Slabbed answers the question everyone has been asking: Who is Whitmergate?

‘Gate seemingly knows where all the bodies are buried and I can *see* this person’s identity has been the subject of great specualtion. So I’m giving a hint below the fold. Continue reading “Slabbed answers the question everyone has been asking: Who is Whitmergate?”

“My letter writing addiction escalates daily, and I fear it may soon interfere with my routine drinking.”

Anyone else remember Will Hertes and his prank letter website? Those that do will understand why I almost spit my coffee this morning reading Sock’s last comment and how profoundly early internet innovators such as the gentleman behind the Will Hertez handle influenced me and thus what you see at Slabbed today, 12 years after Will’s hayday.

Could the Chehardy PR blitz be a prelude to a run for Parish Prez….

After all folks, no one in their right mind spends their own money running farewell ads unless they are gearing up to run for another office.  Now leaving aside the fact the ads are frankly silly IMHO as the good folks in Louisiana are taxed to death he leaves out that the pols need your tax dollars to loot out on the back end of earmark scams and to employ their cronies.  IMHO career politician Lawrence Chehardy is simply a slicker version of Byron Lee and a guy who probably never missed a chance to double dip his entire career.

In respects what we are seeing unfold Continue reading “Could the Chehardy PR blitz be a prelude to a run for Parish Prez….”

In this episode of Magnum JD, Magnum throws a curve and ends up in a fix: A 4717 St Charles Avenue orgy update.

Folks, never in our short history has a topic resulted in such intense reader interest as our chronicling of the adventures of John Houghtaling aka Magnum J.D., who has claimed the mantle of being Wendell Gauthier’s hand picked successor (along with various and sundry other myths) as he reinvented himself into a political kingmaker of sorts. With that in mind and with an obligation to correctly report the events let’s review what we know about Magnum’s mid summer backyard sex party:

In October I received a tip that Magnum’s new neighbors on St Charles Ave were circulating a petition calling on him to move as he was hosting sex parties in between political fundraisers for folks like Gidget’s Billy Nungesser and Bobby Jindal.  So the story went, the straw that broke the camel’s back was a wild sex party with Stormy Daniels.  I immediately put out the word that we needed the arrest paperwork, which turned out to be the hardest pieces of paper we ever procured in terms of time and effort.  I immediately contacted the neighbors that were listed as witnesses and was told to come to Muni court on 11-16 to hear all the gory details.

In the meantime, we did learn that Stormy Daniels was not involved with Magnum or his sex party but that he did have a former girlfriend from the sex industry named Stormy Schouff, who evidently was also Sidney Torres’ (of SDT trash fame) former girlfriend as well.  I’m told that Stormy has since “gone legit” and since she was evidently not involved in the sex party in question she is not fair game here on Slabbed though the name explains the confusion in the local rumor mill.

So on the 16th our researcher and myself head to NOLA Muni court to get the skinny.  The experience was an interesting one and frankly we were impressed by how the courtroom was run compared to similar courts here in Mississippi (that attempt to make the criminal justice experience as painful as possible).  Magnum of course came in through the backdoor and we didn’t see too much of him. Continue reading “In this episode of Magnum JD, Magnum throws a curve and ends up in a fix: A 4717 St Charles Avenue orgy update.”

Give me two steps give me two steps mister: Margie Seemann speaks on Parish payroll fraud.

Le depart de siree

Long time readers of Slabbed know there was no way that we would pass on the story of Desiree Rogers being shown the door by Team Obama yesterday. We were early innovators on Ms Rogers with Nowdy’s post from November 2008 originally titled “Guess our invitation won’t be in the mail” where she profiled Ms Rogers’ ties to Allstate which became fodder for friendly banter on the Yahoo Allstate Finance board, most of it not complimentary toward her.

More recently Ms Rogers became famous for not doing her job at the state dinner when Tareq and Michaele Salahi crashed the party by bullshitting their way in and then for several other mixups since. Naturally one would expect the hometown newspaper would tell the kindest version of the story but I’ll add based on what our friends from Ms Rogers last employer tell us she is far from a pillar of any business community let alone the high-powered one in Chicago. The reality is she is intelligent and highly attractive but more important connected, first via her father and then her ex-husband. As Nowdy observed after party-gate she was seemingly ignorant of her place in the White House pecking order.  We let Ms Rogers hometown paper tell the story:

White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers announced today that she will be stepping down from her job. Continue reading “Le depart de siree”

Slabbed ties in the Butt Call, Bayou Sorrell Class Action Litigation with the Louisiana ODC

Chuck Plattsmier and staff, chief disciplinary counsel for the Louisiana Supreme Court

Lets link this comment on Magistrate Wilkinson and the cesspool that exists in certain judicial chambers with Sock Puppet’s comment on the Bayou Sorrell Class Action Litigation and the inside fix at the Louisiana ODC along with a very early post we did on the subject problems with the Bayou Sorrell class action litigation.

Representing the paralegal in Bayou Sorrell is Donna Grodner who recently turned in LJ Hymel and plaintiff’s counsel Lewis Unglesby for conducting an ex parte communication. The Baton Rouge Business report used comments from a defense counsel in the same litigation to imply lawyer Donna Grodner had done something illegal capturing the inside job on tape while not commenting on the propriety of the ex parte communication.

Folks the corruption and dirty double-dealing knows no political boundary. With this stuff, especially the class action litigation ca$h is king. In this cesspool we clearly see what slabbed has reported for over 2 years: Just Us, not Justice. Continue reading “Slabbed ties in the Butt Call, Bayou Sorrell Class Action Litigation with the Louisiana ODC”