How strange that a blog named Slabbed has not yet commented on the number of Slabs created by tornadoes this year

I’ll be honest folks and simply say it is Angela’s fault (not our good friend Angela Russell at the State Farm Sucks Network but the other one). You see, there is one thing post Katrina that rubs me wrong to this day: Deluded morons that think they live in a place called “risk free” that also have the gall to tell others where they should live in the aftermath of the latest natural disaster du jour.  I could be wrong but I do believe the death toll from the 2011 tornadoes season now exceeds the number of souls that died on the Mississippi Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005.

But these are negative feelings and despite my desire to again excoriate Angela from Kansas City I’m heeding the better angels of my nature. There will be a post but it won’t excoriate less than sentient beings that had fooled themselves into thinking natural disasters only impact the other fella (that should not be living ________________ (fill in the blank) to begin with).

I’m glad I got that off my chest. Stay tuned.


And if you think he is good at pumping gas, wait until you see him spit shine John Boehner's shoes: The AP calls out Steven Palazzo for being a lying sack of shit politician.

Folks there is a difference between critical reporting and reporting on politics critically. No doubt some of the recipients of my barbs would insist my missives are unduly critical and there is likely a kernel of truth in that criticism but it is equally true the art of reporting on politics critically is missing from the Mississippi traditional media landscape save just a few souls, none of whom are in the 6 coastal counties. I say all this because the country is paying attention while the locals are being regaled with cheap pre-planned photo ops masquerading as news.

I’ll admit that last week when I saw on the WLOX late news Congressman Steven Palazzo in a near top of the news story pumping gas for his constituents in Jackson County while sharing their concerns over gas prices I was not surprised.  WLOX is part of a chain of small market TeeVee stations owned by Blue Cross so seeing such fluff there did not surprise me. I was disappointed though the next day to see the Sun Herald devote scare reporting resources to the topic, which is evidently a cheap GOP PR trick these days.

Now I was not the only person disappointed to see such fluff passed off as news as the readers (including moi) were not shy about sharing their views on the topic in comments. I mean Jeezus H Christ we have some of the very highest homeowner’s insurance rates in the country, a topic the State Farm supported Palazzo has not engaged.  Because it costs several thousand dollars to insure even modest homes it is no surprise the coast lead the nation in median real estate price declines in Q1 2011 as ordinary people, stretched to the limit by the triple threat combo of high insurance, high gas prices and high food prices are losing their property to foreclosure or are wholesaling it trying to hang on for a solution to the one problem that has not been addressed by the State’s GOP leadership in the 6 years since Katrina save throwing taxpayer money at Bermudan reinsurers for sky high re-insurance. Continue reading “And if you think he is good at pumping gas, wait until you see him spit shine John Boehner's shoes: The AP calls out Steven Palazzo for being a lying sack of shit politician.”

Do not touch the children: A Grand Isle Pedophilia Coverup Scandal Update

In Paul Purpura’s latest update to the saga of David Carmadelle’s stepdad Molestin’ Jerry Dantin we have a new player enter the field in the Nielsen Law Firm, which is evidently representing the town of Grand Isle in the related deprivation of civil rights lawsuit. Let’s circle Gerald Nielsen’s folks for now.  I’ve had a front row seat on this for some time now so for our newer readers such as our new friend Noladishu here is a quick recap of what we know:

Last year not long before the oil spill Grand Isle Mayor David Carmadelle’s stepdad molested a 6 year old boy. We know this because despite the best efforts of police chief Euris Dubois to gum up the works, Dantin confessed to his crimes in front of the child’s mother, who will remain nameless to protect the identity of the minor child. Since then Dantin’s lawyers have been trying to get the confession excluded but he has lost each step of the way including to the LA Supremes which refused to grant writs.

Because of the related deprivation of civil rights lawsuit against Dubois, Carmadelle and the Town of Grand Isle, my mind is open to the possibility there was indeed an official attempted coverup involving Dubois and Carmadelle.  There are other politicians rumored to be involved in that general aspect of this case but I won’t name them at this time. Continue reading “Do not touch the children: A Grand Isle Pedophilia Coverup Scandal Update”

Party party party party party: Commenc

Just a reminder folks we have Bay Bridge Fest this weekend as some of this area’s top acts play for free on 3 stages stationed throughout old town Bay St Louis from the historic City Hall to Main Street.

The Sun Herald has a good FYI story on the event for those interested in coming to the Bay this weekend for the party.  There is limited parking on Beach Road and some of the side streets excluding State Street but the Hollywood casino is running a free shuttle to the festival.