Stone School Bond Election Set for May 17th

This is the season for school bonds folks. In early January the School Board set up a steering committee to plan for the best course of action to replace the school district’s dilapidated High School including public hearings/work sessions. The proposal to emerge was to relocate the High School out to some donated land just west of Highway 49 in the southern portion of Wiggins for both the new High School and Athletic complex. Currently the schools various athletic facilities are scattered around from Perk to off Highway 26 close to Stone Elementary School. All of this can be accomplished starting with the bargain basement price of $19.8 million dollars.

By way of comparison for you readers on the coast Stone County Schools serves over 2500 kids. Some of the facilities are tight for space and/or are very old. Its a typical rural school district that has to stretch their dollars to educate the children and like many such rural school districts do a decent job with the resources they have.

Having been around for a while, my main worry is the School Board has too few dollars for what needs to be accomplished and that can cause major problems on the back end of things.

Since we do vote here we will make a recommendation to join us in voting yes on issuing the bonds in the May 17th election.

Correction: The initial post misidentified the site for the proposed school as 16th Section land.