Before you let that sweet potato rot…

Until my morning read-around, I’d never thought of Balducci as a trend-setter;ipomoea_batatas.jpg but, the evidence suggests that sweet potatoes are becoming the gift of choice for some – including one who obviously needs a little schooling before he lets his prized sweet potato rot.

If you want to keep a sweet potato in your office, it’s best to root it for use as a plant. Otherwise, it’s best to just take that “tater” home and eat it. My suggestion is sweet potato hash browns with a grilled steak.

Try the Sweet Potato Queen for other suggestions. My choice there would be the Fat Mama’s Knock-You-Naked-Margarita-Mix – finish off the three-pack and you’ll never give rotten sweet potatoes another thought.

Ship for Brains: Emeril Blasts Port Plans

As a Port of Gulfport slabee who saw first hand the inadequacy of the decision making from Don Allee’s office prior to Hurricane Katrina their neighborhood ruining, ill advised westward expansion plan came as no shock to me when it was announced early this year. The plan ran into a buzz-saw of local opposition lead by Rick Carter, whose Island View Casino would lose it’s Island View had the Port filled in the sea-bottom and expanded to the west. Today we are greeted with this story in the Sun Herald on Emeril Lagasse coming out in opposition to the Port’s plans, no doubt in a preemptive strike as Allee and company seem determined to spoil the area’s fragile ecology even further.

Bam! With a bad taste in his mouth, one of the South’s most famous chefs wants to send the Port of Gulfport’s expansion plan back to the kitchen. Continue reading “Ship for Brains: Emeril Blasts Port Plans”

The March Report….

I’m taking a break from the pile ‘o files on my desk to pen a short post on our first month here on slabbed and the posts our readers found most interesting. I won’t bore you with a top 10 list; instead I’ll share what you liked that jives with the posts I liked. Nowdy please feel free to chip in with your favorites that were also crowd pleasers. Obviously the response in terms of both page views and visitors far exceeded our old blogspot site and our wildest imaginations. Drumroll please…. Continue reading “The March Report….”

…and with our super-deluxe indictment, you can brown your beef by the pool

Yet another amazing difference in USA v Moultrie and USA v Scruggs is the mutually agreed to take-all-the-time-you-need Motion for Continuation.

Well, it does get so very hot here in July and early August and it takes so much time to prepare for a really big case – months and months just to go through the government’s evidence and on certainly wouldn’t have time between now and the middle of June to prepare for two

Plus, if you’ve got a great place in Florida, you surely don’t want to spend your summer in Oxford and certainly not London – big tourist season, you know.

Judge Mills is just so much more understanding in warm weather. Good thing, too. When folks are given a short time to examine a truckload of evidence and have every motion denied, they often end up with a plea agreement – and we surely wouldn’t want that to happen, not here in the hospitality state, not with our super deluxe.

Pick your peril!

The words actuarially sound would not be popping up on an increasingly frequent basis if the passage of HR3121 had not become a very real possibility – as well it should.

Folks on the Coast are not the only ones facing a housing crisis – just likely the only ones facing foreclosure without out a house!

As a construction specialized CPA, Sop is far more qualified to explain the housing crisis on the Coast by those numbers. So, let’s talk about the crisis here in different terms.

An adequate supply of affordable housing is the engine of economic and community development because the built community is the infrastructure of the social community. Continue reading “Pick your peril!”

Is this is the kind of coastal development Mr. Hunter can live with….

Yesterday evening we were greeted with news on WLOX TV about the Wyndham Hotel having plans to come to the Biloxi waterfront with a 24 story hotel development.

Biloxi may have found the non-gaming anchor that it needs to reinvigorate its waterfront. Wyndham Hotels presented a plan to the Biloxi City Council that would bring the world’s largest hotelier to the small craft harbor.

The story continues:

McElroy’s Seafood Restaurant was always considered a special part of Biloxi’s harbor area. But like so many other businesses, it got washed away by Hurricane Katrina. Continue reading “Is this is the kind of coastal development Mr. Hunter can live with….”

The Sun Herald Weighs in (Again) on Multi-Peril Insurance

Today we are greeted with an editorial in today’s Sun Herald regarding the Senate Banking Committee obstinance in fixing NFIP and solving the public policy problems that arise from the recurring wind-water controversies that result from the structure of the Flood program. Without fruther commentary on my part here is today’s Op-Ed.

Robert Hunter may be right. He is, after all, a former insurance commissioner for the state of Texas and a former director of the National Flood Insurance Program. He is now the director of the Consumer Federation of America and an advocate for change in the insurance industry. Continue reading “The Sun Herald Weighs in (Again) on Multi-Peril Insurance”

Multi-Peril Insurance: Dead for the Year?

Last Thursday, the National Underwriter contained a story of the unusual coalition that had developed in opposition to HR 3121. Matt Brady reports:

In a case of politics making strange bedfellows, J. Robert Hunter of the Consumer Federation of America and the Reinsurance Association of America have joined to oppose legislation expanding the National Flood Insurance Program.

Those that closely follow insurance issues know Mr. Hunter runs insurance issues for the Consumer Federation of America a non profit group composed of other consumer oriented non profits that speak with a single voice on issues they deem important. In this case the debate on HR 3121 and the CFA’s opposition derives from the intersection of environmentalism and insurance theory.

The basis for his opposition to plans to expand the NFIP, Mr. Hunter said, is that while it may sound like something that could help consumers, he believed it would instead likely only aid developers looking to build along the coast. Continue reading “Multi-Peril Insurance: Dead for the Year?”

More on the Ocean Springs Survey

Here is the Sun Herald story on the Ocean Springs survey. It adds some color not found in either the WLOX story or the Newswatch this Week Interview. I’ll add my own experience since Katrina is the loss of coastal residents is also the state’s loss as the overwhelming majority of re-locations which I am familiar involved moving to another state as borne out by resident Brigitte Bernhardt in the story.  Tennessee seems the destination of choice for those I know who have left.  The Sun Herald story:

Mayor Connie Moran said Friday that a survey of her city demonstrates how post-Hurricane Katrina insurance price increases, in some cases more than 200 percent, are financially crippling coastal residents and towns. Continue reading “More on the Ocean Springs Survey”

Mayor Connie Moran Interview on Wind Insurance and Resident Survey

At the end of February we wrote a post concerning a survey Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran was conducting on insurance issues. The survey is now complete and Mayor Moran was ready to talk about the disturbing results she received in the feedback. She noted on WLOX TV yesterday that Ocean Springs has issued only one commercial building permit so far in 2008 and placed the blame squarely on wind insurance as the reason. The interview runs around 8 and a half minutes and is well worth watching. Thanks to Cowboy for capturing the video early this morning for us on the repeat broadcast. It can be found at the bottom of this post.

WLOX also ran a companion news story Friday on their 5 PM broadcast.  Here is the link to that video reported by Patrice Clark.  Following is the print story found on the WLOX website.

Sky rocketing insurance rates are pushing many residents out of Ocean Springs. That news comes from a survey conducted by the city to learn more about residents’ post-Katrina insurance problems. Continue reading “Mayor Connie Moran Interview on Wind Insurance and Resident Survey”