Around the GO Zone in 60 Seconds: Catching up with the Commish, FEMA and the Sun Herald (Updated)

I’m severely pressed for time this morning so I’ll lump everything that caught my attention in one post so I can head out to my three county coastal tour today.

First off is an oldie but a goodie. Commissioner Chaney must be thinking I missed one but I didn’t. I had to put off the wind pool commission cut news as I was prepping to hit the State Farm agent’s place for pre-memorial day festivities:

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney said he expects to approve an operating plan today for the state wind pool that will lower the commission agents collect for writing policies and expand credits for building to stronger standards.

Chaney fought to lower the agent commission from 15 to 10 percent for renewals and to 12 percent for new business. “It’s not a lot of money, but it will enable the wind pool to build some reserves,” Chaney said. By accepting lower commissions, Chaney said, agents are contributing to lower costs for policyholders.

Good on you Commish and we certainly appreciate the help. Continue reading “Around the GO Zone in 60 Seconds: Catching up with the Commish, FEMA and the Sun Herald (Updated)”

Oh Well a Rant it is…..

You buy the “big ass bottle of whiskey” in Louisville. You can buy the Grey Goose just about anywhere.

Who wudda thunk it Nowdy and Belle? Google “big ass bottle of whiskey” and up comes slabbed. Google “big ass bottle of Grey Goose” and up comes slabbed. I think I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing.

Now if only the Caps and Sop could get together for that fancy ass tequila or is that the Sops and the Cap….Ann you out there honey? Say the word and I’m on a plane. The wife understands…..


Sop What in the Heck Have You Been Doing?

This is a multiple choice quiz. Don’t peek at the answer.

1. Hiding in the woods calculating terminated vested benefits under an ERISA plan qualified under section 401(a).  The first lawyer I met who could fetch $500/hour was Bill Jeffress. Those ERISA lawyers are my kind of people.

2. Working with a developer on a 1000 unit++ PUD in Jackson County.

3. Internal control consulting with a local goverment.

4. Watching scantily clad young women frolic on the beach.

5. Drinking heavily with relatives over at the local State Farm agent’s house.

And the answer is: Continue reading “Sop What in the Heck Have You Been Doing?”

Madison and Chatham Counties Put Moultrie and The Facility Group Out to Pasture

The jail design build contracts in Chatham and Madison Counties have been a continuing source of discussion here on slabbed and elsewhere in cyberspace.  Concerned gave some background on the Madison County Jail Project here. Citizen asked specifically about the Madison County NC project later on the same thread.

Since I’m coming back off a long holiday weekend I’m going to be lazy and post a few links I found googling with little of my own commentary. I have the word out among my Carolina construction cyber friends in case anything else surfaces. As always we thank Bellesouth for searching and sharing the PACER docs on this case. We checked late last week there has been no activity since Moultrie polygraph motion was turned down by Judge Mills.

In researching this case I’m getting the feeling that Ronnie Musgrove was not the only politician to receive money from The Facility Group’s ownership and management. Now with the indictments here in Mississippi Moultrie and his company have become somewhat radioactive.

Construction companies can fail on a dime if the marketplace loses confidence in the ability of the contractor to deliver, especially in multi year projects. I do not know enough about TFG to say if they are strong enough to survive this rough patch. Continue reading “Madison and Chatham Counties Put Moultrie and The Facility Group Out to Pasture”

Ok Everyone Lets Panic and Raise Insurance Rates Again: 2008 Hurricane Forecast is Out

I have seen the end of the world once. So for whatever reason NOAA’s forecast doesn’t scare me. The new generator needs to run some anyhow and Lord knows the powerline workers could use the overtime. Plus since the gird is offline we’d be saving fossil fuels. 😉

Here is the WLOX story.

Government forecasters expect the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season to be near normal or above normal.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officials in Tampa say that means there is a 60 to 70 percent chance of 12 to 16 named storms, six to nine hurricanes and two to five major hurricanes forming. But they stress coastal residents should always be prepared. They don’t predict whether, where or when any of these storms may hit land.

An average season has 11 named storms, including six hurricanes for which two reach major status.

Speaking of Horizons (Updated)

In one of my many posts yesterday I mentioned the Horizons development in Stone County going up in smoke. Like Pearl River County to the west Stone County has been a net Katrina beneficiary. Geography made land speculation inevitable. Horizons was the over the top project that smart money knew would never come to fruition but not so fast according to Sun Herald article source Gerald Bond:

Unpaid debts and a stagnant housing market are jeopardizing a megadevelopment proposed in Stone County, but county officials are hearing an auction scheduled for Friday will be called off because developers are going to catch up on their loan payments.

“I’m hearing from good sources that they’re going to catch it up, but who knows?” Chancery Clerk Gerald Bond said Wednesday. “There’s a possibility they won’t.”

Mississippi Investors VI, a real estate investment partnership based in Florida, announced plans in January 2007 for a community of 8,000 single-family homes in 12 distinct villages. The company has purchased more than 10,000 acres from various companies and individuals. Continue reading “Speaking of Horizons (Updated)”

The News and the Muses Come to Me. A Quick Hello to the Library Group

Finally I finish my posting frenzy by acknowledging it is burying Nowdy’s excellent Facts and Assumtions entry which I highly encourage our visitors to read and comment upon. However I find myself compelled to mention today’s Sun Herald story on the Gulfport library. I’ll borrow Sid Salter’s phrase “editorial wood” to describe slabbed’s registration of displeasure on the mixture of the Library and Grass Lawn issues and disclose Deb is still talking to me despite my laying the smack down in the post on that subject. That entry has proven to be very popular in terms of page views.

The passage of time and some introspection has provided some perspective on the political brier patch We the People found themselves at Gulfport City Hall last month. It also allowed the group to refocus their efforts on the Library and the process involving it’s demolition. Deb sent me a pdf that explained why the County suddenly lost it’s ardor to immediately tear the storm damaged building down. Continue reading “The News and the Muses Come to Me. A Quick Hello to the Library Group”

The Rest of the Commish Heavy News Day: New Wind Markets and the Bayside Bubble

I’ll attempt to kill two birds with one stone in highlighting the new wind markets available to coastal insurance consumers and the flood insurance problem that is popping with with increasing regularity on the coast, especially in Hancock County. The wind insurance news is both promising though somewhat insignificant in scope. The flood insurance news has the potential to strike at the heart of building affordable housing though our readers may be surprised at my take. First the new wind markets as reported in today’s Sun Herald.

Four insurance companies are offering wind coverage in the South Mississippi market, although restrictions apply. 

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney said he has recently approved the “surplus-lines” companies. Surplus-lines companies insure high-risk properties without state regulation of rates or any guaranty in case of insolvency.

They have been active for years in South Mississippi’s commercial market, but are now beginning to pick up homeowner customers as well. Continue reading “The Rest of the Commish Heavy News Day: New Wind Markets and the Bayside Bubble”