December 2021……

Seems like the whole year blew by in an instant folks. For our part we’ve been spending the last 9 weeks training to complete our first half marathon. With the successful completion of our ten mile day on Sunday, we’re ready to go, the only open question being how fast we can make the trek on raceday.

There have been a few times I actually missed Slabbed during that time period, such as when Dave Elliot showed some ass with Anita Lee over his out of state car tag. Dave sunk to a new low there but we really need to tackle the other controversy he stirred as buried in his remarks is the concept of self selection bias and that is worth exploring when time allows.

Of course Meggan Gray being an anti-vaxer made for some fun local jackassery we also missed out on. (Hint to Meggan, the Pope said to get the vaccine so claiming a religious exemption was pretty retarded.)

Anchor talent starved WVVX snapped Gray up pretty quickly. We’re still monitoring both TV stations but with the advent of streaming we still watch the NOLA TV news as the larger market stations have far more resources and seem less politically-agenda driven than WLOX in particular.

There have been other things happening as well. This month we’ll peel back a few layers on Hancock Port and Harbor as there were some major changes made in the leadership of that particular county agency in the Summer of 2020 that flew way under the radar with the pandemic raging and such.

Even better, if scheduling can work I’ll have a holiday happy for everyone as well. We have some old friends in both NOLA and on the coast we need to catch up with.

Finally from the Thanksgiving files last week we made a Cranberry butter cake that turned out very well and was the hit of the dessert cart at the family get together.

It tasted like a butter/sugar cookie with cranberries. We made hot buttered rum sauce to top it but the cake is very sweet without anything on top. We’ll be making it again for Christmas.

Feel free to add any news (old or otherwise) in comments.