Mark you calendar – Tuesday ethics panel at UM Law

Judge Henry Lackey – who needs no introduction here – will join Oxford attorney Tom Freeland and Judge Michael P. “Mike” Mills in a discussion of judicial ethics hosted by the University of Mississippi School of Law. The panel discussion will be held in room 108 at 4:00 on Tuesday. (h/t folo for the reminder)

Freeland, not to be confused with his brother who also practices law in Oxford, is the popular NMC of folo-fame whose father practiced law with Judge Lackey. Mills, by the way, is also a talented writer and author of Tombigbee Tales.

The discussion offers a “live demonstration” of judicial ethics, as well as what’s certain to be an interesting and lively conversation – definitely no “bull” much less a mention of beef! Freeland represents indicated Georgia businessman Robert Moultrie in USA v Moultrie that will be tried in Judge Mills courtroom in August.

If you’re in the area, be there or be square – or better yet, be there and then go to the Square and enjoy Oxford.

And Now For Something Completely Different….

I’m taking this weekend off (my first in several weeks) and the day could not be nicer outside with cool temperatures and not a cloud in sight. If the local rash of Bank hiests don’t light your fire (the news doesn’t really turn me on much) I thought I’d post a couple of Youtube Videos so our readers that are click addicted can have something to click.  I also provide this link to the last South Park episode titled “Over Logging” that was both obscenely funny and somewhat salient to this very off topic thread. (Please no kids if you decide to watch the online episode)

OK here is some family oriented fare. We start with Elvis. Continue reading “And Now For Something Completely Different….”

Bonnie and Clyde and Clyde and Clyde?

Times must be tough here as would be felons took our the slabbed version of the Allstate challenge, renamed it the Bank Robbery Challenge and proceeded to see how many banks could be robbed here in 24 hours.  Thankfully no one was hurt. The Sun Herald tells the sad story of 4 banks and 4 robberies in 24 hours.

Robbers held up four Coast banks within 24 hours as of Friday afternoon.

Police scrambled in response to three of the robberies on Friday, which included a hostage situation with a highway pursuit and a manhunt through woods.

Two of the three robberies resulted in arrests by day’s end Friday. A fourth from Thursday night remained unsolved. Continue reading “Bonnie and Clyde and Clyde and Clyde?”

From the archives: The Absurdity of Judge Jones’ Reasoning Manifested – New Wind-Water Developments (Corrected)

This morning I rose to see Anita Lee at the Sun Herald has a well written story concerning the involvement of the Mississippi Supreme Court in the Wind-Water controversy. The case in question is Corban vs. USAA which is before Judge Lisa Dodson in Harrison County Circuit Court. Judge Dodson recognizes a bad case precedent when she sees it as the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, specifically Judge Edith Jones, struck out into an area they clearly did not understand in their various interpretations of the anti-concurrent clause. The conflict involves the Fifth Circuit itself and their decisions in Leonard V Nationwide and Tuepker V State Farm. First I’ll excerpt Ms Lee’s story then we’ll provide some additional analysis.

The Mississippi Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether Katrina’s wind damage is covered when tidal surge contributes to the loss.

Attorneys filed the appeal Thursday in Corban vs. USAA Insurance Agency. USAA covered only $39,972 of damage to the Long Beach home of Magruder S. and Margaret Corban, whose policy exceeded $1 million in total coverage. Their home near the waterfront was a near-total loss, although portions remained standing. Continue reading “From the archives: The Absurdity of Judge Jones’ Reasoning Manifested – New Wind-Water Developments (Corrected)”

Give-em-hell Harry right about reports on Todd Graves

You can never get all the facts from just one newspaper, and unless you have all the facts, you cannot make proper judgments about what is going on.
No argument from me, Harry, I just finished a read-around – and Kansas City Star quotes Todd Graves saying he was in Disney World on March 11, the date of the “trailer meeting” with the Rigsby sisters.

