The Giant Douche Wins: Let the backstabbing begin

As President Elect Douche assumes office with historically high negatives going in, one is left to wonder what the heck the Democrat insiders were thinking foisting such a Turd Sandwich on the electorate. Worth noting is on the GOP side, the nomination was derived from a primary system that valued the rank and file and primary electoral process while the Democrats had their primary deck stacked with virtually all of the “Super delegates” being for Clinton out of the chute to go with all the dirty tricks. Both parties have been out of touch with ordinary Americans and last night’s election results reinforces that fact.

The biggest losers are the neocons that abandoned ship and supported Clinton along with a Democrat political party that used to represent blue collar white working people. Those folks have now completely abandoned the party after their standard bearers abandoned them in favor of cuddling up with Wall Street.

And none of this counts the blood letting to come on the GOP side. Interesting days are ahead folks..

You Decide 2016: Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich

Can’t help but notice even our own Tom Callaghan has grown steadily more disenchanted with the choice between a Giant Douche (Trump) and a Turd Sandwich (Clinton). Folks it is far better to laugh than cry:

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Monday Omnibus: Bare Naked Potential First Lady and more!

Few Presidential Candidates have done themselves the amount of self inflicted damage that Donald Trump did his campaign over the weekend when he decided to run down the Parents of a child that made the ultimate sacrifice that spoke out at the Democrat National Convention against Trump and his Xenophobic world view. While Slabbed is very sympathetic with the plight of those that have been economically displaced by the Globalization of the world’s economy, we’ve never been much on scapegoating Mexican ditch diggers or an entire religion in the Islamic faith. The GOP in particular has been peddling this particular brand of ignorance since around the time Obama was elected and it has come home to roost in spades with their presidential candidate that looks more and more like he’ll be trounced in November by a highly flawed and almost equally crooked Democrat.

Being raised in a Marine Corp family my only observation is that Bill Murray had it nailed in Stripes, because as a whole Marines are Mutts aka (Americans with a “Capital A”). Culturally my own Daddy could not have been more different than his best friend from the Corps but when men go into battle together special bonds forms that do not break based on race or creed. This is what Trump, who was born with a silver foot in his mouth, fails to get because when you disrespect the parents of a child who gave the ultimate sacrifice, your disrespecting every parent whose children made the ultimate sacrifice to secure Donald Trumps ability to eat Lobster at the Waldorf in relative peace:

But in the interest of being equal opportunity Hillary Clinton will certainly continue to waste American lives in the middle eastern quagmire which we are stuck which probably explains the following from the Airforce Times:

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Why I personally don’t trust the national media to cover POTUS 2016 straight

Everyone has an opinion, even the Op-Ed folks at WaPo but I’ve never been much on media fawning, especially over politicians. It appears the folks over at the Intercept aren’t much on fawning over politicians either.

About this Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton Presidential match-up

For right now I’ll describe it as the most intriguing electoral match-up that no one wanted to see. A Slabbed informal twitter poll indicated that close to 8 in 10 of you think the Clintons are filthy crooks and it is clear to most that Donald Trump is a P. T. Barnum type huckster whose words seldom convey a sincere thought. Hillary Clinton is consummate political insider while Trump has a lifetime track record of renting political insiders like Hillary Clinton.

The delicious ironies and sheer magnitude of the hypocrisy is amusing, especially the competing narratives about evangelical Christians and the Trump candidacy put out by some of the same political elites that previously foisted depraved reprobates like Newt Gingrich on the party faithful. Trump has expanded the GOP voter base with a message that appeals to the blue collar crowd in places like Pennsylvania and Ohio like no presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan and despite the media’s attempt to paint Trump as a misogynist the reality of the situation strongly appears to show that he views women more like Hillary’s hubby Bill as sex objects. As an added bonus the Donald’s wife even has some nudies floating about online. Its picture perfect really.

I suspect we’ll be having some fun with this race here at Slabbed until November.

Stick a fork in it: Trump is your guy GOPers

I thought the overall field of candidates could not have been weaker than in 2008 and 2012 but 2016 proved me wrong.

Meantime I found this gem:

Trump vs. Clinton: The election no one wants ~ Bruce Abramson and Jeff Ballabon

America’s political, academic, business, and media elites will launch studies trying to understand why Americans have lost faith in their leaders and their institutions. Most of them will come to agree with President Obama: Americans distrust our leaders because our leaders devote too little effort to explaining their greatness in terms that average Americans can grasp. Their own failings, or the gaping chasm between elite and average concerns, are unlikely to enter their thinking.

Taken together, America is hurtling towards an election that no one wants. The Democratic Party will nominate a candidate most Democrats dislike because their game is rigged. The Republican Party will nominate a candidate most Republicans dislike because their game is not. It’s a wonderful advertisement for liberal democracy.

The above is why I think Trump beats Clinton unless Trump enters a “dead girl or a live boy” type scenario, despite what polling currently indicates. This election will boil down to a handful of states, Ohio likely the most important of them all.