Homes, has been mentioned on these pages a time or two.


Been there and done that: Michael Lewis explores the connection between Freddie Heebe’s Monroe Mansion and the subprime bust.

This link was posted in comments here too long ago to remember but financial writer extraordinaire Michael Lewis rented the Monroe Mansion pre-Freddie Heebe and thought enough of the experience to write a lengthy article on the experience of living there. Since I feel as though I practically know the Heebes on a first name basis I’ll add they most certainly should have stayed with that “shinyViking range” instead of that nasty ol’ Electrolux they replaced it with during renovations. (H/T Mr CLS for the memory jog).


Lifestyles of the rich and famous: Who owns the Monroe Mansion that was raided last week by the FBI in connection with the River Birch Scheme?

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The hat tip for this post goes to a reader who did some exhaustive internet sleuthing.  We hope our readers can fill in the gaps. ~ sop

It is no secret that Fred and Jennifer Heebe moved to 5531 St Charles Avenue in early 2009. The question is do they really own the property and what role does the mansion’s former owner play with respect to the property today? To wit:

Yes the Heebe’s are there as evidenced by this and this (we previously highlighted the second link in connection with a Desiree Rogers post I did back in the late spring).

At the end of this article by the T-P’s Kate Moran Jennifer Sneed Heebe confirms her and her hubby Fred are in the process of buying the house.

Here is where it begins to get murky.  According to the Orleans Parish Tax Assessor the property is owned by 5531 St Charles Avenue, LLC which lists the property’s previous owner, Susan D Krohn on the mailing address. The Secretary of State shows 5531 St Charles Ave LLC as having a sole member, BLU, LLC.  I could not find anything on BLU at the Louisiana Secretary of State Website. Continue reading “Lifestyles of the rich and famous: Who owns the Monroe Mansion that was raided last week by the FBI in connection with the River Birch Scheme?”