Like a Fly Circling a Huge Steaming Pile of Shit….

That’s where to look for Bobby Culumber folks:

  1. Bill Walker needed some help to set up a Special Purpose Entity to steal money from the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources so who does he turn to?
  2. Need some help explaining away a major bank fraud? Steven Colson sure did back in the day so who did he turn to?
  3. Is the City Council on your ass for misspending drug forfeiture money and keeping shitty books and you need an auditor willing to say the City is financially healthy just before the police chief kills himself in the parking lot after a major payroll fraud scandal surfaces who you gonna call?

It is just amazing how many times one person pops up so many different ways around these steaming piles of crap:

Brett Favre owes Mississippi $828K and wrestlers owe $4.8M, auditor says in latest demand ~ Anna Wolfe

The $828,000 demand, which also went to Favre Enterprises and business partner Robert Culumber, includes the $600,000 he failed to repay plus interest.

One naturally wonders why only the DiBiase boy has been charged with a crime.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Like a Fly Circling a Huge Steaming Pile of Shit….”

  1. Maybe the only reason DiBiase was charged was because the other one “ knew” the right folks in Jackson!!!!!$$$$$

    1. Reading the comments to Jackson Jambalaya post it appears one of Lynn Fitch’s staffers slopped at this trough so she may be suing her own employee in the process.

      This much I know, through sweet serendipity working an unrelated issue via backchannel in Summer 2019 I was introduced to the world of Governor Bryant via a lady named Nancy New, whose cell phone number I was given as she was someone who had the Governor’s ear. He was a short timer and turns out New was one as well. I never made use of that number but the person who gave it to me was at the time connected at the highest levels of State Government so I took the word as gospel and filed it away.

      Then all hell broke loose with the TANF funds being stolen.

      I don’t know that the AG and OSA have the resources to chase down every trail that must have been left by the money train.

      I don’t know who the they is just yet (beyond Shad White being the implement) but “they” didn’t wait long after Phil left office to blow up his trough. This is also inter-party skullduggery at its finest at a certain level.

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