I am almost afraid to ask….

Here in Mississippi our Insurance Commish doubles as the State Fire Marshal.  Commish Mike Chaney just made the news wearing his Fire Marshal hat in fact, as it relates to the recent cabin fire at the Neshoba County Fairgrounds. Now given the hit job former deputy commish turned State Farm lawyer Lee Harrell did on the Rigsby sisters that was extraordinary in the complete lack of professionalism that went into the finished product, one wonders what would happen if legal determinations associated with a fire causing fatality could cause an innocent man to be executed here in Mississippi like happened in Texas a few years back.  The implications are quite disturning IMHO.


Matt at Fix the Pumps finds woody debris in the new levees and a Fred Heebe in the woodpile.

Folks there are few more dedicated niche bloggers in Metro NOLA than Matt McBride over at Fix the Pumps.  Matt is a tireless advocate for properly constructed flood protection for New Orleans metro and in a 3 part series details the problems the Army Corps of Engineers is having with contractors delivering dirt for levee construction that is filled with woody debris, which is unsuitable levee material. Naturally my interest was piqued when the name Fred Heebe was mentioned in part 1 of Matt’s series Debris.  Here is a snippet:

And yes, the “River Birch” mentioned here is the same River Birch landfill that is the center of a wide-ranging federal investigation into corruption within Jefferson Parish politics. That investigation has already led to the resignation of three top officials within Jefferson Parish, including the parish president, Aaron Broussard. The Corps is approved to get borrow material from four River Continue reading “Matt at Fix the Pumps finds woody debris in the new levees and a Fred Heebe in the woodpile.”