Guest Post: Jackson County Supervisors not completely honest with Jackson County residents

It appears the Jackson County Board of Supervisors and their appointed Trustees are not being completely open and transparent with the residents of Jackson County. The claims of protecting the hospitals privacy is just that – claims. Could their actions or rather lack of action be an attempt to protect current and former employees, friends or perhaps themselves by withholding public information? Who are the individuals responsible for the Singing River Hospital System’s pension downfall?

Honesty and revealing the truth to the citizens of Jackson County should be easy. The many inconsistent and off-the-wall statements our supervisors have uttered make it difficult to believe that any one of them is credible.

Are the Board of Supervisors saying the Trustees have all the power of operating the Singing River Hospital System? If the appointed Trustees are as qualified and levelheaded as some proclaim, why haven’t they unearthed the many improprieties reported to the Singing River Hospital System over the years?

In the upcoming Jackson County Board of Supervisors’ election, remember the incumbents who are asking for your vote. Have they performed the duties they were elected to fulfill?

Why not ask a Singing River Hospital System retiree their opinion?

Maxine Ramsay

Guest Post: Maxine Ramsay | The citizens of Jackson County own the Singing River Hospital System.

To say I am thoroughly disgusted with the inactions and actions of the entire group of Jackson County Board of Supervisors is stating it mildly. Are they hoping that by kicking the can down the road, election time will arrive and people will forget about their inept disservice to Jackson County?

They have not performed the duties they were elected to uphold. It appears they are dragging their feet by not revealing what accountant Billy Guice has uncovered in reference to the Singing River Hospital pension rout. Supervisors and Guice are being paid by the taxpayers of Jackson County! Do they really think voters of their county believe their double-talk?

Is Board Attorney Paula Yancey advising supervisors NOT to report findings Guice has uncovered? If so, they need to fire her and listen to the public voice in order than an open, accountable, honest, transparent government work in Jackson County.

Supervisors Cumbest, Harris, Mangum, Ross and McKay, former Supervisors Barton and Brodnax, trustees and others all share part of the blame for this pension fiasco. Supervisors may not allow retirees ample time to speak or ask questions at board meetings but they cannot stop them from speaking out publicly, protesting and writing.

Jackson County voters are smarter than their supervisors give them credit. The supervisor’s Number 1 responsibility is honest representation to the citizens of Jackson County. But have they?

Maxine Ramsay