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And then one week and a day ago things changed with this Trout Point thing rearing its ugly head after we stumbled upon the “closed set”. To help our readers understand what happened I’ve embedded the following video that explains things. Aaron Broussard is played by the great Dom Delouise…

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On Deck: Municipal Court day in Oxford

My money is that the assault and trespassing case against Oxford lawyer Tom Freeland aka NMC will be continued tomorrow but just in case I have someone scheduled to go get us the low down.  I suspect my person will not be the only interested observer there. That said I think Mr Freeland has one problem in that if he did indeed have that fight with his wife at City Grocery, why the heck did he follow the wife’s friend to the UM campus and then home. Seems to me if he admits to peeling off from his wife after their public spat then he has some more ‘splaing to do and no amount of that may help given the bad connotations.

For my part I’m curious to see how it will be handled.

In other news NMC has posted on a suit Meg McAllister has filed against Dickie “Scruggs over the Rigsby Sisters”. This suit is a sideshow in the larger drama that has been unfolding for over a year folks and I’ve had a ringside seat almost the whole time.  When the time is right we’ll be exploring Nutt and McAllister along with Nutt’s trusty CPA Bill Jones. Stay tuned.


Tuesday solicitation: Who ya gonna call?

If the former Parish Prez, sold you somethin’ strange
Who ya gonna call (ballbusters)
If it’s somethin’ weird an it won’t look good
Who ya gonna call (ballbusters)…..

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Got some ownership papers you want to share and you’re not sure who you can trust?  That’s easy folks.  Drop me a line.


Slabbed takes a look at the Trout Point business venture: Let's start at the end and work back.

I think by now even our most casual readers know our successor website, was knocked offline courtesy of the Times Picayune’s corporate parent Advance Publications and this started a chain of events that resulted in Slabbed temporarily being moved back to WordPress. I’d submit this was a miscalculation of gargantuan proportions for several reasons, which will become clear as I roll out this series of posts on Aaron Broussard’s connections to Trout Point Lodge and its purported owners, Charles Leary, Danny Abel and Vaughn Perret.  I say purported because others were sold 2% ownership interests in the Trout Point development as touted by Broussard and those folks are the bagholders in this deal.  IMHO to properly tell this story we need to start at the end and work back so it is with this second retraction of the Times Picayune’s reporting on Trout Point Lodge where we begin:

In January 2010, The Times-Picayune published several articles that mentioned Trout Point Lodge and its business dealings while discussing Jefferson Parish politics and the scandal in the administration of former Parish President Aaron Broussard. The newspaper retracts publication implying that Trout Point Lodge was involved in the scandal.

The newspaper believes there is no basis for making any implication that Trout Point Lodge, Limited or its owners, Daniel Abel, Vaughn Perret, or Charles Leary, were involved in any wrongdoing and, indeed, never intended to make any such implication. The Metropolitan Crime Commission complaint to the Louisiana Ethics Board about Broussard’s vacation property in Nova Scotia in fact did not name or implicate any of them. The Times-Picayune apologizes for errors in its reporting regarding Trout Point Lodge and its owners.

This much is true, Trout Point Lodge nor its purported owners are involved in what we call the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal and Continue reading “Slabbed takes a look at the Trout Point business venture: Let's start at the end and work back.”

Tuesday Music: Dedicated to Aaron and the girls…..

In this episode of Magnum JD: Bull Durham comes to town and appears on the Toolman.

(Reader Warning: Please put your hip boots on as the bullshit gets deep.)

So there I was watching the morning show on WWL early one morning last week with my trusty canine companion when the poor pooch had the misfortune of being on the receiving end of my coffee spew that roughly coincided with airing of a teaser for an Eric Paulsen report on Bull Durham himself that wowuld be airing on the 10:00PM news!

I immediately knew there would be a post which covered the “coverage” but life’s travails, trials and tribulations have focused my attention elsewhere so the post would have to wait until today.

Paulsen, whom we introduced to the Slabbed Nation a few weeks ago via Paulsen v State Farm and his lawyer/friends, Danny Abel and Carl Finley, got their asses kicked in Federal Court and rightfully so. What is amazing to me as moderator of Slabbed is that State Farm didn’t tip insurance industry shill David Rossmiller about the case as he had a knack for receiving tips on the low hanging fruit but such is our gain here on Slabbed for a number of reasons. Lest I digress.

I would submit Paulsen was the natural choice to pump the latest Costner scheme IMHO.  He is plugged into the old Aaron Broussard political network for example via Abel and company and he has demonstrated a fantastic ability to check whatever formal journalism training he has received whenever there is the need for a shill rather than a journalist as I think his latest story on Costner illustrates:

If there is one thing most people agree on during the BP oil disaster, it is that the oil industry and the federal government were not prepared for a disaster of this magnitude. Continue reading “In this episode of Magnum JD: Bull Durham comes to town and appears on the Toolman.”