The Good Ol’ Boys have Cut a Deal for an Office….

This is one of those you can leave the political party out of it because anyone who vote for this guy after what he did to Pascagoula can only have their head completely stuck up their own asses. {For those interested in knowing what Maxwell’s dad did to the folks in Vancleave click here.]

Dr. Conaway, like you’ve never seen him…..

For many down on the coast there is a real disconnect between the political happenings in Jackson and most of the locals. That is especially true in Hancock Parish, which far more identifies with the state of Louisiana than it does with Mississippi culturally. That doesn’t mean there aren’t locals that are active in Mississippi state politics but what happens in Jackson has always tended to stay in Jackson. Enter Jackson Jambalaya.

Kingfish does a great job covering the Jackson area and one of the places that he adds real value is covering the multitude of state boards, a true shadow government that even successfully resisted Phil Bryant’s best efforts to rein in. Late yesterday Kingfish put the spotlight on the Dental Board which Dr. Conaway currently chairs. That look did not reflect well on Dr. Conaway, who apparently lacks the temperament for the trade as Kingfish’s video of his very bad treatment of a citizen attempting to make public comment on an agenda item at last month’s meeting illustrates.

Here is a very small sampling of how the good folks up in Jackson see the Doc: Continue reading “Dr. Conaway, like you’ve never seen him…..”

Sources: Prominent Local Politician Subject of Indictment Rumors

I have a very reliable source with knowledge of the greater New Orleans political scene that keeps telling me to run a certain name through the PACER criminal section. Knowing this particular politician, who has been featured prominently on these pages through time, neither the rumor (indictment rumors are notoriously unreliable) nor an eventual indictment would surprise me. Since it is a rumor I will not mention any names but I am checking PACER faithfully. Stay tuned.