Adding to the confusion, motions today in Jones v Scruggs

I added motions on Jones – as well as some on related to the seal of the Rigsby sister’s Qui Tam – to Legal.

Both sides have filed motions according to the story posted on the Sun Herald.

Attorneys representing the Jones firm hope to argue Tuesday in Lafayette County Circuit Court in Oxford that Scruggs and the others tried to bribe Lackey and should be sanctioned “by striking the defendants’ pleadings and entering a default judgment,” said Roy Percy, one of the firm’s attorneys. Continue reading “Adding to the confusion, motions today in Jones v Scruggs”

“If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention”

Tom Peters got the general idea; but, Harry Truman’s If you can’t convince ’em, confuse ’em seems to be more appropriate as we start the week with a little beef, a lot of Scruggs, and a thought or two about the meaning of flood.

  • One beef was settled when the Facilities Group paid sub-contractors for work on the failed beef plant. The Clarion-Ledger ran the story in Sunday’s paper; but, there’s more to the cow than that – Jim Hood’s lawsuit and USA v Moultrie.
  • Big day tomorrow for Jones v Scruggs, the fee dispute related to the agreement between Jones and the other member firms of SKG. Speaking of confusion, it’s up to Judge Coleman to clear things up – and that’s going to be a challenge because Judge Lackey really muded it up when he demanded money so he could decide if he’d been bribed – duh. Maybe we’ll learn what really happened – although that would be a first as I can’t recall a bigger one-sided story than USA v Scruggs.

Lawyers claim Allstate left McKinsey’s cat out…meow

150,000 pages later, attorneys in Louisiana are still looking for McKinsey documents that describe Allstate’s process for handling catastrophe claims, according to this recent story from Rebecca Mowbray at the Times Picayune.

The 150,000 pages of documents that Allstate Corp. posted on its Web site in response to a growing public relations storm contain mind-numbing documents on processing auto insurance and homeowners claims, but nothing about the issue that is most important to people hit by hurricanes Katrina and Rita: how the company handles catastrophe claims.

We haven’t seen any ‘cat’ documents,” said New Orleans lawyer Paul Miniclier. “There are many missing documents.” Continue reading “Lawyers claim Allstate left McKinsey’s cat out…meow”

Remember the main!

No, I didn’t misspell it. What I’m remembering the mainframe – and IBM’s marketing decision that misjudged the market for desktop units.

Sop and I unknowingly read the same comments on the ALL board and he connected the dots in his excellent post on Merlin and McKinsey.  The story of the Mac on my mind is told in one of my favorite books, Organizing Genius – relevant to insurance issues because it describes the development of an alternative that became a new standard when the big blue blinked.

Systems are built to resist change. A strong system will assimilate change to the point that over time what was intended to change the system simply becomes a part of the system – the National Flood Insurance Program a case in point.

Real system change occurs when external events pressure the system to the point that it has to change to survive.  In that sense, Hurricane Katrina will prove to be the wind of change for an insurance system exempt from federal anti-trust law – an exemption that created reserves so large only 4.2% was lost from the largest insured event in history, according to the White Paper linked below.

Remember the main, read or re-read Robert Hunter’s White Paper, take another look at Sop’s post – then, run out and buy yourself a copy of Organizing Genius.

Chip Merlin Weighs In on Allstate and McKinsey

The weekend before April 15th typically means I’m working and this year is no different.   I took a break from checking returns and surfed my blogroll and followed a link my friend Russell sent that he knew would capture my interest.

Before we get to Chip’s blog and the cyber stops it entails I’ll share some concepts that help pull together this post on insurance, statistical theory and economics. The best place to start is with Russell’s link to Bloomberg and a fantastic story they did on Nassim Taleb late last month. The piece is biographical in nature but does delve into Taleb’s thought processes and how some of his theories have shaken up the status quo in the statistical community which is where we find our intersection with insurance theory.

Taleb has made enemies, too. In August, The American Statistician, the quarterly journal of the American Statistical Association, came out with a special Black Swan issue that published a series of critical reviews alongside an article by Taleb.

“He characterizes statisticians as people who blindly assume things, and nothing could be further from the truth,” says Peter Westfall, the journal’s editor and a professor of information systems and quantitative sciences at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. Continue reading “Chip Merlin Weighs In on Allstate and McKinsey”

Good ol’ boys blog their power plays!

Bo and Luke have gone high-tech after discovering you can run folks down faster with DSL than diesel. Bo has a JD; Luke drives an SUV – good ol’ boys hungry for power.

How come I can’t get in on that … deal?

You gotta be a good ol’ boy.

In this sense, good ol’ boy means you have to belong to the particular good ol’ boy network . Continue reading “Good ol’ boys blog their power plays!”

The Better Angels of Our Nature

The mystic chords of memory……….when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.  Abraham Lincoln

Mr Petro and I have continued to correspond and I am reminded of why I found the Dickie Scruggs bashing so distasteful. Having lived the experience of knowing someone personally who made a terrible mistake and then had to pay the price with a prison sentence I know first hand the perpetrator is not the ony one who suffers.

As the anger subsides from that WLOX report I am reminded that Mr Petro mentioned in the report that he had a family, a wife and children who were also slabbed on August 29, 2005; and again on April 8, 2008. Regardless of ones take on the Youtube Video, if Mrs Petro is like my wife she trusts him implicitly to provide for the family; and now suffers along with her husband the consequences of the public reaction to the video. There are children too who most likely have suffered ridicule. They are innocent though their innocence has likely been shattered.

Just as I reconsidered my initial anger to Mr Petro last evening I hope our readers will similarly reconsider the collateral impact our collective anger had on those also impacted by Mr Petro’s misguided plea for help. I do not know the Petro’s personally but here in cyberspace at slabbed we stand in solidarity with the Petro family and hope their hurt is assuaged quickly.

The measure of a person’s character lies in their capacity to forgive.  This post is my last on this topic though Nowdy tells me she also has thoughts to share.

To Those Who Came Here Looking for J Michael Petro

Mr Petro and I exchanged offline emails the gist of which is he still contends I still don’t understand his position and I still don’t buy in to the story. That said however the better angels of my nature (and yes Virginia I’m not a complete Son of a Bitch) have kicked in as I do not desire to see Mr Petro slabbed again despite the now imfamous You Tube Video. I have removed the original post from public viewing though I stand by the content 100%.

Instead of focusing on a negative of the what the Government, Church Groups or Volunteers didn’t do I’ll publish a different perspective of what Hurricane Katrina did do, namely give all who lived the experience a different slant on living. I hope those who visit here looking for Mr Petro’s train wreck of a you tube video leave with a different persepctive courtesy of the Katrina Prayer. Credit to Tracy and Cowboy.  sop Continue reading “To Those Who Came Here Looking for J Michael Petro”

Justice slabbed by State Farm’s transparent defense

With the State Farm policy holders slabbed by Katrina, slabbed by State Farm’s handling of their claim, and most recently slabbed by Judge Senter’s disqualification of their legal representation are left twisting in the wind, State Farm “vigorous defense” is now a transparent attempt to slab them – and justice – once again.

The Motion to Stay filed yesterday by the attorneys for the Rigsby sisters noted the transparency.

This motion is nothing more than a transparent attempt to focus attention away from the fraud State Farm perpetrated on its own policyholders and on the federal government, and create a side-show big enough to camouflage its own obvious wrongdoing.

Comments on the web, however, suggest State Farm’s camouflage is wearing thin… Continue reading “Justice slabbed by State Farm’s transparent defense”