Moseying on and moving along part deux: Judge Guirola transfers Ex Rel Rigsby to Judge Ozerden

As I stated earlier I think this is a positive development and if I had to pick a non-conflicted local judge to handle Ex Rel Rigsby Judge Ozerden would be it.  His reputation is that he is the type of judge that “lets the lawyers lawyer” meaning he won’t use procedural bullshit to avoid an honest day’s work. We last heard from him in Penthouse Homeowner’s Association v Lloyd’s and he handled the case fairly. He is conservative but then again so is the recently Obama nominated Jane Triche-Milazzo for a seat in the LAED.  I think Jane will make a good judge though. Lest I digress.

Here is the order transferring the case to Ozerden. Unfortunately Magistrate Walker, who is the pits as a judge IMHO remains the Magistrate assigned to the case.


I know that back during the spill certain well intentioned folks were scratching their head at Slabbed’s oil spill coverage.

Yeah, we did some BP bashing and such was richly deserved, but we concentrated on the local politicians, their stooges and projects like the bermdoggle for a reason:  If you wave money in front of most politicians the results are preordained as most of ’em would sell their own mothers into slavery if the price were right.

After Katrina we had a multitude of scammers, grifters and con artists descend upon the coast looking for people to fleece, many with the blessings of our political leadership. The spill was not much different from Katrina’s aftermath in that respect.

Now I’ll be honest and say the lesson in all this is that grant programs and claims funds are strictly for the schmucks.  The folks that ate the best at the oil spill trough may not have Continue reading “I know that back during the spill certain well intentioned folks were scratching their head at Slabbed’s oil spill coverage.”

Mike Chaney in command: Allstate to raise rates another 20%.

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney

The can’t shoot straight gang in Northbrook must be planning their year-end bonuses with extra diligence this year folks as insurance rates are going up again in a state with some of the very highest homeowners insurance premiums in the country. Either that or another ill-advised share buyback is in the offing as the money pit better known as Allstate is hungry for more of your hard-earned money and unfortunately the people of Mississippi elected an insurance lackey as their commish almost 4 years ago so the only open question was how much more price gouging Chaney was going to allow. Continue reading “Mike Chaney in command: Allstate to raise rates another 20%.”

In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Slabbed finds Magnum's long lost brother!

Folks I do believe we may have found the missing link that bridges us from how Magnum could be from both Dayton Florida and Brooklyn New York simultaneously. We have found Magnum’s long-lost brother. The comments to this ABA Journal story well tell the tale.


Monday morning various

I have a busy week ahead as I rebuild the blogroll and continue tweaking the new site not to mention the day job.  I could tell from the traffic count that the French Quarter Fest was certainly a success.  For those wanting to catch up I’ll make things easy. Besides the new material, Telemachus and others were kind enough to leave some great comments on last Monday’s post Let’s connect a few dots that are well worth reading besides the new stuff.

The folks at the Jefferson Report are doing a bang up job with the type of nuts and bolts journalism that makes sites like this one possible. They even left their readers several nice easter eggs courtesy of the Wabbit but there is much more in their recent archives also well worth reading.

I have several things going for post ideas.  One thing that is for certain is another episode of Magnum JD as things are really beginning to get zany at Team Magnum, which lost Jennifer Medley last week.