Vestiges of a sorry past and present

Is it time to tear out the elevated I-10 in New Orleans and re-unify historically black neighborhoods in New Orleans, the inhabitants of which had the expressway crammed down their throats by urban planners back in the 1960s when their voices didn’t count for much?

Will the folks in Madison, Mississippi demonstrate the ideal of religious tolerance we proclaim to hold so dearly in this country or will they do their best to reinforce this country’s stereotypes of Mississippians as a bunch of intolerant hicks.

My money is on the expressway coming down and the negative stereotype.


We didn’t cover the nude bike ride through the French Quarter last month……

And we’re not going to cover tommorrow’s “running of the bulls” in the French Quarter though it sounds like a fabulous way to get some exercise and then drink very heavily.

Well OK, Editilla is all over tomorrow’s running of the bulls. Those of you interested in the nude bike ride can click here.


A Few 4th of July Weekend Odds and Ends

039 CropI took these pictures Friday afternoon after noticing our occasional visitors decided to drop by in the 100 degree heat. They were partial to both shade and a certain kind of weed that sprouted along with the grass in the newly filled portion of my yard.

055 CropAfter I approached too closely with the camera one deer of the group decided to take a peek back at me before disappearing into the woods.

056 CropOne final pose before rejoining the herd.

But on the coast you can’t have a proper 4th of July celebration without including the sound in the festivity equation. So Friday night we went floundering. The wind was a bit too stiff at 10:00PM and we didn’t see very much beside a few needle fish. Continue reading “A Few 4th of July Weekend Odds and Ends”

Slabbed Daily June 24: Two Martinis is my blogging limit

Yep only a very select few people know the story of how me and Nowdy ended up together partnering this blog. 😉 One of the first things I disclosed to her was my 2 martini rule which in short means that once I drink 2 martinis the computer is turned off. I’m on #2 tonight which is a rarity for me anymore but I still honor the rule. So before I label myself Scipio Africanus and proclaim that I am master of the universe and digress to my younger days as an Honors College student at USM I’ll sign off. Consider this today’s open thread.


Counting down the days to kickoff.

Jeff Duncan wrote an excellent column on the Saints in which he termed the receiving corps “one of the most underrated, underappreciated and underexposed position groups in the league.” I concur especially when one considers that Drew Brees did not have Marques Colston for several games last season and still snagged over 5000 yards. IMO an improved D means we have a good shot at the going all the way.

Does it get any better than Drew Brees?


On this one, ol’ Hospitality Hank has a point

Some old highschool classmates, under employed in the heart of the GO Zone, travel Highway 90 highlighting the fugly in the urban landscape.


We’re read by academics across the country some of whom will no doubt be very interested in Hank’s dialogue project as will my blog partner Nowdy.


Nowdy tells me I shouldn’t disappear with no disclosure…..

IMG00109Yep no denying it, Slabbed has been a low priority lately. We even missed nabbing Gene’s WLOX interview on their Saturday news show. I hated to miss that one. Steve is similarily taking time away.

I mentioned here when the public first perceived the financial crisis that I loved bargain shopping, just not at a department store. For me it doesn’t get much better than DY; ol’ girl has been most kind to me since I met her in 2001. Vive la volatilité!

But that is not a chart on the right, rather part of my backyard. The pecan in the background Continue reading “Nowdy tells me I shouldn’t disappear with no disclosure…..”

Slabbed Exclusive: Disturbing rumors swirling involving the arrests of several Hancock County officials (Updated)

I heard it first via the Beauty Shop Network and have confirmed the rumor with another well placed source. There is nothing on this as of yet in the press though I’m certain it is being looked into by the pros in the media. If true, this turn of events is most lamentable.


I’ve confirmed this with two different sources. There are 13 total indictments.