Anita Lee reports comments from FBI

Ms Lee does a good job updating today’s developments to the overall investigation. This story headlines the Sun Herald RSS feed on the lower right side of the page.

 ………the FBI’s special agent in charge said his office has committed the manpower to “work the case to its logical conclusion.”

“Public corruption is our No. 1 criminal priority,” said Frederick T. Brink, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Jackson Division. “Americans expect a fair and impartial judicial system. Any attempts to undermine that through bribery or other types of illegal activity really critically damages our faith in our judicial system. It is a particularly heinous crime.” Continue reading “Anita Lee reports comments from FBI”

Plea Documents

updated as available during the day – continued appreciation to bellesouth

Factual Basis for Backstrom’s Plea
Factual Basis Scruggs’ Plea
Plea Agreement for Scruggs
Sealed Plea Agreement for Backstrom
US v Backstrom Plea Agreement
US v Backstrom Factual Basis
Also released today
Disclosure of Evidence re: Zach Scruggs

“Standing straight, shoulders back…” Scruggs pleads guilty…

Scruggs stood in front of the judge’s bench, straight, with shoulders back, beside his California attorney John Keker who was the only member of the defense legal team there for Scruggs….“Do you fully understand what is happening here today,” Biggers asked him. Continue reading ““Standing straight, shoulders back…” Scruggs pleads guilty…”

Dickie Scruggs, “I second that eMotion” filed late yesterday

…but the way things are going, you may want to call Smokey Robinson for a Miracle.

A Motion and set of Exhibits filed in USA v Scruggs and Bankstrom late yesterday requested Reconsideration of the Anonymous Jury Order – not a bad idea since the Order met the legal standard for the ruling by considering unproven “allegations and inferences” sworn to in open court by Tim Balducci and others as”evidence”. Continue reading “Dickie Scruggs, “I second that eMotion” filed late yesterday”

Backstrom seeks to “keep justice alive” with new Motion


Frank Trapp, attorney for Sid Backstrom, filed a Renewed Motion to Sever in Oxford today. Let’s put people to the paper. Consider the words of former Chief Justice Warren – it is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive – and Kohlberg’s thoughts on the principles of justice:

The principles of justice require us to treat the claims of all parties in an impartial manner, respecting the basic dignity, of all people as individuals [and] guide us toward decisions based on an equal respect for all…the principle that everyone is given full and equal respect…

Sid Bankstrom is asking the Court for justice – a separate trial where the claims against him will be treated in an impartial manner by a jury seated in respect of his dignity.