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Posted on March 6, 2022

Russia is an anomaly. It’s too big. Nearly twice the size of the next biggest country in the world, Canada, with a population less than that of Bangladesh.

Russia is in a war where they can’t afford to win or lose. Putin has forty miles of military vehicles stuck in the mud because he violated the first rule of war in UkraineDon’t Start A War In the Mud Season.

Putin knew his timing was off but he had promised China Boss Xi Jinping that he would not commence military action against Ukraine until the Winter Olympics in China finished on February 20, 2022.

Putin is running out of friends fast. He can’t lose Xi Jingping.

The American Press is somewhere between Ga-Ga and Ape-Shit over Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelensky. It doesn’t hurt that he’s Jewish. Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee called him “the bravest man in the World.” Hey, Zelensky is holding things together, from his bunker, asking for help, but he’s not going to be confused with Audie Murphy or Wild Bill Donavan.

I’ve been watching mostly BBC and CNNFareed Zakaria does a great job. Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer are solid and make sure nobody forgets that Zelensky is Jewish.

The whole Jewish thing is not totally irrelevant. When the Nazis overran Ukraine in WW IIUkrainians were relieved to be out from under Russian domination. How friendly some Ukrainians were with the Nazis while they were under occupation, who knows? I don’t. Continue Reading……..

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  1. Putin seems to be enjoying the rally around the flag effect back at home. The realities of war can not be escaped, especially for a small economy like Russia’s and the impact upon everyday people will be pronounced and that doesn’t count the body bags.

    Speaking of Putin, is it any wonder he pulled out all the stops supporting Trump for POTUS? A weakened NATO served his purposes of expanding Russia’s borders and Trump was extolling Putin as some sort of genius less than a week ago. Of course had Trump won a second term the word out of the White House is he was pulling the US out of NATO completely. Putin knows his adversary and almost helped pull off Nixon’s Southern Strategy to Russia’s benefit. Unbridled racism is easily taken advantage of and has been for centuries here in the US, Putin likely won’t be the last leader of a foreign power to dabble in it to divide America.

    Finally I’ll add that both Chuck Todd and Tucker Carlson are both dangerous blowhards but they aren’t the only ones that populate the National Media here in the US. Watching BBC certainly gives a sharp contrast there.

  2. Thanks, Doug.

    Read your comment and links.

    One thing that occurs to me is that the whole process of determining what countries we sanction
    and for what reasons has become somewhat of an “Inside Game.” Like in Las Vegas, “Money talks
    and BS walks.”

    On TV, I like Fareed Zakaria of CNN. He’s only on one hour a week, Sunday at 10AM repeated at 1PM.
    I’ll catch Tucker now and then. I knew the late Bob Beckel who got fired from FOX twice. When I knew him he didn’t have a pot or a window.

    Tucker is a piece of work. Four years at a Boarding Prep School and he learned how to get his Breast Pocket hanky “just right.” I’ll watch him now and then because he has Tulsi Gabbard on. Trouble with
    Tulsi is you never know for sure if she will stay awake long enough to answer the question she’s been

    Barry McCaffrey is good on Military Matters. Most of the retired Four Stars sign on with “Think Tanks”
    funded by friends of Israel. Israel doesn’t play.

    What’s going to happen to Putin? He just turned 70. Here’s my prediction, if he makes it to his 71st
    Birthday he’ll die a natural death…like Joe Stalin.

  3. Meantime in Trumpanzee Land, GQP Right Wingnut Madison Cawthorn is still out telling his constituents that President Zelenskyy is a thug.

    A few months back he was extolling the virtues of the Russian Army on Fox News. The modern day lunny right exhibits how much they hate their own country by doing Putin’s dirty work from inside our own Government. I can hear it now, you know, the talking points when they start blaming the Mexican ditch diggers.

  4. As long as the Eagle stays and flies high and far away, he will be safe from the claws and jaws of the Bear and the Dragon will watch and chuckle 🤭

    I am an American veteran and say war is hell on earth, no matter what happen.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts.

      Two of my favorite thoughts from Scripture: 1. Pride goeth before the Fall;
      2. The Truth will set you Free.

  5. About 30 minutes ago, Wolf Blitzer reported on CNN that 130 children had been
    killed in Ukraine since hostilities began. (I think that was the number. I know it was under 200.)

    In 2014, when Israel attacked the open air prison of Gaza they killed 300 children ten years old
    and under. The names and ages of the killed children in Gaza were documented by an Israeli civil
    rights organization. The total death count in the 2014 Gaza engagement were: Gaza 2500 dead.
    Israel 73 dead, 67 of which were sodiers killed in a firefight with Hamas fighters and 6 civilians.

    This massacre happened on Obama’s watch. The PRESS was very “kind” to Israel. The criticism of Israel
    was ridiculously mind.

    Children are children. Those that massacre children should be called out even if they are Israeli.

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