Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Surprise! Israel Wants More Money

Posted on September 26, 2021

It’s always something with Israel. Fight this country; bomb that country. Israel join us in battle? Never. Pester us for more money? Constantly.

We made a deal with Israel five years ago. We, The USA, would give Israel $3.8 Billion a year for ten years. Israel signed on. Now, they’re coming to us and saying, send us an EXTRA $1 Billion for this year. They say, they had to launch a bunch of rockets against Hamas a few months ago and don’t want to use “their own ” money…meaning money we already sent them under the Agreement. They want “new” money from us, in addition to the Agreed upon money.

As “Church Lady” would say “Isn’t that special.”

Why the heck are they bugging us with this Mickey Mouse, BS? Israel is a country with 71 Billionaires, more than three times that of the entire continent of Africa. Use the money we already sent you. The $3.8 Bil for this year isn’t exactly chump change. Don’t come to us with “extras”. That’s not our deal. And, if you have to spend a dollar of your own……..

And, by the way, the money we give to Israel, each year, is more than the money we give annually to all of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa, combined. That happens to be the area of Africa where the slaves came from. Population, 950 million people. They get squatoosh which is a smidge more than bupkis.

Does anybody have the phone number for the Congressional Black Caucus? Do they still exist? Anyone in there with a pulse?

You already know how this story ends. Israel will get “their” (meaning OUR) extra $1,000,000,000 for this year. Do you think it will be different next year? Possible. People are starting to talk.

The good news is that nine brave souls, out of 435 in the House of Representatives, voted NO and slowed the process down. Israel likes its “special arrangements” buried in massive multipurpose legislative packages. The Virtuous Nine made that impossible. So, a little daylight got shined on the scam, making it a little more difficult to pull off again. Continue Reading…….

7 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Surprise! Israel Wants More Money”

  1. Israel hasn’t gotten it’s extra $1 Billion funding for Iron Dome yet.

    Senator Rand Paul stood in the way of a “Unanimous Consent” Request to
    fast track the funding for a Senate Vote.

    The Israel Lobby is not amused. They are accustomed to having Congress comply with their
    requests immediately.

    1. OFF TOPIC:

      Sorry to see John Gruden get forced out. He needed somebody well respected
      to step up big for him in the last couple of days. The fact that nobody did
      says something.

    2. Tom

      surprised you didn’t mention the attack on the USN Liberty which would have resulted in war crime charges if done during World War Two – ahhhh, victor’s justice and all that comes to mind.
      The dwindling number of US merchant mariners do recall that “incident” and of course to this day, LBJ and the US version of KGB/GRU have put clamps on divulging all relevant info.

      1. Mr. AC…

        Excuse the tardy response.

        I’m well aware of the Liberty. In fact, I know an elderly lady whose brother survived that event
        and is still alive today. More recently there’s a certain event called the Pollard Spy Matter. Pollard did
        thirty years and is in Israel now. Some think its our worst spy loss ever.

        I will say this much, if you’re going to take on the Israelis, bring your lunch and wear a hard hat. They
        don’t play.

        I did a piece way back around March 2015 (its in the Archives) on what Netanyahu SHOULD say in his last
        address to the Congress “telling” OUR Congress why we should not enter the Iran Deal.

        A Mr. Ashton O’Dwyer weighed in, on these pages, with great vigah (as JFK would have said).

        Last thought, remember the name James Jesus Angleton former head of Counter Intelligence at the CIA.
        If there was “funny business” a foot back when he was around there’s a good chance he was smack dab in the middle of it. He would have four martini lunches with Kim Philby a gentleman once employed
        by MI 5 (or 6, whichever is foreign intelligence).



        1. Tom

          the most egregious part squelched was the machinegunning of survivors in liferafts.
          The only time this happened by the Germans and the officer in charge was executed.
          Ironically the US Silent Service was known for incidents of machinegunning the Japanese.

  2. When asked by CNN host at a staged , snow ball Town Hall Meeting about when was Joe’s last visit to the border?

    Old Joe said it was when he was a Senator but said ‘ I don’t have time to go to the border because I been all over the world overseeing 900 Billion dollar damages due to hurricanes and floods’ ( old climate redirect when 60,000 illegals are about to charge our southern border and deadly Chinese drugs like fentynl are processed into pills by Mexican cartels are killing 100,000 U.S. drug user in last 12 months)

    Really Joe……. you are a lying dog faced pony soldier but you have been to Delaware 26 times since you stole the 2020 election ( in Joe’s own words he said , “ we have the greatest election fraud team “ in history of America…. great Freudian slip Joe !

    All you liberal DEMs are getting what you deserve for voting for a Manchurian fraud.

    1. I don’t know what “liberal dems” you’re talking about. I know I did a lot more to confirm
      Kavanaugh than anybody using a name that is not their own.

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