Slabbed finds Danny Abel and Aaron Broussard together in the "Legal Department" at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview

Folks, Danny Abel and Aaron Broussard go wayyyyy back so it is no surprise that Broussard represented Abel in a suit public adjuster Earl Carr filed against Abel for legal malpractice. The suit made a few blawgs like this one out of Chicago but frankly my interest in the case is predicated on the fact that Abel and Broussard appear to be part of the “legal department” at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway. This case was decided by the Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeals just last month in favor of Abel.

In a hint of what is coming at Slabbed from the Trout Point gang, public figures all, Abel cross sued Carr and his lawyers.  Of course as we saw from Paulsen v State Farm Abel’s abilities as a lawyer are not what they once were as he resorted to trickery and deceit in the conduct of that case. He came up empty in his counter suit against Carr too.

In any event I have some great stuff on tap concerning the legal team in Paulsen which as a group appear to be quite the litigious bunch. For instance here is a picture of Shane (D’Antoni) Gates taken after he was pulled over with a BAC of over .270 from the related federal court case. Now to be clear Gates’ name has not come up in connection with Trout Point Lodge but he did surface as a long time Danny Abel crony that co-owned the house in Slidell that was the subject of Eric Paulsen’s suit against State Farm we covered a few weeks back.  Simply put this bunch of guys provide us with fertile ground for examination as their path of destruction through life gives us some clues as to some of the longer term players in Aaron Broussard’s professional career. Continue reading “Slabbed finds Danny Abel and Aaron Broussard together in the "Legal Department" at the Super 8 Motel on Clearview”

How ironic part deux: Paige St John of the Herald Tribune wins Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism

Speaking on behalf of a blog that cut its teeth on the very issues of offshore reinsurance and insurance finance we could not be more proud to not only have been a cumulative part of the conversation but also able to call Paige St John a true friend to the Slabbed Nation in every sense of the word. Now we know why everyone was interested in our post on Paige’s work, which otherwise flew under the radar but has also influenced an entire community of professional journalists.  The long and short of it folks is that insurance finance and following the money to Bermuda is no longer the journalistic back water former National Underwriter Editor in Chief Sam Friedman once knew. For our part we’ve been featuring Paige and her work since the earliest days of Slabbed.

Paige is part of a select group of reporters that have been wise enough to use this blog and the expertise of an entire community of knowledgable insiders like Mr CLS on Yahoo Allstate to advance society’s knowledge for a greater good. I speak for all of us in this community of bloggers in saying CONGRATULATIONS PAIGE ~ YOU GO GIRL!!

Here is an excerpt from the Sarasota Herald Tribune:

Herald-Tribune reporter Paige St. John won the Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism for her series on Florida’s insurance industry. Continue reading “How ironic part deux: Paige St John of the Herald Tribune wins Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism”

Yes, I can verify that Trout Point Lodge's Charles Leary and the soon to be indicted Aaron Broussard were "thick as thieves" up in Nova Scotia.

Former Wendell Gauthier partner Danny Abel was likely the early catalyst for Charles Leary of Trout Point Lodge and Aaron Broussard’s relationship on the Billy Hill Trails Society. Our readers may recall the gang up in Nova Scotia broke the link I posted documenting such relationship quicker than you can say Brokeback Mountain fast three times.

Luckily for us Telemachus stopped in and explained some of the salient background on Leary and the girls. Even better new Slabbed commenter “Don’t mess with a man named” Jimm was kind enough to give us the wayback link to the Billy Hills Trail Society which clearly shows Charlie and Aaron were in the Nova Scotia cajun roots concept together. Nothing wrong with that huh?

Now I write all this and sleep like a baby tonight because it is true.


I have a reply for the Times Picayune and their lawyer Steve Gaynor


I will vigorously defend our fair use of any material we find that enables this media organization to expand the public’s knowledge of the systemic corruption in the New Orleans Metro and the newspaper that aides and abets it.

Now you gotta deal with me as I am responsible for the content on this site.

Oh yeah, here is a clue for ya!


Well folks, this Trout Point thing has really rattled some cages.

My web host has disabled the new site after they received the following complaint from lawyers representing the Times Picayune.

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It has come to our attention that you are the host of a blog,, to which a comment has been posted containing, among other content, the text of an article copied from the entities above. (A copy of the original article is attached hereto.) The comment containing the infringing content was posted by user “telemachus” on February 16, 2011, at 4:21pm, and is located at the following URL: Continue reading “Well folks, this Trout Point thing has really rattled some cages.”