Biloxi Mayor’s Race enters the home stretch, Team Swetman again goes negative

Like everyone else I’ve been watching the race unfold over the past couple of weeks.  Slabbed’s very best sources on all things Biloxi are unanimous in their prognostications that Fo Fo Gilich will be Biloxi’s next Mayor, an assertion that I think is born out by the negative direct mailings that were sent out late last week by Team Swetman, who now also has Governor Phil Bryant’s official backing. Campaigns go negative when they are behind as a general rule.

The two campaigns could not be more different. Gilich’s campaign is at the grassroots level while Swetman is depending on high profile endorsements from the DMR booze cruise political class from on high. The contrast is stark.

My best advice to everyone in Biloxi is to go vote for the candidate of your choice.

Time for Fo Fo and Windy to get it on and Slabbed’s got pictures!

The contrast in the candidates couldn’t be more clear folks.

Meantime, here is a reader submitted photo purportedly of Windy Swetman’s dog lounging on the driveway of the Woolmarket property. Based on a Google maps street daytime view the house indeed resembles the Swetman property. Other than that observation I’d caution about deriving any other inferences regarding any information it conveys about the current Swetman family domicile. Continue reading “Time for Fo Fo and Windy to get it on and Slabbed’s got pictures!”

Special Election day in Biloxi

And here I am sitting on pictures of Windy Swetman’s dog on the driveway of the house up in the greater northern Woolmarket metropolitan area. I noted the comment where Slabbed was termed a rag and I appreciated that remark greatly along with the entire backstory on the AJ Holloway endorsement of Fofo Gilich for Biloxi Mayor.

The ten candidates in the pool run the gambit of diversity as we have Bull to go with Cono. There is Dixie Darlyn who gets a Slabbed award (Slabby) for the political newcomer Handshoe never previously knew anything about. And in true Mississippi fashion almost every major candidate has a nickname as that is the way we roll here.

In any event join Charlene and the rest of the gang and vote for the candidate of your choice. Then, after we’re down to two candidates we’ll let the muck fly.

Let’s talk Hurricane Warnings and the Biloxi Mayor’s race…

It has come to my attention that Slabbed’s prognostications about upcoming indictments in Harrison County made Slabbed New Media a celebrity of sorts among this site’s target audience of those that I’ll term power news consumers. The rumor mill, especially about upcoming indictments, is notoriously unreliable for more reasons than I care to list but occasionally it is spot on. Knowing how to discern the difference is the key before there can be any sort of responsible reporting on the data points.

First things first folks, the William Martin indictment will not be the last of a public official in Harrison County according lore. I’ll also add the rumors that I mentioned a few times here on Slabbed within the last 120 days or so included three Harrison County Supervisors yet only two have been indicted to this point on what turned out to be separate issues in the Anthony bribery scandal and the MDOC Scandal. Now I want to be clear I am not saying there will be another Supervisor indicted. I am saying the early rumor, which was spot on for two Sups named actually mentioned the names of three and that is an important distinction. I will not be naming that third name at this time since it is only a fragment of a partially confirmed indictment rumor.

That said a name that appeared on these pages over the last 90 days is former Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway, who is now enjoying retired life. He wrote a most interesting letter to the editor that I would encourage everyone to read and carefully ponder for the information it conveys:

A.J. HOLLOWAY: Gilich is the best choice for Biloxi

I’m no expert on Biloxi City politics but Slabbed has commenters that have what I’d call superior knowledge of the Biloxi political scene so this curve ball of Mayor Holloway bucking the local GOP machine does not surprise me in one respect. We’re seeing the Mayor’s race becoming a two horse contest between Gillich and Harrison County Supervisor tuned brand new Biloxi City resident Windy Swetman (Swetman moved his family in with his mother in order to qualify). Swetman is the machine candidate that Mr. Holloway is bucking which is extraordinary given how long the two men have associated with Holloway as Mayor and Swetman as County Supervisor for the East Harrison-Biloxi area. There’s gotta be one heck of a back story on this folks and I’m hoping we can find a way to explore that in comments.

Attention Anonymous Email Person Dishing Dirt on the Biloxi Election

I would like to say that it is in the public’s interest that the things you mention come to light but without any sourcing, such as paid invoices and the like, you will likely find little satisfaction with the local media Slabbed included. I’m funny that way and so are the rest. If you prefer old fashioned snail mail, send it to Slabbed New Media here.

I’d also like to announce that Slabbed New Media will not be observing any two week muck free windows this special election season as the season is too short. To be considered for publication the muck must be sourced (see above).

Thank you.

Other Voices | Eye Spy: Qualifiers leave Biloxi Voters with Slim Pickins’

My Fellow Americans and Citizens of the City of Biloxi,

Just a short time ago, rumors of further indictments circled the Mississippi Gulfcoast, AJ Holloway checked into rehab then quits his post a short time later due to “health reasons” according to an article posted in the Sun Herald.

If that wasn’t enough for the citizens of Biloxi, they are now stuck with the task of selecting their next fearless leader, the next Mayor of their beloved city. As of today, it appears that the citizens of Biloxi will have quite a variety of characters to choose from at the end of April. Of course, the citizens will also get belly full when listing to most who will tout how they are “Conservative Republicans” but do not seem to offer anything different than the next, or the person they replaced. The only thing we are missing to make this a full scale circus act is for Robert “Pee-Wee-Herman” Demming III to enter the race.

I have not examined each and every candidate but by first look, two in particular have stuck in my mind as questionable to say the least. Those two characters are Cono Carrana and Dixie Darlyn Newman.

First off we have Cono Carrana, a retired Harrison County DA of over 20 years who collects a state pension and may be old enough to collect social security. This candidate raises my suspicions due to the fact that he is willing to jump into a Mayors race at his age and forfeit pay. Yes, folks, he is willing to work for free. But Why? Is he really in the business to help the community or is there an underlying scheme to benefit himself or his social network? I will not elaborate on the rumors I have heard about how he conducted business as the DA, but I will say this–he doesn’t appear to be the sharpest pencil in the box or the most outgoing–as seen recently on WXXV.

I think Cono is an entire generation short and out of touch with reality.

Next up we have Dixie Darlyn Newman–has she turned 30 yet? Continue reading “Other Voices | Eye Spy: Qualifiers leave Biloxi Voters with Slim Pickins’”