Propaganda hour at Gambit continues. Now who screwed up the Oyster reefs????

The latest dust-up in the BP money grab involves Team Jindal, through political hack Garret Graves, crying to the local media that BP won’t pay to fix the oyster reefs Bobby Jindal destroyed when he opened up the spillway last Spring as he was showcasing himself politically at the expense of the environment and the public during the oil spill.

Our readers may remember cheap political posturing was the order of the day last spring both from Team Jindal and Team Boss Hogg.  I predicted a year ago BP would use their useless grandstanding to avoid paying legitimate damages, of which the damage to the Oyster Reefs is not.

But them pesky facts that does not stop sycophant Kandace Graves from blaming BP public relations for the fact most folks see through the money grab. (h/t Editilla) Continue reading “Propaganda hour at Gambit continues. Now who screwed up the Oyster reefs????”

From the "We got your sorry ass by the balls files"…….

I offer one former Hancock County road manager Roger Ladner and his family, whom all look like they are headed for lengthy stretches in the federal pen. The only question in my mind is whether Roger will sing to try to save his wife.  Word is Roger wasn’t the only county official with his fingers in the post Katrina taxpayer pie and indeed some of the rats are now trying to spin and point fingers elsewhere as the backstabbing that is seemingly itenerate to a major federal investigation kicks off in earnest.

If I were the feds I’d be looking hard at the short guy whose nose runs up the supervisors hineys whenever they stop short.


Turn out the lights, the party’s over: The little head loses (again). Updated

A judge has ruled that Blaine Kern be removed from the company he founded. Our previous coverage can be found here.

Papa Kern and his pretty young thang wifey Holly will now have to learn to live within their means.


Blaine says he’ll be appealing.  His lawyer is a familiar name here on Slabbed from the Perdigao saga days.


The first ever Slabbed readers choice.

Ok folks what do you guys want next in terms of a substantive post?

  1. John Young has some very interesting campaign contributors and the money trail leads to a massive financial fraud.
  2. Blanket recusal time for Magnum JD
  3. The Scruggs saga isn’t over. The mysterious P. L. Blake needs the type of looksie that others received at the height of Scruggs mania.

I’ll be tackling all three folks but do not care about the order. Place your preference in comments.


There is a Roby in the woodpile……

And unfortunately for Derrick Shepherd it was one Roby too many as it appears his attempt to undo his prior guilty plea is fizzing out. Paul Purpura tells the story for the Times Picayune, where the prosecutors seemed to stop just short of throwing Shepherd’s former lawyer and partner in crime, Clarence Roby under the bus.

For our part I think it is clear from the Shepherd saga that not only has he been trying to save his own ass since he copped that plea, we find a bit of between the lines confirmation of something I was told just a few months ago that the federal investigation into Jefferson Parish Corruption began well before the Bill Hubbard saga. I would have loved to see Chehoggy’s face when he was tipped about the tap……..


The grinch that stole Mardi Gras: But where will Mini-me go to ride his fire truck and train engine?

Couresty of a reader

Its true folks there must simply not be enough graft in Mardi Gras to interest the City officials in Gretna any longer as Allen Powell reports for the Times Picayune.

There are some awfully familiar surnames that story…….