Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: General Milley and the Fine Art of Deconfliction

Posted on September 16, 2021

General Milley is going to be all right. I heard it from a couple of Four Stars. Like, for instance, Retired Four Star General Barry McCaffrey, who comments frequently on MSNBC and Retired Four Star General Jack Keane, who does the same at FOX.

General MilleyChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, under Presidents Trump and Biden has admitted to authors Woodward and Costa, in their Book, Peril, to doing exactly what a person holding his rank and position is supposed to do. Keep us out of accidental wars with nuclear powers.

Its called “Deconfliction.” The word is not in the Constitution. Neither is the term “Nuclear Weapons.” The people at Webster have personally advised me that the first time the word “Deconfliction” was used was 1976, further proof that my history of bringing you up to date material, like “The Dude“, abides.

Deconfliction is the art whereby we tell friends, and powerful foes, what we’re concerned about and seek to ascertain what their concerns are about us. For example, it is not in the interest of the USA for China to be under the impression that our President, no matter who it is, is determined to use nuclear weapons against them. The act of convincing the government of China that their fears are misplaced is in the interest of the USA in that it lessens the likelihood that China would take what they mistakenly thought was “preemptive” action against us. Knowledge of what each adversarial power thinks about the other is useful to achieving an absence of conflict also referred to by liberals and flower children as “Peace.” Continue Reading……..

4 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: General Milley and the Fine Art of Deconfliction”

  1. Hannity has gone hard after General Milley the last two nights. He has not gotten retired Four Star
    General Keane, a FOX regular, to come on and support the “his case.” On the contrary, General Keane
    has been supportive of General Milley.

    General Milley will testify before Congress September 28.

    1. I’m going to reserve comments until we know what did or didn’t happen. To much B.S. flying around right now. It’s like everything else lately. We have to wait months or even years to get the truth. Not good for the Country

      1. Never a bad idea to give a serious matter more thought. We’ll know more when the Woodward/Costa
        Book hits on Tuesday and General Milley testifies September 28.

  2. When I put this piece up six days ago, FOX was giving intensively negative coverage on General
    Milley, suggesting Milley may have been guilty of Treason. Now, nothing on Milley. Carlson is into
    vaccinations and Hannity is all Haitians at the Border.

    It’s sinking in, gradually, that it is well within the duties of the the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
    to dialogue with his counterparts with major powers and disabuse them of misconceptions they might have about our intentions towards them (China). Specifically, that the US is not going to attack China with nuclear weapons and that there will be a peaceful transfer of power from the Trump Administration
    to the Biden Administration.

    General Milley testifies in six days, September 28.

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