Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Wrongfooting the Bear

Posted on February 14, 2022

The Bear is Putin and he can’t quite get his story straight. He feels, in his gut, that Ukraine is really part of Russia but he doesn’t know how to say so, convincingly.

Every time he gets ready to find a reason to start some high-intensity pushing and shoving in Ukraine, Jake Sullivan stools the “secret”, identifies it as a fabrication and/or false flag operation and takes the Bear off his game. Putin ends up punching air and losing another news cycle.

Putin is accustomed to being first actor and having the advantage of surprise and Jake Sullivan is peeing in his porridge. The window of opportunity for Putin’s designs on Ukraine is closing.

Which is a good thing.

Who is this guy, Jake Sullivan? His actual occupation is National Security Advisor to the President of the United States. Henry Kissinger made the job glamorous and exciting. Kissinger made himself Nixon’s friend, confidant and alter ego. He became famous and powerful in the process. Continue Reading……..

11 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Wrongfooting the Bear”

  1. Biden has weaponized our intelligence in a unique way.

    He has selectively declassified information that has allowed
    Tony Blinken and Jake Sullivan to publicly announce Putin’s
    plans, in detail, which frustrates Putin desire for surprise.

    There is a limited “season” in Ukraine for offensive military
    activity. Its dependent on the absence of mud. An attacker needs
    firm ground. The weather in Ukraine has been unseasonably warm.

    Under the conditions, time is not on Putin’s side, at least for the time

  2. Jake Sullivan was involved with the DEMs and Hillary in their false coup against Trump ( Russia, Russia, Russia) and he could be soon indicted for said activity by Special Prosecuter , Durham.

    Your great President Brandon refuses to open the gates on the US petroleum production and has instead doubled the US import of Russia oil and
    BS Biden has backed off his promise to stop the Northern 2 pipeline and using the sanction of the SWIFT banking system against Russian finances.

    Brandon will continue to buy Russian oil at record prices which will help Putin to finance his war in Europe and to appease a -hole Kerry who today asked ‘Russia’ war plans not to disturb his and globalists’ Green New Deal.’.

    This US administration is currently being lead by Russian appeasers and will be the direct cause of downfall of free Europe and America if not replaced soon. And if China attacks Taiwan there will be no chips for new cars so you better start to take care of your current car and turn to Cuba utubes to learn how you too can keep a classic car running.

    But you and your Wednesday Wars just keep praising Obama, Brandon, Kerry , Hillary and the leftover Obama stooges ( Susan Rice, Sullivan, Blinkin) and the radical left whom Brandon is still kissing all their arses; all of whom want to destroy America so they can reset it. Where is the middle of the road, uniting Brandon going besides hell?

    You and your Wednesday Wars have helped and prophesied Russia’s current war on the freedom of free countries. You should be celebrating tonite for you unAmerican reckless journalism

  3. Welp Tom, if it weren’t for half baked conspiracy theories the Trumpanzees wouldn’t have any theories at all.

    It would just be nice if they didnt hate
    their own country so much.

    1. I don’t hate America I hate the Dem liars and the Hunter Biden Family Ukraine and China money stealing treasonous traitors who put their corrupt monies in secret places off shore yet want to stop the Corrupt Russian oligarchs from getting to their off shore secret money. The weaponized DOJ clearly protects these obvious political criminals

      I’m hoping Putin shuts off the Biden family from their secret money locations offshore.

      If you think what I say is a conspiracy why don’t you read the Durham indictment and the laptops of Hunter ( NY Times and NY Post) as he’s got some outstanding porn and all you need to know about the millions from Ukraine, 1.5 Billion from China and millions from the wife of the mayor of Moscow; all to the Biden Crime Family.

      And it’s not a conspiracy to see Biden shut down oil leases on Federal lands, shut down Keystone pipeline , put sanctions on fracking and he is not going to reverse such treasonous executive orders but allows the US to now buy 500,000 barrels of oil a day which at $100 a barrel is putting Putin into enough money to fund his war against innocent Ukrainians.

      Biden is totally controlled by the AOC ultra- left communist group and the American people will not tolerate such insane policies. Biden polls will continue to drop if he doesn’t reverse his bat crazy war on the oil industry.

      Do you think like crazy AOC that an all electric energy world can protect America from the CCP and the Russian aggressive , world expansionism?

      You DEMs are all deaf when it comes to facts and all you can play is conspiracy and race cards. Well we now know Hillary and her campaign lawyers created all the BS Russia, Russia , Russia causing Trump to be investigated for nothing and by the Deep State weaponing the FBI and DOJ.

      Also check out http://www.revolver news and you will see from cell phone video that the Feds like paid instigator Ray Epps and other Feds set up the False flag Jan 6th BS.But you won’t do that cause it would reveal the Deep State can take Presidents not chosen from their Uni-party candidates.

      Doug you hate corruption at the local level and do a great job exposing it but you are blind for some reason when it comes to national corruption.

      I see why you like Tom ‘s crickets🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗.

  4. Couple of things.

    One can’t really get their arms around how Russians think without knowing a few facts.
    Most importantly how they’ve suffered in war. In WW II, they suffered combat deaths well
    over 8,000,000. The USA, less than 300,000.

    A couple of nights ago, I watched a couple of hours of Oliver Stone interviewing Putin over
    a ten year period. Worth a look, if you can locate it. Showtime.

    The Right seems split on what to do about Ukraine. On the one hand, the chest thumpers are gung ho
    “no appeasement.” Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson seems to be advocating a “why should we care” approach.

    I think Tucker is listening to “Hail to the Chief” on his headphones.

  5. I heard an intelligent military man say “amateurs talk about tactics,
    professionals talk about logistics.”

    It appears Putin is not prepared for the magnitude of the task before
    him. The Ukrainians are not making it easy for him.

    “Everybody has a plan until they get hit in the face.” Mike Tyson

    1. We’ll see if Putin has something planned for 9PM Washington, DC time
      which would be right about the time Nancy Pelosi, in her role a Speaker,
      announces…”The President of the United States.”

      1. In one hour, give or take, Joe Biden will speak before a Join Session
        of Congress and the largest viewing audience he ever had in his life.

        I have to believe that sometime between now and the next two hours
        one of the following four countries has a reason to do something
        violent and dramatic in or about Ukraine: Russia, USA, Ukraine, Israel.

        I would say USA is least likely to break from their present strategy. Russia is most
        in need of a change in the appearance of disorganization and low morale. Ukraine
        is doing about as much as it can. Israel is good at special ops in and out. They
        love dramatic action with good publicity. How can they resist?

        There, I’m out on a limb.

        1. This speech is big and be can draw a huge contrast between his leadership and what the America First Trump GOPers and the Democratic Socialist seem to agree upon about weakening our commitments to NATO. The Ukrainians are a people that have met their moment in history and have risen above it.

          1. Joe gave the best speech I ever heard from him. I watched most of it on FOX.
            In the five minutes following the speech, FOX gave him grudging respect. Even
            a brief snippet from Brit Hume.

            On my prediction that Putin would try and do something dramatic to steal the
            moment….didn’t happen.

            Wolf Blitzer is pushing to get Putin declared a “war criminal.” Where was he on
            Rawanda’s 800,000 dead.

            Oh well…..

            I think Biden made a conscious decision to not make Putin bigger than he is.

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