T’row me some’tin Sista – the Ladder on Leslie Jacobs for Mayor

This I could never summarize – not ever, not in a million years.

Editilla Gotta Toll’yawe toll’ya! hahaha~ I took one look at this woman and all sorts of Intuitive Bells and Whistles began popping off, the good kind, the right kind… like this time we may very well have a Real Chance for, I dare say, Change. Suffice to say, Editilla is Tickled to Bits. Buuuttt…

Here’s the deal: when President Obama finally came to town to pee down our legs and tell us it was Katrina, Editilla iced over, sadly jaded with Social Networking as a Platform for Change. Continue reading “T’row me some’tin Sista – the Ladder on Leslie Jacobs for Mayor”

Slabbed Daily July 29, 2009: “Explosive developments in the Louisiana Senate Race?”

Stormy Daniels campaign manager’s car is blown up! The perp was also caught on tape. Senator Vitter would you happen to know anything about this?

Our good friend Jim Brown is all over it and his blog entry has the embedded news report from channel 26.


Stormy Daniels forms exploratory committee to flesh out the issues in Louisiana

I almost feel guilty for following Nowdy’s last excellent post on the State Farm video game with one involving a political race in 2010 but my original non-substantive post on Stormy Daniels has racked up almost 1,000 page views and to the extent David Vitter is a hypocrite of biblical proportions I figured we’d circle back to last month and the news Stormy is taking a serious looksie at a run against Vitter. While Stormy’s on screen exploits have gained her the most fame, a lesser known fact is that Ms Daniels is evidently an astute business woman as well.

The Times Picayune has the story:

Adult-film actress Stormy Daniels announced today that she is forming a committee to explore a potential campaign against Sen David Vitter, R-La.

The announcement, in part:

Today, I am excited to announce that I am taking the next step in exploring a possible run for United States Senate. Two weeks ago, I embarked on a listening tour where I had the pleasure of hearing the thoughts and concerns of my fellow Louisianans. These conversations were highly encouraging and convinced me to officially explore the possibility of running for the United States Senate. To this end, I have formed an exploratory committee to gauge Louisianans’ support for my potential candidacy. Continue reading “Stormy Daniels forms exploratory committee to flesh out the issues in Louisiana”

$37.5million – “pay to play” down payment

Connect the dots and you’ll see the $37.5 million the insurance industry invested in Congressional campaigns was a down payment on the industry’s  “pay to play” the regulatory game at the federal level.

“Pay to play” in 50 states may be too costly for an industry that undermined the world economy swapping worthless paper.  No doubt the  same “bright lights” that thought swapping worthless paper was an investment strategy, view consolidation of “pay to play” at the federal level as a cost-saving meansure.

The trickle down economic impact [sic] of the “pay” and the “play” going federal will be felt most in those states where the cost of competitive state-wide campaigns exceeds what the voting population can afford to contribute.

Mississippi is one of those states.  However, Commissioner Chaney who campaigned calling for the position to be appointed, is in better shape than his counterparts elsewhere.   In states with appointed commissioners, the insurance industry would only need need to pay the cost of one play – selecting the individual to fill the appointment.

Sop credits Katrina for his PhD in Hurricane.  I, on the other hand, credit the storm for my graduating summa cum laude from the School of Reality with a Specialty in Crushing Disappointments – Reuters has the story of the latest one.

Insurance industry reform will be the chief focus of a briefing scheduled for Thursday evening by Obama administration officials to financial industry lobbyists, said sources familiar with the agenda. Continue reading “$37.5million – “pay to play” down payment”

Allow me to connect some dots for our Louisiana Readers

Not that I have any inside info but perhaps this has somehting to do with this. IMHO the latter was leaked to obscure the former. There, question answered. I don’t see how the GOP can allow a whore mongering hypocrite to be their 2010 senatorial standard bearer in Louisiana.

And while we’re talking about stuck on stupid I noticed this while noting that the three mouseketeers were beating a hasty retreat.


Vitter needs more than an umbrella!

Given the forecast – no pun intended – it appears Senator Vitter will need more than an umbrella as the Storm front showing in Sop’s post moves in.

Hey, Sop, have you checked with CLS  to see if  cat bonds will cover Vitter’s stormy weather?

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