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Someone has got to tell Joe Biden to do the right thing.

Joe, you helped Obama win two terms and you beat Trump. Good for you. But, imagining you as President seven years from now is a bridge too far. In fact the very thought of a total of eight years of President Joe Biden, the guy I voted for, gives me the heebee-geebees.

Here’s what you have to do, Joe. On January 21, 2022, which is the one year anniversary of your Inauguration, go on TV and make the following statement.


Those were the exact words used by President Lyndon Johnson on March 31, 1968, seven months before the 1968 Presidential Election. Johnson was losing public support over the Viet Nam War and did what he thought was best for the Country and his Party at the time. Johnson’s announcement stabilized his poll numbers and he finished his term at just under 50% Job Approval. Not bad given the tumultuous Sixties and the War.

Joe Biden is a fighter and a patriot, I’m sure it goes against every instinct in his being to make such an announcement one year into his presidency. But, its not about what’s good for Joe anymore, its about the country and maintaining a viable two party system in the Congress. Continue Reading……

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  1. A few people have mentioned to me that if Joe announced well before the Mid-Terms
    that he was only going to serve one term, he’d be viewed as a lame duck and would have less power.

    I think Joe might be one of those unique individuals who would gain power and influence by admitting
    that he lacks the full range of skills to be a world beater. Joe’s polling on “Job Approval” is clearly slipping. But, if they polled the following question: “Is Joe Biden A Decent Human Being?” Joe would do very well and the Country wouldn’t let him fail.

  2. Hi Tom,
    Long time no visit! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So, President Biden, in your mind, has to take the bullet for the party???? Are there any other leading dems that should announce stepping down to save the party and the country????? I mean, he’s only been in DC as Pres. for 1 year. I understand he’s been there for half a century prior, but so have others.

    1. Well, well, well. It has indeed been a while. And, as is your custom, you’ve left a full plate
      for me to work on.

      I’ve never been a registered Democrat. But, I can’t remember ever voting for a Republican. I’ve
      taken to calling myself a Pelosi-Obama Democrat who is capable of supporting Kavanaugh, when I thought a member of my tribe was being treated unfairly, standing up for Reagan when he called out Israel for their wholesale massacre in Lebanon in 1982, and standing up for Bannon now and then.

      I voted for Joe, reluctantly. I was hoping he’d surprise me with a little more clarity. When it became
      clear to me he’s doing the best he can I started thinking about writing the piece I wrote.

      Joe is a decent human being who is a leaden weight on the Democratic Party. I have to think he knows
      that. Its up to him to do the right thing and let those who feel called to lead the USA start making their plans.

      In closing, I think Joe shares a characteristic with Poppy Bush. Poppy had a passion to become President
      but didn’t have the same passion to remain President. In his heart of hearts, I bet Joe can’t wait to get back to Wilmington and walk downtown and see old friends.


      T. C.

      1. I guess your avoidance of my question as to whether there are any other Dems doing damage to the party is an answer that he is the only one bringing them down. It’s going to be interesting to watch the Democratic party, for sure, if he continues on as he says he is.
        Do you think the powers that be in the party will go ahead and start grooming Kamala, or do they have someone else in mind? She would be the presumptive candidate for them having served as VP for 4 years.
        Time will tell.
        Best regards

        1. No, there are no other Democrats who should follow my recommendation to Joe to, not step down,
          but to serve one term only.

          One does not successfully “groom” Democrats. Successful Democrats like JFK, Bill Clinton and Barack
          Obama go out and win primaries and organize caucus states.

          Obama stood out from the crowd because he was one of the few Democrats to go on the record opposed to our stupid war in Iraq. He inspired the young and enthusiastic. Hillary had the old, moneyed, and tired.

          In my opinion, a “real” Democrat can run a winning campaign while never taking in excess of
          $20,000.00 from any single contributor. Trump took about $25 Million from the late Sheldon Adelson in the last week of his winning campaign against Hillary.

          Got to go. Tucker just put Tulsi Gabbard on as a guest. I gave her $300.00

          1. Hmmm. So, you sound like you don’t see the party getting behind Kamala?? Neither do I. Tulsi will tell it like it is to Tucker!! Oh, politics!!

  3. There is nothing that can be accomplished as both political parties are trying to keep their power instead of leading our country. Constantly arguing for or against anything without compromising has a way of dragging a country down a dug latrine 🤔🙄😷

    1. I don’t disagree with anything you said.

      You make the case for the importance of leadership. An outstanding leader can inspire the people to see
      beyond their individual interests and embrace the interests of the whole, also known as the Country.

      Great leaders are few and far between. Washington made something out of nothing. Lincoln kept the Country together. Franklin Roosevelt saw us through the Depression and most of World War II. Great
      leaders must communicate to the public that they are big enough for the challenges of the moment they face.

      I was never a Bush II fan, but I’ll give him credit when he stood on the rubble of the World Trade Center
      with his arm around the fireman. He met “that” moment and his job approval went up to almost 90%.
      (When he left office it was in the twenties.)

      Consistently meeting the challenges of the moment makes for greatness. Who has done it since FDR?

      You tell me.

      1. It’s been 13 days since I spoke on this thread.

        Since then, the possibly of Russian military action in Ukraine and a nuclear Iran
        have been added to Joe Biden’s plate.

        In the next 30 days Joe Biden has a chance to show us what he’s got. The proof will
        be in his job approval numbers. As Lincoln said, “public sentiment is everything, with
        it all things can be done, without it nothing can be accomplished.”

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