Other Voices: Tom Callaghan: The Unbelievable War in Ukraine

Posted on April 19, 2022

I call it unbelievable because our Press has lost its mind in its hero worship of all things Ukraine and its Jewish President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Press has given us no context and no history on whether these two countries, Russia and Ukraine, might have had some connection with each other over the last several decades. Just unadulterated love for a guy who did what leaders have been doing for centuries. Not bugging out the back door when the fighting started. He stayed and he’s been demanding free stuff from the USA ever since.

We’re up around $2.5 Bil for the year now for Ukraine. Nobody gets more except Israel. Ukraine, like Israel, never lifted a finger to help the US when we were hit on 9/11 although a number of Non NATO countries, like Jordan and Iran, did. Yeah, Iran. Dig it.

So, we don’t, in any way, “owe” Ukraine.

Let’s set some context for the Ukraine-Russia relationship. The most important thing to know is there wouldn’t be a place called “Ukraine” if it wasn’t for the sacrifices of the Russian people. Similarly, the number of Jews lost in the Holocaust would have been much higher were it not for Russia. Continue Reading……..

9 thoughts on “Other Voices: Tom Callaghan: The Unbelievable War in Ukraine”

  1. CNN is claiming “atrocities” 24/7. Where is the live footage?

    There are literally hundreds of press people in Ukraine right now.
    Plus everybody has a camera in their pocket. How can you kill and
    bury 9,000 and nobody has a live shot?

    We have satellites, don’t we.

  2. It’s hard to get a feel for what the public feels about our assistance to Ukraine.

    If the question is whether or not Biden is handling the Ukraine crisis well, the
    response will be negative. The negatives will include many who want him to do
    more and many who want him to do nothing.

    Even FOX is split with their prime time hosts. Tucker goes out of his way to avoid
    the subject of Ukraine and Hannity won’t let it go. At least from my limited sampling.

    CNN is going non stop 24/7 depicting Ukraine as non-stop suffering. They show the same bombed
    out buildings non stop, yet on hard figures that bear on brutality, like the number of children killed,
    the numbers are lower than what the Israelis killed in Gaza in 2014.

    For what its worth, Gaza is one tenth the size of Rhode Island, our smallest state, and Ukraine is bigger
    than California.

  3. Slightly off topic, I detect an “organized hit” on Kevin McCarthy, Republican Leader and likely
    Speaker if Republicans win the House.

    I’m not a big (or even small) friend of Kevin and, I’m all in with Nancy, but I’m always curious when
    both The NY Times and Washington Post seem to be coordinating a hit on somebody. Now, according
    to today’s news, Tucker Carlson seems to be taking shots at McCarthy.

    When all of these folks start ganging up on someone it makes me think, he/she might be doing something right!

  4. Tom you are now commenting on your our post ?

    Brandon’s Department of Homeland Security just announced they will be forming a Misinformation Governance Board to counter misinformation.

    This was announced just two days after Musk buys Twitter to re-establish a world wide free speech platform.

    Sounds like Brandon and his international corruption machine is worried shiteless that the Hunter laptop will be posted and discussed openly.
    This has Obama’s fingerprints all over this.

    At his Sanford speech Obama mentioned Stephen Bannon’s name as being a leader in misinformation which only causes people to flock to America’s Real Voice to see and hear the Truth from Stephen on his “War Room “ program.

    Stephen Bannon is a very smart person and like Matt Gaetz is under attach by the DOJ but the Truth will come out when God shines His light on what is done in the dark.

  5. “The further a society drifts from the Truth the more it will hate those who speak it”

    George Orwell

    When a government puts fences around its Congressional buildings and creates a department to set forth truth we are assured we are approaching a Facist, Nazi State.

    As Christ Jesus repeatedly preached , ‘Open your eyes and ears ‘and cured the blind and deaf this nation is doomed if it refuses to acknowledge Christ is our Lord and Savior and instead listens and worships corrupt politicians who tell us they are the Truth.

  6. I’ve been hearing about Hunter Biden and the Durham Report since Hector was a pup. There never
    seems to be any there, there.

    Now Bannon is an unusual guy. I’ve mentioned his name probably five times in different things I’ve
    written. I’ve always defended him.

    Earl Weaver, longtime Manager of the Baltimore Orioles was asked once why he didn’t utilize a great
    hitter the Orioles had in one of their farm clubs. Weaver’s response, “yeah he’s a great hitter but he runs until he makes an out.”

    That’s Bannon. He talks and talks and talks until one of two things happen, he says something stupid or the people who were listening to him drop dead.

  7. Anybody home on Ukraine?

    They, like Israel, didn’t pitch in after we were hit on 9-11 and now we’re about to give them
    FIVE PERCENT of the Defense Department Annual Budget. Chuckie Schumer says he’s going to move it
    quickly. A nifty $33 Billion.

    We’re going to give Ukraine all our hot new stuff and leave our cupboards bare. Plus put Putin in a box so he has no choice but to use tactical (not strategic) nuclear weapons to save face and retain power.

    Where are the Conservatives? Congress has the responsibility to Declare War.

    Tucker avoids Ukraine talk. Hannity, bombs away.

    I think Tucker has “Hail to the Chief” playing on his earphones.

  8. Looked at the Gerashenko Tweet. Sad, sick and ugly.

    If its authentic, meaning the Russians actually did that, its world class stupid in addition
    to being sick and ugly. If its “false flag” meaning originating on one side to make the other
    side look like barbarians its something that happens in conflict.

    Speaking for the good old USA, as far as I know, the US does not do that stuff. The Israelis have.
    Anytime the US gets close to dealing with Iran you can count on the Israelis “finding” a vessel
    heading to an out of favor country like Libya (long ago) loaded with crates of rockets labeled
    “Made in Iran.”

    Of course, we’re not pure as the driven snow, holding folks in Guantanamo when we don’t have
    enough to charge them, even before a military court, because releasing them would cause the other
    side to complain, “releasing terrorists!”

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