Slabbed calls bullshit on Kim Davis and certain Christian denominations that want to impose their own version of Sharia Law on everyone

Kim Davis Mugger | Guilty of Civil Contempt of Court
Kim Davis Mugger | Guilty of Civil Contempt of Court

From a big picture standpoint the rhetoric you hear from Davis’ supporters could be easily mistaken for something you’d hear out of the Taliban because what is being couched as a defense of religious liberty is really an attack on the fundamental liberties that are guaranteed to every citizen under the First Amendment to the Constitution, an amendment we at Slabbed New Media know a thing or two about.

First I do not know who appointed the Apostolic Church as the spokespersons for Christianity because they do not speak for the Catholics and many other denominations that do not seek to impose by force of the government their personal religious viewpoints on nonbelievers and that is exactly what Kim Davis was doing by denying marriage licenses to the her constituents in Rowan County Kentucky because she did not personally agree with the Supreme Court ruling on Gay Marriage.

Even worse she openly disregards the very Oath of Office she swore before God but to the extent this lady and her numerous previous divorces that included infidelity well qualified her more to be a guest on the Jerry Springer show more so than local Clerk of Court I guess this should not surprise anyone.

Davis strikes me as a good ol’ girl with a weak mind that is taking some very bad advice from a special interest group closely affiliated with Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University that is now trying to spin Davis into some sort of martyr for refusing to discharge the sworn duties of her office denying access to everyone wanting a marriage license in Rowan County. Thank God we have more responsible public officials here in Mississippi.

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Come join Hizzoner on the magic carpet…..

Car Wreck Les
Citizens parody of Bay St Louis Mayor Les Fillingame’s attempts to spin the now seriously late FY 2014 Municipal Audit and ongoing Department of Justice and State Auditor Investigations into the City’s financial practices.

Sources: Auditor’s report shows BSL finances ‘pretty ugly’ ~

Tonight, Bay St. Louis finances are under the microscope. WLOX News has confirmed that both the Department of Justice and the State Auditor’s office have sent investigators to Hancock County. And according to multiple city council sources, what they’re finding “is pretty ugly.”

The council members we talked with today say investigators are asking a lot of questions about how money has been spent by Bay St. Louis leaders. Those sources tell us some of the financial issues focus on a police forfeiture fund, and as much as $315,000 in unaccounted money.

I for one am glad WLOX has caught up with local happenings here in beautiful Mayberry-by-the-Sea, named by numerous travel magazines that few people read and even fewer take seriously as one of the coolest Mayberries in this entire nation. Its also broke and under investigation but what a few hundred thousand dollars of misspent Drug Forfeiture funds between friends and neighbors to go with all the other misspending?

That said with Stacey Pickering’s people lurking about Eye Spy, a veteran of sorts of State Auditor’s Office Investigations checked in yesterday with some good advice: Continue reading Come join Hizzoner on the magic carpet…..

Still tweaking the back end and I’m not speaking of Miley Cyrus

A few of you have been letting me know about all the recent quirks etc involving Slabbed since we moved into the cloud and I appreciate the feedback.  We’re still not completely done pairing the new CDN with the Reverse Proxy service but I’m hoping to have that completed sometime this weekend.

Meantime if you get any strange screens or have problems with functionality please let me know.

The Systems Failure is complete…….

Folks since last week there has been an unmistakable buzz in the air here in picturesque Bay St Louis as behind the scenes chatter indicates major problems in the financial management of the City will be thrust into the public’s consciousness sooner rather than later. I’m not in a position to verify anything except the chatter so I will offer no specifics but it unfortunately appears Slabbed’s coverage of the City’s financial troubles dating to January, 2014 will wear well with the passage of time.

So with that set up I took the liberty of digging up a few appropriate inspirational quotes because now that the problems are coming to light, I think it is incumbent on all of us to insure things never get so far out of hand again:

  1. “Have you ever felt trapped in circumstances, then discovered that the only trap was your own lack of vision, lack of courage, or failure to see that you had better options?” ~ Nick Vujicic
  2. “Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be” ~ John Wooden
  3. “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” ~ Henry Ford

Businesses Don’t Fail – Leaders Do ~ Mike Myatt, Forbes Magazine

Myatt Identifies 15 reasons businesses fail and some are very applicable across the organizational spectrum including local governments.  Here are some snippets: Continue reading The Systems Failure is complete…….

On this date ten years ago: A Katrina plus 10 remembrance

Around this general time I got my first shower (cold) since the day before the storm hit. It wasn’t just a case of being funky since we had been in the storm surge so this event marked a major quality of life improvement. On the way back from Stone County we found the liquor store just inside the Harrison County line on Highway 49 was open and inside of five minutes we marked a second major quality of life improvement that day.

There were not many volunteers around at that point so I have no one to thank except by business partner for letting us use the shower and the nice folks at the liquor store for opening up without power in the sweltering heat along with Gram Grams for providing ground transportation.

In any event those of you that are reading from across the nation trying to figure out the last Katrina post and comments it isn’t that the folks here aren’t grateful for the outpouring of support but….

For some, Katrina’s anniversary can’t pass soon enough ~ Andy Grimm

As the annual updates on Katrina recovery reached their fever pitch this weekend, Carbo was not alone. A | The Times-Picayune article titled “Things to do Saturday that have nothing to do with Katrina” had garnered more page views than a comprehensive listing of Katrina-related events.

Jim Ferly, who rode out the storm in 2005, opted to spend Saturday dodging the August heat and memorial events with an afternoon showing of the comedy “American Ultra” with his girlfriend.

Ferly said that his home in Uptown was undamaged by Katrina, but he has plenty of friends who lost houses and loved ones, things that are hard to forget even without the annual flurry of Katrina coverage.

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I’m personally sick of all this sappy Katrina nostalgia

And I for one am happy Obama did not come to the coast because we have too many filthy, lying politicians lurking about right now as it is.

That said I am getting inquiries about whether Slabbed would be marking the occasion that gave rise to the name of this internet community, which would be fitting and proper given the circumstances. OTOH I do not know anyone that has a desire to relive the Katrina experience because first it sucked and then life after it sucked even more though most everyone managed to muddled through.

In any event I’ll let reader comments serve as the guide on this. I’ll go ahead and mark AROD down as a yes because he emailed me wanting coverage.