How ironic that on the day after the drive by shooting of the M&M sisters by the Times Picayune……

Those that live in glass houses should take care when casting stones. The news cycle is a target rich environment about now but that can wait as Slabbed will take Rich Rainey’s now retracted reporting on the Aaron Broussard/Nova Scotia connections to a new level. Steve left a huge hint last night in comments. My relative silence of late is not born of trepidation folks, rather information gathering and sourcing takes time.

Meantime ‘Gate excerpted from Val Bracy’s interview with Broussard on Trout Point etc from back in January 2010 that is also well worth reading.

We appreciate the messages of support and encouragement as well as the tips that have enabled us to move this subject forward.  While we continue to follow the trail please stay tuned.


Jim Brown

Thursday, April 21, 2011
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Now let me try to understand. Bankers, investment brokers and insurance magnets, whose greed and fraud reached into every household in America, don’t even get as much as a slap on the wrist. But home run champ Barry Bonds will go to jail as the scapegoat for major League Baseball, which choose to turn a blind eye to how much drugs had infected the sport. In walks the federal government who took on the role of the omnipotent umpire When all is said and done, all parties to this pathetic case are real losers including the prosecutors.

The Feds spent close to $140 million in their effort to nail Bonds. Compare that to the costs of the Clinton/Lewinsky investigation of $40 million. After an eight year investigation where hundreds people were investigated, Bonds was convicted on one count of “obstruction of justice.” The supposed crime is a catch-all offense where the accused is supposed to “attempt to interfere” with the judicial system, whatever that means. Continue reading “Jim Brown”

Coming soon on Slabbed: We examine the Times Picayune Trout Point retractions in detail.

It’s never “the crime” but the coverup that often lands people in hot water.  The powers that be hung reporter Rich Rainey out to dry on his reports on Trout Point Lodge. Were those reports libelous and did they defame Charles Leary and the merry group of guys he hangs with? Or is the saber-rattling out of Team Trout Point an attempt to cover some dirty secret?

Slabbed will open the closet door and allow the sun to shine in. Stay tuned.


Slabbed finds Danny Abel and Aaron Broussard together in the "Legal Department" at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview

Folks, Danny Abel and Aaron Broussard go wayyyyy back so it is no surprise that Broussard represented Abel in a suit public adjuster Earl Carr filed against Abel for legal malpractice. The suit made a few blawgs like this one out of Chicago but frankly my interest in the case is predicated on the fact that Abel and Broussard appear to be part of the “legal department” at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway. This case was decided by the Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeals just last month in favor of Abel.

In a hint of what is coming at Slabbed from the Trout Point gang, public figures all, Abel cross sued Carr and his lawyers.  Of course as we saw from Paulsen v State Farm Abel’s abilities as a lawyer are not what they once were as he resorted to trickery and deceit in the conduct of that case. He came up empty in his counter suit against Carr too.

In any event I have some great stuff on tap concerning the legal team in Paulsen which as a group appear to be quite the litigious bunch. For instance here is a picture of Shane (D’Antoni) Gates taken after he was pulled over with a BAC of over .270 from the related federal court case. Now to be clear Gates’ name has not come up in connection with Trout Point Lodge but he did surface as a long time Danny Abel crony that co-owned the house in Slidell that was the subject of Eric Paulsen’s suit against State Farm we covered a few weeks back.  Simply put this bunch of guys provide us with fertile ground for examination as their path of destruction through life gives us some clues as to some of the longer term players in Aaron Broussard’s professional career. Continue reading “Slabbed finds Danny Abel and Aaron Broussard together in the "Legal Department" at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview”

How ironic part deux: Paige St John of the Herald Tribune wins Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism

Speaking on behalf of a blog that cut its teeth on the very issues of offshore reinsurance and insurance finance we could not be more proud to not only have been a cumulative part of the conversation but also able to call Paige St John a true friend to the Slabbed Nation in every sense of the word. Now we know why everyone was interested in our post on Paige’s work, which otherwise flew under the radar but has also influenced an entire community of professional journalists.  The long and short of it folks is that insurance finance and following the money to Bermuda is no longer the journalistic back water former National Underwriter Editor in Chief Sam Friedman once knew. For our part we’ve been featuring Paige and her work since the earliest days of Slabbed.

Paige is part of a select group of reporters that have been wise enough to use this blog and the expertise of an entire community of knowledgable insiders like Mr CLS on Yahoo Allstate to advance society’s knowledge for a greater good. I speak for all of us in this community of bloggers in saying CONGRATULATIONS PAIGE ~ YOU GO GIRL!!

Here is an excerpt from the Sarasota Herald Tribune:

Herald-Tribune reporter Paige St. John won the Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism for her series on Florida’s insurance industry. Continue reading “How ironic part deux: Paige St John of the Herald Tribune wins Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism”