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I’ve always liked Steve Bannon.

We’ve got a bit in common. We’re both mostly Irish and mostly, Catholic. Bannon went to high school with Benedictine Catholic Monks in Richmond, VA. I attended most of the Jesuit Colleges on the East Coast graduating from one of them. Bannon was elected President of the Student Body at Virginia Tech, in Harrisonburg, VA. I was elected to the student council from my home room in high school….ok, ok no big deal, but I beat the Class President and the Class Valedictorian in a three person race.

So, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Bannon calls himself a nationalist populist. I call myself an Obama-Pelosi Democrat with emphasis on staying out of unnecessary Mideast wars urged upon us by Israel and her, bought and paid for, friends in Congress. I know they’re “bought and paid for” because Tom Friedman of the Times said they were and Tom loves Israel more than life itself.

Bannon talks too much and often makes enemies. Chicken libs (a chicken lib is unwilling to criticize Israel ever) love to take shots at Bannon. Organized commenters (its called Hasbara, from the Hebrew) join the fray to vile excess. Their “real” gripe: Bannon supposedly said, according to one of his former wives (are you kidding me!), that he “didn’t want his kids going to school with a bunch of whiny Jewish brats.” Continue Reading………

4 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Bannon!”

    1. I’ve remained oblivious to the whole “Brandon” phenomenon.
      I did see the Quinnipiac poll at 35. The Real Clear Politics average of polls was 41.5.

      I was an unenthusiastic supporter of Biden and I have just put up a piece on my own
      site calling for Joe to announce, on the one year anniversary of his Inauguration, that he
      will not seek or accept the nomination of his party to serve a second term.

      The very idea of eight full years of Joe Biden as President should violate the Eighth Amendment’s
      ban on Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

  1. Brandon’s 33% approval is lower than Richard Nixon’s approval when he left the WH and boarded Marine One due to pending impeachment and his final decision to resign which you claimed you helped effect.

    Don’t you think it’s time for Brandon to resign so Kamala can assume as the first woman to become President ? Surely she will know she is President whereas Brandon now says Harris is President so Brandon would not be shocked to let her take control and try to reverse some of the poor decisions Brandon has made in his first year . America can not afford to have Brandon to lead America for another 3 years !

  2. Gallup has been polling since the thirties.

    In the Post World War II Period, Trump is the only President to have never enjoyed a
    Job Approval Rating of 50% or higher.

    Nixon’s Job Approval rating when he resigned was 24%. He resigned August 1974. In October
    of 1973 I spoke to an Impeach Nixon Rally on the Ellipse behind the White House which is where
    Trump addressed the January 6 crowd.

    Biden’s Job Approval rating was 50% and higher during the first six months of his Presidency.

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