In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Baldwin and Contogouris file another lawsuit against Bull Durham and Magnum.

This suit was filed yesterday in the 24th JDC by Team Baldwin lawyer Leo Polazzo of Gretna. Click the pic for the pdf of the suit.

From the you simply can't make this stuff up files allow me to present Megan Barnes to the Slabbed Nation.

We’re a bit late to this party folks but with all this talk of perversion and deviancy up in Oxford these days the story of Megan Barnes somehow fits the general narrative. Barnes was on the road to Key West and a meetup with her boyfriend when she decided it was time to shave her pubes so she’d look good in a bikini. This is clearly a case of life imitating art IMHO as John Irving has been there and kinda done that in The World According to Garp.

Now just like certain of the players in Oxford, Ms Barnes is not known as a beauty queen. In the spirit of letting our readers decide such things for themselves here is a link to her mug shot.


Slabbed goes international and finds the girls in Costa Rica. The Trout Point investment template??

Hat tip to an unhappy investor. Click the picture for a pdf of the entire signed 3 page agreement and click below the fold for a hint as to our next international destination as Slabbed follows the girls and the money. Meantime let’s all ponder if Abel and the girls pulled a Bugsy Siegel. By my math 40 is the maximum number of 2.5% investors a company can have without being more than 100% owned.

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Coast news miscellany: Vic Planetta in a world of hurt and idiocy at the Mississippi Gaming Commission

Sorry son, you were caught smoking a joint 30 years ago so your fired…..

Anita Lee details a bit of war on drug idiocy in her profile of Victor Hanson, a family man who lost his job at the Palace Casino in 2008 because he was caught smoking a joint in Biloxi over 3o years ago. The war on drugs is both a failure and boondoggle that flushes billions of scarce taxpayer dollars down the black hole every year to no good end. One day the powers that be will learn that treating social problems such as addictions as a law enforcement problem is beyond silly.

In other news former coast modular home builder Vic Planetta is in a world of trouble as he and his wifey are charged with defrauding the SBA after Katrina to the tune of over $1,000,000. This story is rich for me on a couple of different levels, none of which I’ll go into here on Slabbed. Greed kills Vic, greed kills……