Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: How Bad Do We Want It?

Posted on June 5, 2022
Want what? The United States of America. Our country. Where we live. The place we call home.

It’s not a perpetual motion machine. It doesn’t run itself. It’s a volitional organism. Its not guaranteed to last forever.

It came into existence by an act of will. Blood was shed. We almost came undone in the Civil War. Much more blood was shed. It has continued to exist because a critical mass of citizens have determined consciously or subconsciously that their lives are better with it, than without it. And, a critical mass of citizens has a vested interest in having it continue to succeed.

It’s continued existence as a “going concern” has never been questioned in my lifetime. I’m watching CNN and they’re talking about shootings last night in Philadelphia, Chattanooga, Summerton, SC, Lexington, KY plus Phoenix and Mesa, AZ. The horror of Uvalde, TX is already in the rear view mirror.

Columbine and Sandy Hook are ancient history

And, all of a sudden, I started to think….this can’t last. I’m in NYC right this moment where I have access to an apartment on the Upper West Side. For the first time ever I thought, I wonder what the odds are of getting shot if I go out for a walk after the golf tournament on TV is over? Continue Reading…..

One thought on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: How Bad Do We Want It?”

  1. Starting our Country required courage. The Founding Fathers would have been hung
    if they had not won the Revolutionary War.

    Courage has been defined by many. Hemingway said “courage is grace under pressure.” John Wayne
    said said “courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” I’ve heard it said that courage makes the other virtues possible.

    Who did and who did not demonstrate courage on January 6, 2021 when the Capitol was under attack.
    Donald Trump spoke on the Ellipse, the circular plot of land behind the White House and told his followers that they had to “fight like Hell to save their Country…they had to go down there and fight
    like Hell…I’l be there with you…”

    When he didn’t “go there with” with them he said “The Secret Service wouldn’t let him.”

    The Secret Service reports to the President. Trump broke his word to the people he was urging to go
    “down there and fight like hell.” He did not “go down there with them.” He retreated to the well protected White House.

    Trump lacked courage at the moment of truth.

    Meanwhile, Mike Pence stayed at the Capitol until he completed the job. The Secret Service directed
    him to get into his vehicle and leave the Capitol before his work was done. Everybody in his party got
    into the vehicles EXCEPT Mike Pence. His special agent urged him to get in, his response “I trust you,
    but you aren’t driving.”

    Mike Pence stayed at the Capitol and did his job while people forty feet away were shouting “Hang Mike

    At the moment of truth Mike Pence showed great courage.

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