It’s called the silly season for a reason. A quick primer for tomorrow’s run-off elections (Updated)

Tomorrow is the run off elections and while most folks are paying attention to the US Senate race here in South Mississippi there is also a Chancery judge runoff between Sandy Steckler and Margaret Alfonso. You do not find too much analysis of the nonpartisan judicial elections here in Mississippi and it is interesting in what one finds when the political affiliations are removed from the equation.

Steckler took Stone County outright and won a plurality in Hancock County while Alfonso won a plurality in Harrison County. What each County had in common is the precincts with the highest numbers of African Americans broke consistently for Alfonso. For example Alfonso won the Bay City Hall precinct 250-111 over Steckler. Here in Stone County, New Hope went for Alfonso 228-149. In Harrison County Alfonso won North Bel-Aire 857-565. Overall, eastern Harrison County was Steckler’s core base of support while western Harrison County supported Alfonso.

If the 6200 Harrison County votes for Diane Herman Ellis turn back out to support Alfonso this race is done with Alfonso winning. But since it is a run-off election turning out your supporters is key. Based on the voting patterns from November 6, having Mike Espy on the same ballot should help Alfonso.

Next up is the Senate race. First we need to stop pretending this race is competitive because it isn’t. Should Mike Espy win such would be a monumental upset of the kind that rarely happens in southern politics. But since Donald Trump has polarized the Nation like no President since Richard Nixon that calculus goes out the window because all of the extra blue wave money came to Mississippi and that, coupled with an extremely weak candidate in Cindy Hyde Smith, who evidently was born with a rubber farm boot in her mouth has created a side show circus:

Dear Senator, the Camera is always rolling – Jackson Jambalaya

I highly recommend also reading the comments to that post. The fact is Cindy Hyde Smith was not the crowd’s choice for Thad’s old senate seat and her inability to think on her feet is a major handicap for a national politician. It’s a gift for the progressive side of the media and the unflattering news coverage is not hard to find. Continue reading “It’s called the silly season for a reason. A quick primer for tomorrow’s run-off elections (Updated)”

Mid-term election special: Trumpy and the Wingnuts got their asses kicked

Just not quite as bad as Bush did in 2006 or Obama did in 2010 but an ass kicking is an ass kicking. Ironically the reason Obama got his ass kicked in 2010 seems to have come around full circle:

Red-State Voters Opt for Obamacare – Mattie Quinn

Making sure the working poor have access to health insurance pays for itself, unlike tax cuts, and the unwashed masses appear to have figured this out. If you believe exit polling and I think there is a kernel of truth to what the exit polls found last week, health care ranked number 1 on the list of issues that were most important to those that voted. In Arizona, Wing-nut Senatorial Candidate Martha McSally resorted to lying about her record of trying to gut access to health insurance in a vain attempt to run from her past votes on that issue. You wonder who the hell these Wingnuts thought they were representing trying repeatedly to increase the ranks of the uninsured over the last two years but it wasn’t their constituents. Back to healthy workers being more productive, from Quinn’s article in Governing magazine linked above:

While the price tag of Medicaid expansion can come with some sticker shock, independent analyses have found that states often save money by insuring people — there are fewer instances of uncompensated care, and people are healthier when they have insurance. According to a 2016 report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 11 states experienced some savings from Medicaid expansion.

2016 studies showing healthy populations pay for themselves are fine and dandy but is there more recent data? How about from next door in Louisiana:

Medicaid expansion created 19,000 new jobs in Louisiana, according to study ~ Marcia Clark

Phil Bryant’s mishandling of this issue will be the biggest stain on whatever legacy he leaves the state and the refusal of Phil and the GOP to take Medicaid expansion to cover the working poor has contributed to some very real problems in Mississippi such as community hospitals breaking under the weight of having to eat the cost of uncompensated care along with the sheer human misery of not being able to have sufficient access to the health care system.

It is against this backdrop that an idea from the far left has gathered significant traction even among the right wing: Continue reading “Mid-term election special: Trumpy and the Wingnuts got their asses kicked”

Fabled Donut Eater to Hyde Smith Campaign

Been busy as heck folks but I could not let June roll by without sharing that I too love donuts and commenting on this:

There’s been an unexpected staffing shakeup at DMR ~ Paul Hampton

Then there’s Melissa Scallan, the public affairs director who is leaving the agency, perhaps only temporarily. Neither Spraggins nor Scallan would say much.

“Not sure if I can make the announcement as to where Melissa is going,” Spraggins wrote in an email. “Probably can very soon.”

Scallan, a reporter at the Sun Herald for years before going to DMR, simply said we’d have to be patient.

Of course Point Park beat me to it: Continue reading “Fabled Donut Eater to Hyde Smith Campaign”

Now we know why it is so important that Billy Hewes Fires Steven Palazzo

Slabbed has steadfastly maintained that our Congressman is a fluffer whose more popular nickname these days is “No Show Palazzo” because he is so scared of his own constituents that he refuses to hold town hall meetings in his district.

It is at this point that I’ll disclose Slabbed has been leaked some crazy sounding tips about Palazzo’s private life which I’ll describe as a kernel of truth buried within a larger lie. For instance it took me less than two hours a few years ago to debunk a tip which maintained Palazzo and his wife were divorcing in Jefferson Parish Louisiana with the reason for the divorce being that the Fluffer was confused about his sexuality. This brings me to yesterday’s Huff Po article about the Congressman which is a must read:

One such example of Palazzo’s lack of transparency is with his family life. The Congressman has been ambiguous, perhaps ingenious, about his marital status. While Facebook pages and official websites indicate he is still married to Lisa Palazzo, court records indicate the two were divorced over a year ago. Palazzo’s official bio at still reads, “Steven lives in Biloxi, Mississippi, with his wife, Lisa, and their three children.” The LinkedIn page of Lisa describes her as still being the wife of Steven Palazzo.

This in turn explains this Geoff Pender piece published on October 20, 2017: Continue reading “Now we know why it is so important that Billy Hewes Fires Steven Palazzo”