Speaking of AROD………

I spoke with him early this morning. He reminded me he wrote the Senate Judiciary Committee recently. I’ll see if I can get a copy up later today.

Meantime he sends his regards to the Slabbed Nation and he sincerely apologizes for using racial epithets. (not really the last part but we can still hope anyway).


Yes I can verify…..

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.  Unfortunately for the Slabbed Nation, Anthony Weiner’s cock shot has been removed from Yfrog so the link on yesterday’s Weinergate post no longer works. ‘Nuff said about that folks.

There indeed may be nothing new under the sun but the new media certainly trail blazes old paths. I mention this because of today’s editorial in the Sun Herald about certain thin-skinned local politicians that did not like their pics appearing in the paper next to critical letters to the editor concerning them.

I laughed and thought of former partner in blog Nowdy and a December 2007 meet and greet we had at the Hattiesburg Cracker Barrel. While we visited I shared my two rules for blogging with her. The Sheriff and Tax Collector violated the first rule big time, thus making this post possible. Now back to that trail blazing thing because things could be far-far worse for ol’ Mel and Joe.

Mike Chaney and Jim Donelon as the Head up Yer Ass Man and Bozo the Clown are examples of what I speak about here. Them and my current favorite Miss Piggy as stand in for Mary Landrieu and that one fits on several levels folks. But my all time favorite is Laurel and Hardy for Oxford based State Farm lawyers Scot Spragins and his sidekick Lucky Tucker, two ethically challenged guys that never met a corner they failed to cut in the wind-water litigation down here.

So count yer blessings guys and quit yer bitchin’.  😉


Jim Brown

Thursday, June 9th, 2011
New Orleans, Louisiana


He was once the fair haired boy of the Democratic Party, and a major contender for the presidential nomination.  In December of 2006, I was working in New Orleans hosting a daily radio program on Clear Channel’s WRNO, and stood in the crowd as he announced his candidacy for President.  In 2004, he was the democratic candidate for vice president on the Kerry ticket.  He formed and led the “One America Committee” that undertook a major effort to combat poverty in America.  And now, John Edwards just hopes to stay out of a federal prison. 

The former US Senator is certainly no paragon of virtue.  During his presidential run, he fathered an illegitimate child by a campaign aid, lied about it and funneled some $900 thousand through friends to support and keep his paramour quiet.  Now he’s being charged with violating federal campaign laws by accepting donations beyond the allowable limits.  The question is this:  Is it a violation of federal law to accept and direct money to the mother of his child?  Did he do this to protect his candidacy, and therefore the money should be considered campaign funds?

A number of former prosecutors and legal scholars have sharply criticized the Justice Department saying that such an interpretation of the federal campaign finance law is a real stretch, and have accused the prosecutors in the Edwards case of proceeding under a convoluted interpretation of what the law actually means. Such charges have never been filed before, and for good reason. The money in question continued to be given to Edwards’ mistress long after he dropped out of the presidential race. Continue reading “Jim Brown”

Scott Fontenot has got wayyyy bigger problems than 21 state ethics charges. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Update.

Folks the wheels of justice turn very slowly and such is the case with double dealing Scott Fontenot as it was revealed today he was charged with 21 ethics violations in connection with selling health insurance to Jefferson Parish.  My own opinion is that Fontenot will assuredly be facing federal charges and my sources in the auditing community tell me the legislative auditor has a fairly scathing report on Mr. Fontenot coming too.

Rich Rainey broke this ethics story for the T-P. Fontenot’s lawyer Jenny Jackson best be dialing up her A game because her client will need all the help he can get. I’ve got the insurance committee emails courtesy of my gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak and never rolled them out. Of course such is also the reason I think Scotty will be beamed straight to one of Uncle Sam’s finer regional penal institutions before this is done. Trust me folks this part of the great Jefferson Parish Taxpayer Ripoff is garden variety petty corruption but it is especially sleazy in how brazen the parties to the double deal truly were.

Finally, as an added bonus Rich snags some quotes from perennial slabbed fav Dane Ciolino, one of Tim Whitmer’s lawyers. I personally hope Dane is making Tim’s asshole bleed with each bill.


Wednesday Music Special: Dedicated to Diaper Dave and Representative Weiner

In Dave’s case the lyrics change from “dirty love” to “dirty diapers”. In the end it appears Rep. Weiner will prove to be the bigger man.



Forget what I said about the lack of a cockshot. A Weinergate Weiner update.

Weinergate has taken a hard turn folks as it appears Rep Anthony Weiner has taken a page from Brett Favre’s playbook. The following link contains a pic that is purportedly Rep. Anthony’s Weiner. (parental discretion advised)

Peter North he isn’t.


Laying down the Hammer: Hammerman asks about what Ray Nagin knew and when in the St Pierre saga

And the Hammerman concludes Ray Nagin was pretty stupid but he included this exchange involving Jackson based lawyer Danny Drake, Meffert and St. Pierre in his story on what Nagin knew and when he knew it:

In emails discussing the letter to the mayor with Meffert and their lawyer, Danny Drake, it didn’t appear that St. Pierre was trying to inform the mayor. It really came from Meffert, who suggested there was another reason to write it.

“Ok, this is my final proposed letter, this might help while still protecting all of us and without boxing us in,” Meffert wrote in an email to St. Pierre and Drake.

“OK, and just so I understand, this is a letter from me to the mayor, correct?” St. Pierre wrote back. Continue reading “Laying down the Hammer: Hammerman asks about what Ray Nagin knew and when in the St Pierre saga”

Regarding the inquiries about Ashton's whereabouts….

I’ve received a few inquiries about Ashton O’Dwyer as a few of our regular readers have noticed he has not been commenting of late with us.

Ashton is OK. I spoke with him late last week and his computer evidently has died. He is still dealing with Team Letten at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. I’ll try to update that case soon.