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Is this news story, unreported by the local main stream media, the kind of information you would like to know? Please support Slabbed New Media LLC by mailing your donation to:

Slabbed New Media, LLC
Post Office Box 788
Wiggins, MS 39577

An informed populace depends on public interest journalism. Your support insures that mission continues on here on Slabbed. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Please Support Journalism in the Public Interest”

    1. PayPal is gone for now while I evaluate the future direction of this website. Politely soliciting donations does not generate enough revenue to sustain current business operations.

      At the end of the day people that want good investigative journalism are going to have to pay for it, that part of the decision has been made. The open question is what method will Slabbed New Media will use to generate a constant revenue stream.

      I believe in the potential of Slabbed New Media and have personally ponied up over $11,000 to back up that belief within the past 45 days and I stand ready to contribute even more to keep the Company solvent. But I’m not going to do it virtually alone anymore.

      Think about this folks. Slabbed’s best financial contributor lives on a fixed income. This person is not the “best financial contributor” because they give Slabbed a fortune every month. It is not the amount that is important rather it is the consistency on which the donation is given. I understand this is not a wealthy area overall and I certainly understand the $10/month is real money to the donor. As the publisher knowing what has been left on the cutting room floor in the interest of time, 100 people giving $10/month would have resulted in a lot more site content through time.

      It is those 99 people that should have been paying but didn’t is where the solution to the problem lies.

      This all has to start with breaking the bad habits, both mine along with the readers.

      Anyone with any questions should consult this post or the one prior to it before emailing me with questions on why the format of the website is changing.

      When Slabbed again begins to again accept electronic forms of payment I’ll certainly publicize that fact. Meantime the only certain way to support this website is to send your check or money order made payable to:

      Slabbed New Media, LLC
      Post Office Box 788
      Wiggins, MS 39577

      Thank you.

      Douglas Handshoe
      Managing / Sole Member
      Slabbed New Media, LLC

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