Are they catching on? James Gill explains the behind the scenes on the Times Picayune’s crooks and liars endorsement.

I saw the T-P endorsement OpEd yesterday and frankly was not surprised by what I saw though I was a bit disappointed.  We held our fire though because we don’t have to live with the potential toxic after effects of plugging dishonest sacks of crap like Cedric Richmond and David Vitter.

I think newspaper reporters should comment on their stories when appropriate. The opinion folks even more so within reason. Communication engenders trust after all while chinese firewalls don’t so it was gratifying to see James Gill explain how a newspaper can endorse crooked sacks of shit like Richmond and Vitter and still hold their heads high the next day.  It is a welcome development IMHO.

Now just between us girls, I had this exact discussion with two news side journalists within the past month.  Both wished newspapers would not endorse any candidates as it keeps life simpler for them gathering the news.

In today’s day and age  I don’t know that the voting public as a whole cares about media endorsements. Meantime the commentary to Tyler Durden’s Zero Hedge guest post on Useful Idiots I linked earlier this morning is highly entertaining.  I think I know the punchline behind the post but I may be too Machiavellian in my thinking…..


Useful Idiots: Another take on the Sheeple phenomenon.

Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge put up a great guest post today from Giordano Bruno at the Neithercorp Press. I do not recommend clicking the link to Neithercorp Press due to the ad trap which awaits the reader on the other end but the post itself is fantastic. Here is an excerpt:

…..the most “successful” are those that follow the establishment guidelines and play on them as if they might dare break the barrier of lies, but they never do. In Medieval times, even the most blood thirsty king would allow the court jester to make jokes at his expense. Why? Because the jester was an inconsequential figure, a powerless and non-threatening being. A jester can verbally thrash a tyrant, but nothing ever really changes, because deep down, though they make us laugh, nobody really cares what clowns have to say. Now imagine a whole subsection of our country emulating this dynamic. Imagine all these people deluding themselves into thinking that being a slave isn’t all that bad, as long as you’re the funny slave.

I swear I think a certain lawyer that comments here on occasion may have a pen name. 😉

Point of disclosure: Zero Hedge has been generally very critical of Team Obama’s handling of the economy and rightfully so IMHO.


You gotta give a little to get a little. This is what the coast lost in last night’s election.

With Ike Skelton’s defeat Gene Taylor would have been the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, in line to chair it when the Dems regain control of the House.  It is a loss of seniority that will have negative impacts for the coast down the line, especially at the shipyard.

Ironically, the person who cost both Skelton and Gene their jobs in one Nancy Pelosi kept her House seat and the people in her House district the benefit of her seniority. Meantime the clout of the Mississippi delegation in Congress has never been less.


Between a crook and a hard place: A Louisiana Lite Gov election update.

Here is the choice folks, the daughter of a politically connected class action lawyer with a Goldman Sachs/Bill Clinton pedigree or the lawyer for a sleazy stock operator who ran a pump and dump on the now defunct HSOA.  That HSOA scam created a lot of bagholders due to greed but some of the stuff Daddy Fayard is into really will make your skin crawl.  We appreciate the coverage and links from Scott McKay over at the Hayride on a few of our older posts dealing with Hugh Sibley and his connections to Pappa Fayard.

All that said Slabbed will make a recommendation on this race: Continue reading “Between a crook and a hard place: A Louisiana Lite Gov election update.”

James Gill strikes again plus Geoff Pender sets the record straight.

Around a week ago I spoke with a new reader who paid me the ultimate compliment IMHO when telling me I distilled the subject matter and made things understandable.  I tell you folks no one in these parts can hold a candle to T-P OpEd columnist James Gill along those lines and today’s column illustrates why. It is about the post Katrina Danziger Bridge shootings, a subject we’ve occasionally blogged on. Here is a snippet:

The latest prosecution motion can hardly do much to taint the jury pool, because it is good and tainted already. Media coverage has been so exhaustive that, if you can find a potential juror who comes to the case fresh, you have found an idiot.

Geoff Pender has a great story in today’s Sun Herald on the Mississippi 4th Congressional District race. In the piece Pender debunks many of  the BS talking points that have been repeated to the point that smaller minds often quote them as gospel such as the meme that Gene has not risen in the ranks given his seniority.  The sad lesson here is that simply doing your job well isn’t good enough when the other political party results to telling lies and half-truths to gain traction.  Unfortunately too many people sleep walk through life and do too little due diligence when picking candidates to support the result of which is they end up as dupes, voting against their own best interests. Continue reading “James Gill strikes again plus Geoff Pender sets the record straight.”

A quick political thought while I have a second here at lunchtime…..

This morning on WWL AM the debate last night on WWL TV between Diaper David Vitter and Charlie Melancon was one of the topics for discussion.  I didn’t see any of last night’s debate, which apparently got ugly when Daiper Dave crawfished when asked if he broke the law by using his campaign cash to pay for prostitutes before he launched into a weird diatribe against mexican roofers and ditch diggers. From the sound of it no new ground was broken and the voters who turned in were disgusted.

