Judge takes transparency to a new level (it’s not Martin Feldman)

“This internet is truly amazing…it’s a great medium to disseminate information.”

Judge Larry Primeaux, 12th Chancery Court District of Mississippi

As a general rule, “you have to be the news to make the news” applies to the decisions a judge makes in a significant case.  As Martin Feldman now knows, it’s even bigger news when the decision is subject to question and the Judge releases financial report, raising more questions as Rebecca Mowbray reported.

Mississippi Chancery Judge Larry Primeaux is an exception to the general rule.  Judge Primeaux has a blog.  He not only makes the news, he reports it!

You can read about the court’s procedures and guidelines here, and pick up useful information about recent cases and other developments that impact practice in our court.  You’ll find some food for thought, practice pointers,humor and some pure horse sense.

If you could see all the corrections the various court clerks enter on Pacer, you’d understand why a judge would want to make “the court’s procedures and guidelines” more user friendly – and, if you read any post on Judge Primeaux’s blog, you’ll also know that Mississippi has yet another another gifted writer! Continue reading “Judge takes transparency to a new level (it’s not Martin Feldman)”