Dickie Scruggs, “I second that eMotion” filed late yesterday

…but the way things are going, you may want to call Smokey Robinson for a Miracle.

A Motion and set of Exhibits filed in USA v Scruggs and Bankstrom late yesterday requested Reconsideration of the Anonymous Jury Order – not a bad idea since the Order met the legal standard for the ruling by considering unproven “allegations and inferences” sworn to in open court by Tim Balducci and others as”evidence”. Continue reading “Dickie Scruggs, “I second that eMotion” filed late yesterday”

Backstrom seeks to “keep justice alive” with new Motion


Frank Trapp, attorney for Sid Backstrom, filed a Renewed Motion to Sever in Oxford today. Let’s put people to the paper. Consider the words of former Chief Justice Warren – it is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive – and Kohlberg’s thoughts on the principles of justice:

The principles of justice require us to treat the claims of all parties in an impartial manner, respecting the basic dignity, of all people as individuals [and] guide us toward decisions based on an equal respect for all…the principle that everyone is given full and equal respect…

Sid Bankstrom is asking the Court for justice – a separate trial where the claims against him will be treated in an impartial manner by a jury seated in respect of his dignity.

One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas…

One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas.

How he got into my pajamas I don’t know.

With transcripts containing more Groucho-like conversations, the second Motion for Discovery certainly explains the reason such are often called a motion to compel – without some relief, it appears John Keker will be compelled to try the Case of the Misplaced Modifiers, USA v Scruggs, in a courtroom version of You Bet Your Life

Continue reading “One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas…”

Super delegate Gene playing close to the vest. Will they still love Tops tomorrow?

Blogging and being a CPA in tax season the week before corporate tax due date are close to mutually exclusive but I saw two items in the local press I couldn’t let pass. First is a story that ran last night on WLOX featuring Congressman Gene Taylor and who he will support at the Democratic National Convention as a Super delegate.

Mississippi has a total of 40 delegates who will have a say in who becomes the Democratic nominee for president. Thirty-three delegates will be divvied up based on Tuesday’s primary vote. Seven other super-delegates can align with whichever candidate they like. Continue reading “Super delegate Gene playing close to the vest. Will they still love Tops tomorrow?”

Breaking News – Scruggs files new Motion for Discovery today

Joey Langston – that’s who Judge Lackey first thought was asking him to intervene in Jones according to the Daily Journal ! h/t bellesouth for assistance with this post.

Motion of Discovery (2nd) and Exhibits posted on Legal Page: USA v Scruggs

Page listings are located on left side of Home page – still moving in! : )

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Hey, Beethoven, is this an “overture”

Ouverturefrequently an opening to a larger dramatic work – no doubt the French envisioned something slightly more tasteful than USA versus Scruggs, Scruggs and Backstrom – but the Mississippi version is definitely a dramatic work!

An interesting comment in the blogosphere cue the orchestra and the chorus suggests Judge Lackey might be a modern day Sullivan, perhaps without a Gilbert Sullivan wrote his own overtures. Continue reading “Hey, Beethoven, is this an “overture””

Louisiana Wind-Water News: Courts Split on Wind Recovery When Paid on Flood

This is an interesting situation, how much wind insurance can an insured collect when they are tendered their flood policies? The courts have split on this issue and depending on the Hurricane, an insured can either collect the policy limits or have their wind recovery reduced by their flood payouts.  Such a legal mess would be prevented under a true multi-peril concept such as HR 3121 and taxpayers would not have to be worried about being stuck with a bill that should have been paid by private wind insurance.

Here are some exerpts from Rebecca Mowbray’s story: Continue reading “Louisiana Wind-Water News: Courts Split on Wind Recovery When Paid on Flood”

Balducci-babble incites

Balducci was a very effective witness…The arrogance that can come across from him in the transcripts is either gone or he kept it under wraps. And none of the colorful language (”sweet potatoes” “corn on the ground”) of the transcripts, either.

It seems the sweet potato king also speaks Standard English – making him an effective witness according to this observer; a liar to Zach Scruggs; and bi-lingual to those who thought Balducci-babble was his native tongue. Continue reading “Balducci-babble incites”

Topbanana in AP Story

Our friend Steve makes the AP story on Bill Clinton’s visit to the Pass – Read Bill stumps for Hillary on Katrina-battered Mississippi Coast.

Former President Clinton highlighted his wife’s support for reforming national flood insurance and for rebuilding wetlands in a town nearly wiped off the map by Hurricane Katrina as he campaigned ahead of next week’s Democratic presidential primary in Mississippi. Continue reading “Topbanana in AP Story”