Graves says any suggestion linking him to a meeting on March 11 — about two weeks before he officially left office — is wrong.

“I can’t more categorically or unequivocally say that’s…absolutely ridiculous,” Graves told Prime Buzz.

“Someone pieced together three things that don’t go together,” he said. “March 11 (the day of the alleged meeting) was a Saturday. I was at Disney World,” Graves said.

It will be interesting to track back and see how Graves name got linked to the story in the first place – for now, I’ll just point out that Missouri is the “show me” state.

Bet the Rigsby sister’s Missouri attorneys have plenty to show on Friday, Sop.

Shows Takes Expected Hit

While we await Friday’s responses in Ex Rel Rigsby there were other developments yesterday with the litigation involving the Katrina Litigation Group.  As we expected the racketeering suit was dealt a blow with the disqualification of the Rigsby sisters and the Katrina Litigation Group. The issues in Shows were virtually identical to McIntosh and other policyholder lawsuits involving the old Scruggs Katrina Group. It will be interesting to see how this suit in particular is impacted as Racketeering is specialized litigation that requires deep pockets to litigate. My blog partner Nowdy tells me the McIntosh family has retained Chip Merlin to represent them. Excellent choice IMHO.  Here is today’s Anita Lee Sun Herald story:

A federal judge on Wednesday disqualified from a Katrina lawsuit all former Scruggs Katrina Group attorneys, who in June 2007 filed a racketeering case against State Farm and its vendors. Continue reading “Shows Takes Expected Hit”

“That’s the Biggest Bunch of Bull I’ve Ever Heard”

This post title is a quote from today’s Sun Herald given by Mike Moore in response to an allegation made by Judge Henry Lackey that parrots an often repeated State Farm PR talking point regarding Jim Hood being pressured by Mike Moore on behalf of Dickie Scruggs to drop his criminal investigation of State Farm. I’m unsure how Judge Lackey would know such things but perhaps it does illuminate how the man thinks and operates.  My blog partner Nowdy has covered Judge Lackey’s sometimes confusing testimony here and here for those interested. Here is today’s story:

Attorney General Jim Hood denies his predecessor delivered a warning that a wealthy lawyer would fund an opponent in last year’s election if Hood didn’t cooperate in Hurricane Katrina litigation. 

The allegation was made by Lafayette County Circuit Judge Henry Lackey, who is at the center of a judicial bribery scandal that toppled some of the most powerful attorneys in Mississippi. Continue reading ““That’s the Biggest Bunch of Bull I’ve Ever Heard””

Forbes blows the whistle on State Farm

The sequel to the Siege of State Farm is out – State Farm turns the tables on Hurricane Katrina Lawyers. Since Roger Parloff acknowleges his strategy one can assume the same applies when State Farm “turns the tables”.

Last week I published a feature story online, “The Siege of State Farm” attempting to encapsulate the extraordinary, multifaceted assault upon State Farm and the insurance industry that was mounted by plaintiffs lawyer Richard F. “Dickie” Scruggs in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

The “extraordinary, multifaceted, assault” of State Farm on the Hurricane Katrina lawyers, according to Parloff’s article, was launched in Judge Senter’s courtroom. Continue reading “Forbes blows the whistle on State Farm”

Round 1 goes to Jones – Judge’s ruling sets up Round 2 (updated)

The Daily Journal reports Judge Coleman applied sanctions to SKG – striking their Motion for Arbitration and Answer to the Complaint filed by Jones. Only two of the four other firms – Scruggs and Barrett – were named in the Complaint; however, an earlier ruling from Judge Coleman held all member firms accountable including Nutt -McAllister and Lovelace.

Now for the big news in Coleman’s ruling today –

Coleman said Wednesday that while he agrees to a default judgment in the matter, which means he agrees with the Jones allegations, he does not accept every point in the legal complaint as true. Continue reading “Round 1 goes to Jones – Judge’s ruling sets up Round 2 (updated)”