All that said I did see part of the senatorial debate on Channel 6 a few nights ago moderated by Norman Robinson (of MR Go fame) and remember thinking that Gidget counted more than a few former customers on that debate set. Norman liked ’em blonde to hear Gidget tell the story, the blonder the better in fact not that Wendy Cortez wasn’t a looker herself.  Mrs Vitter isn’t bad looking herself but she obviously drew the line at dressing up her hubby in huggies before sex.  😉 Lest I digress…….

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There can only be one: Mississippi district 4 TEA Party candidate endorses Gene Taylor for Congress.

In connection with a few of the Louisiana elections we’ve covered I’ve opined several times that everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should be begin evaluating the candidates based upon character traits such as personal honesty before they consider party when pulling the lever.   The end result of putting crooks and political hacks in office is most evident in places like the Jefferson Parish School System and New Orleans City Government for instance as the cost to society is great.

I’ve written a good bit about the TEA Party here on Slabbed through time beginning with a Town Hall Meeting held by Congressman Taylor in Moss Point that I attended back in August 2009.  I’ve learned a good bit through that time as well.

Yesterday, former GOP/TEA Party candidate Joe Tegerdine crossed party lines endorsed Gene Taylor for Congress illustrating the concept of honesty over party.  We’ve covered the concerns these well intentioned folks on the political right have with Mr Palazzo and his family’s political connections to Boss Hogg’s political machine including the graft that is inherent to that gang. WLOX is all over this story and it is there we head next:

In the statement to the media, Tegerdine said, “I did not make this decision because I agree with all of his positions on the issues. I made this decision based on his record of integrity and willingness to be forthright with the people in our district.” Continue reading “There can only be one: Mississippi district 4 TEA Party candidate endorses Gene Taylor for Congress.”

From the Cerebral Wing of the Slabbed Nation: President Obama, The Peter Principle, Crooks and Liars.

New York Times columnist Frank Rich has encapsulated literally years of posts here on Slabbed regarding the financial crash of 2008 and explains why Team Obama is regarded as an utter failure by the American public.  As a reader commented via email to me with the link, (this column is) “Something that you could have authorship of.”  Rich lays out the case both against Team Obama and Team GOP.  The bottom line is Wall Street owns the GOP 100% and the Dems about 85%. What a great choice we have as the wealthy elites continue to drain the treasury dry and run the country further in debt. Here are a few snippets:

The reasons for his failure to reap credit for any economic accomplishments are a catechism by now: the dark cloud cast by undiminished unemployment, the relentless disinformation campaign of his political opponents, and the White House’s surprising ineptitude at selling its own achievements. But the most relentless drag on a chief executive who promised change we can believe in is even more ominous. It’s the country’s fatalistic sense that the stacked economic order that gave us the Great Recession remains not just in place but more entrenched and powerful than ever.

No matter how much Obama talks about his “tough” new financial regulatory reforms or offers rote condemnations of Wall Street greed, few believe there’s been real change. That’s not just because so many have lost their jobs, their savings and their homes. It’s also because so many know that the loftiest perpetrators of this national devastation got get-out-of-jail-free cards, that too-big-to-fail banks have grown bigger and that the rich are still the only Americans getting richer.

This intractable status quo is being rubbed in our faces daily during the pre-election sprint by revelations of the latest banking industry outrage, its disregard for the rule of law as it cut every corner to process an avalanche of foreclosures. Clearly, these financial institutions have learned nothing in the few years since their contempt for fiscal and legal niceties led them to peddle these predatory mortgages (and the reckless financial “products” concocted from them) in the first place. And why should they have learned anything? They’ve often been rewarded, not punished, for bad behavior. Continue reading “From the Cerebral Wing of the Slabbed Nation: President Obama, The Peter Principle, Crooks and Liars.”

Vive la r

While we may have a difference of opinion about Gene’s job performance I would be remiss if we did not give the folks at Fire Gene a hale and hearty howdy from the Mississippi coast and acknowledge their kinda sorta endorsement of Gene in the upcoming election. I became hip to them thanks to Alan Lange over at Yallpolitics who previously linked Lavelle and his group on his website.

Also I’d like to give a shoutout to The Mississippi Informer, who has broken the news of another FEC complaint alleging strawman donations and worse against Steven Palazzo.

Finally a reader sent us a link to a brand new website, Twice the Legal, which has a picture of a DUI ticket young Palazzo received in Gulfport back in 1992. Yes, young folks make mistakes and that certainly appears to be the case here but the concerns with our friends on the political right about Mr Palazzo’s pedigree have yet another cause for concern.  I’ll try to do my best to add to that discussion in a future post.


This time the trouble isn’t with Trippel. TEA Party files an FEC complaint against GOP Congressional hopeful Steven Palazzo

Our readers may remember my recent post on how MS 4th Distrcit Congressional Steven Palazzo was the candidate of choice with State Farm’s Bloomington Illinois executive crowd.  I remain certain they think they are buying a fine congressman but since I actually live here in the 4th district my preference was to view the campaign ca$h from Bloomington as a good contra indicator of the coming election results.

I’m not the only guy with heartburn on Palazzo’s individual contributors as the Mississippi TEA Party of all folks has filed a FEC complaint against him alleging straw man donations funneled through his father in law.  Geoff Pender has done a bang up job covering the congressional race over here and has all the skinny at the Sun Herald.

La révolution a tourné sur lui-même.

The wheels appear to be coming off the Palazzo bandwagon.