Jim Brown

Wednesday, June 2nd 2011
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Since the founding of our country more than 200 hundred years ago, Americans have enjoyed core rights and liberties that made our country not just unique, but exceptional in protecting our basic freedoms. But no more. Just last week, The Congress of the United States sent a strong message to the American people that infringement on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution itself is just all part of the price we pay for “Big Government” to protect us. Thomas Paine warned us at the birth of our nation that “it is the responsibility of the patriot to protect his country from its government.” He would be stunned today to watch our Congress march in lock step with the President in renewing the so called Patriot Act.

Simply put, the Patriot Act is one of the most egregious acts against basic rights and liberties that we have witnessed in our lifetimes. The President and many members of Congress will argue that they have a job to keep American safe. But that’s not the starting point. Their job is to see that the Constitution is enforced, and that means keeping us free. As Judge Andrew Napolitano said on his Fox News program this week, the job of these federal officials is to keep us “Free from tyrants who sought and claimed power from thin air; free from prince-like federal agents who could behave without constitutional or legal restraint; free to live with a government that obeys its own laws. Any president who keeps us safe but unfree is ignoring his oath to the American people.” And doesn’t keeping us safe include keeping us safe from the tyranny of our own government as well? Continue reading “Jim Brown”

"Doug, your hourly rate is steep but quite honestly we're hiring you because you're an asshole…"

This is true quote and the consulting engagement has since turned into a 3 year business relationship. I’m rule 301 beyond that statement. What can I say folks, its a voodoo that I do so well. 😉

Folks, time is up in today’s rapid fire segment.  I’ll do my level best to get  back to Danny Drake and the Hammerman tomorrow morning.


Henry Mouton cops a plea. Agrees to help Feds in the case against Team Heebe/Ward/River Birch

This is old news by now folks. In reality nothing much happened today except that the marriage between Teams Letten and Mouton was made official today by Judge Martin Feldman. If Mr Mouton delivers the goods as expected he will get off very light. Game theory has a very good explanation of what lead us to this point in the concept of Prisoner’s Dilemma. Mouton is the first documented squealer so it is fair to believe he is in line for the best deal from Team Letten.  For Aaron Broussard, Tom Wilkinson, Tim Whitmer and wifey Dawn this may not be perceived as bad news for them but trust folks it is very bad news for them.

With what we’ve seen on these pages about Mouton, if he delivers like we all think he can I personally have no problem with the 50 lashes with a wet noodle concept for him.


From the reader mailbag: Nova Scotia, Paulsen v State Farm and Redflex

Question: What is going on in Nova Scotia?

Answer: Much of nothing good as business fell off drastically at chez girlz in 2010 when Aaron Br0ussard was forced from office in disgrace. In fact our friends over at The Jefferson Report recently profiled Aaron Broussard’s last financial disclosure and it appears he is selling out of the Canadian foodie concept, no doubt trying to position his finances for his legal defense.

Broussard IMHO was the key to making the 3 boutique travel lodge ventures work. The girls were the idea mongers in this equation but beyond Danny Abel in his heyday with Wendell Gauthier they evidently had champaign tastes on a beer budget.  Broussard was the hypester for the 3 ventures and he raised money from select members of the general public to turn these ideas into bricks and mortar reality.  The plans were in reality hatched not born of any sense of practicality as the market has passed judgement on the girl’s plan and execution of it and the verdict is not good. Continue reading “From the reader mailbag: Nova Scotia, Paulsen v State Farm and Redflex”

Oh what a feeling…….Toyota

Ok folks I’m at the end of a long day working at the General Nat’s place so let see how many posts I can do before its time to head to the house. Last week I wrote about my Toyota woes so today I’m happy to report that Team Sop has prevailed in this dispute convincing the folks at corporate the wisdom of our point of view. Besides saving 5 figures on a repair I genuinely love both my Toyota vehicles so I’m happy to keep them on my vender list.


How about a Tuesday morning open thread to kick start the short work week.

You know the old saying folks, you make hay while the sun shines and the sun is shining on me and the day job this week.  I’ll do my best to get a couple of posts up later but for now I present an open thread not to be confused with our perpetual open thread page.  I think when I move Slabbed back to the land of self hosting I’ll add user forums too.


From the timing could not be worse files….

After the revelations in last week’s St Pierre trial you would think no one would be so dumb as to pass threats against me via United States mail.  Well someone did and now the FBI will sort this one out folks. Meantime I think it is clear we can conclude one thing as it regards the investigation into corruption in Jefferson Parish: