The Daily Slab – March 30

An aerial view shows a house with a sandbag levee is surrounded by floodwaters south of Fargo, North Dakota March 29, 2009.

All the sandbagging seems to be paying off for folks in North Dakota – so far – but it will be touch and go until river drops another couple of feet. However, it was all go for a young couple who married “surrounded by family and flood water”.  More pictures from North Dakota are here.

Closer to home, a Moss Point school will be closed today because of flooding.

Orange Lake Elementary School in Moss Point will be closed Monday due to flooding.

“This is the only school in the district at this point that is closed, but people should stay in touch with the media,” Myya Robinson, director of communications for the Moss Point School District, said Sunday night.

Tobacco lawsuit dollars tracked from Clarion-Ledger reporter Jerry Mitchell  story in the Sunday paper could lead one to believe Merkel is tracking reporters after Delaughter’s strong showing in last week’s motions – for example, this footnote from the Motion to Dismiss Counts Two, Three and Four:

The indictment concedes that Judge DeLaughter’s rulings in the Wilson v. Scruggs litigation were “not plainly unlawful.” Indictment at 2, ¶ 7. We take that double negative to mean that his rulings in fact were lawful and that the government will not attempt to show that any of Judge DeLaughter’s rulings favoring Scruggs was erroneous. (Judge DeLaughter made a number of rulings favoring Wilson during the indictment period. We assume the government will not contend that those rulings were erroneous.)

More during the the day as news comes our way – or yours.

The Daily Slab – March 29

Mary Perez/Sun Herald
Mary Perez/Sun Herald

Eagles flew through Pass Christian’s War Memorial Park Saturday after Marlin Miller of Fort Walton Florida finished his latest work of art which was dedicated to the late Col. Lawrence Roberts and the Tuskegee Airmen. Besides Miss Lucimarian daughters Dorothy, Sally Ann and Robin were at hand for the dedication.

The Roberts women celebrated their hometown with neighbors, many of whom had walked to the park.

“We were strangers but you took us in,” Lucimarian Roberts said.

“She and my father, they taught us about the three Ds — discipline, determination and da Lord,” said Robin.

“We are so grateful and so proud to call Pass Christian home.”

Next up is stuck on stupid as the Democratic Leadership Counsel is taken to task by WSJ columnist Thomas Frank. Evidently the heart of the DLC philospohy is a burning desire to hop in bed with the crooks that brought us this latest Wall Street disaster. Continue reading “The Daily Slab – March 29”

The Daily Slab – March 28

Anchors away for former Governor Ray Mabus whose appointment as Secretary of the Navy was announced by President Obama yesterday – and somewhat discretely announced by the state’s newpapers.  Mabus was the featured appointee in the Washington Post story and the sole appointee in a news brief reported in the online NYT Ex-Governor Chosen for Navy Post

President Obama nominated Ray Mabus, a former governor of Mississippi, to be secretary of the Navy. Mr. Mabus, 60, campaigned extensively for Mr. Obama last year. Mr. Mabus served in the Navy from 1970 to 1972 as a surface-warfare officer on the Little Rock, which was based in Newport, R.I. He was governor of Mississippi from January 1988 to January 1992. He also served as ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1994 to 1996 under President Bill Clinton.

Yoo-Hoo! Rigsbys respond to Judge Senter and introduce the neighbors reports the latest filing in the qui tam case and the ex rel Rigsby file linked in the left side has been updated.cropped-cwh-banner2

Another interesting North Dakota site – the blog between the states –  linked to SLABBED.  If you’re interested in Civil War history, check it out.

Although involved in a legal war at present (USA v Delaughter), Judge DeLaughter, reportedly, is a student of the period.

Goldman spent millions to bails out two executives caught my eye as I was reading the NYT story on Mabus story; and, the National Underwriter asks, Is Eliot Spitzer To Blame For The Debacle At AIG?  Of course, the answer to that question is a resounding, No!

Consider this an open thread – and have a great weekend.

The Daily Slab – March 27

All the coverage we’ve given to the flooding in North Dakota linked SLABBED to Retrieverman’s weblog. noth-dakota-flood-golden1

This is a golden retriever that I’m sure you’ve all seen on the news. The dog’s name is “Annie,” and she belongs to a resident near the Red River of the North in Fargo, North Dakota.

Fargo is expecting a record flood this time, which is why they’ve sandbagged. This is a pretty bad natural disaster by anyone’s imagination.

However, look at the dog for minute. This is the type of golden that is still common in the Upper Midwest, dark -colored and, in the case of this one, rather wavy-coated. This dog’s coat is really quite similar to what I imagine the Tweed water dog or Tweed water spaniel’s coat looked like. Continue reading “The Daily Slab – March 27”

The Daily Slab – March 26 UPDATED

sfad1Do you  think they have folks stationed outside the door so they’ll know then the “honeymoon’s over”? Are people  “in bed with the insurance industry” in ways we haven’t imagined?  Maybe I’m just tired; but, this ad struck me as funny – real funny.

North Dakota braces for record flooding; Ice jam in Missouri River blown up (CNN) and ND Mayor “optimistic” after blast to clear ice (Yahoo news). They’re doing all of this in fresh snow!

Flooding poses danger in Mississippi (Clarion Ledger) Think blasting our potholes would work? It’s raining now and expected to continue through Friday.

The state capital of Mississippi boasts down-home charm, a can-do attitude and an array of dynamic businesses. (CNN Money h/t State Street Posts) Continue reading “The Daily Slab – March 26 UPDATED”

The Daily Slab – March 25 (Updated)

Check out the comments reader Steve has added to  A bit more on $enator Chri$ Dodd’$ ties to offshore reinsurers as we follow the $$$$$$$$.  Fascinating information and incredible research – Sop and I shout out a big Thank You.

Several news items with updates on topics we’ve covered were posted during the day yesterday and are linked below in no particular order:

Any other time, one or more of these items would have be the subject of a post – and maybe will be one day; but, for now, we’re just keeping readers up to date on current news and reporting  breaking news in posts.  As David Rossmiller said so well, “Work is the curse of the blogging class”.

The Daily Slab – March 24

If North Dakota floats by, please catch it!

News of the flooding there has been stuck in the infamous “drafts” file for three days now and it’s time for it to make the Daily Slab.

Yesterday, CNN was reporting Flooding threatened up to 6,000 homes Monday in Fargo, North Dakota, where residents rushed to fill more than 1 million sandbags to stem the flow of the Red River, city officials said.

“So far, we have 310,000 bags filled and ready to go, but that’s a long way from the 1.5 million sandbags we need to fight this flood,” City Administrator Pat Zavoral said Sunday.

The National Guard and FEMA staff have been dispatched to help.

National news has been filled with stories of people putting their interest first; but, not so in North Dakota. 20,000 HELPING HANDS: At least 10,000 volunteers turn out; more needed to fight flood.sandbag-fargo

Buses could hardly keep up Monday with the thousands of volunteers eager to fill sandbags and fight the flood.

More than 10,000 people volunteered in Fargo-Moorhead, according to estimates from people coordinating the efforts. That doesn’t include people helping out friends or family.

The State must be populated by some of the best, most self reliant folks on earth, God love ‘um.  Helping others is bred into them. Continue reading “The Daily Slab – March 24”

The Daily Slab – March 23

My sisters and I were children of proper dressing when we scraped a knee or elbow – surgical tape and gauze. OMG did we ever envy the privileged and their band-aids.

Do you have any idea how many boxes of Band-aids William Weldon could buy for his children? I don’t; but, the $23.03 million he was paid last year would buy a lot.  Mr. Weldon is the CEO of Johnson and Johnson.

Johnson & Johnson’s chairman and chief executive received compensation valued at $23.03 million in 2008, an 8.2 percent decrease in a year when the health care company posted better results than many competitors and net income and revenue rose.

William C. Weldon, who has held his posts since 2002, received compensation totaling $25.1 million in 2007.

Paul Levy’s approach to compensation is more to my taste.

In the days before the meeting, Levy had been walking around the hospital, noticing little things.

He stood at the nurses’ stations, watching the transporters, the people who push the patients around in wheelchairs. He saw them talk to the patients, put them at ease, make them laugh. He saw that the people who push the wheelchairs were practicing medicine.

He noticed the same when he poked his head into the rooms and watched as the people who deliver the food chatted up the patients and their families.

He watched the people who polish the corridors, who strip the sheets, who empty the trash cans, and he realized that a lot of them are immigrants, many of them had second jobs, most of them were just scraping by.

And so Paul Levy had all this bouncing around his brain the other day when he stood in Sherman Auditorium. Continue reading “The Daily Slab – March 23”

The Daily Slab – March 22

Yikes!  Sop told you about our drafts folder – dreaded drafts folder,  he called it, and said it  has become the slabbed equivalent of the roach motel with few ever making it back out.

Obviously, we needed a catch all; and, this is it – the blog equivalent of the place you toss all the plastic cups and tee shirts your kids bring home.

I wish we could offer Sunday Dinnah as I miss reading the fellowship enjoyed by those at the folo table.

However, with both of us working, this is strictly pot luck.  If you have news and/or views to share on any topic,  just put it in a comment here – it matters not that it has nothing to do with the issues we regularly cover here although that’s always an option.

For example, I’ve been dying to post about Hodding Carter’s Extreme Frugality series from Gourmet.

For years, Lisa had been telling me we were living beyond our means. “Please, please, Hodding, don’t buy that hand-carved black Continue reading “The Daily Slab – March 22”