Defund the City Clerk?

We still get the meeting info for the Bay Council and tonight a special meeting is on tap to handle some loose ends for the new fiscal year starting October 1. Tonight’s meeting includes the City Payroll ordinance and workforce salary schedule and under Administration is the line for the City Clerk and it reads as defunded by council. I reckon Sissy Gonzales never got the promotion to the position as she is still listed as City comptroller.

Related and sure to hit the news cycle are some recent Ethics complaints filed against Councilman at large Gary Knoblock. The undercurrents surrounding the complaints are most interesting here. We should have more on that soon.

5 thoughts on “Defund the City Clerk?”

  1. Six of the seven “complaints” filed by Andrew Burrell against Councilman Knoblock were dismissed by the Ethics Commission. I did not know that Burrell lived with former Councilman Larry Smith on the Old Spanish Trail, or at least, according to Knoblock that is the residential address Burrell gave to Ethics. Burrell seems to get around. The complaints Rhonda Aime Gamble posted on her Facebook page in Feb. show Burrell with a Carroll Ave. address in Bay St. Louis, and now I am told he actually lives on Ray and Claudia Murhpy’s property on Hancock St. in the Bay. Who knows?! We do know City Clerk, Sissy Gonzales confirmed to Councilman Knoblock that Burrell did not make any request through her office, as required, for public records that he used in his complaints against Knoblock. I’ve heard that politics makes strange bed fellows, but this is beyond the pale.

  2. Lana, that’s low for even you… you live in Waveland and are fixated with BSL.
    You miss the point, and Gary is guilty.

    1. Hi Rachael,
      Rhonda lives in Waveland too. Have you confronted her on her fixation with BSL politics. I haven’t missed any point, and you know it. Post when you have something intelligent to add.

    2. Like I said in the post, the more here than meets the eye. I actually was going to do a dedicated post to that topic. Rachael Lana was called out by Rhonda Gamble on Facebook when these multiple complaints were filed as Lana was actually the topic of one. Councilman Knoblock was found guilty of one of these complaints, no one is disputing that.

      You may remember Gamble ran the GOP campaigns for council back in 2017. It is no secret she is very close with Councilman Smith in Ward 4. His address appeared as Burrell’s on those complaints. Since then we’ve had an election and Smith lost his seat. There is a backstory here that may or may not be worth knowing depending on your point of view.

      1. Doug,
        The complaint Burrell filed against Knoblock concerning me was when I applied to be placed on the Agenda of a City Council meeting. I went to the Council Clerk to apply, and she told my she could no longer put anyone on the Agenda because of a new policy Council had adopted requiring applicants to go through a City Councilman to be placed on the Agenda. I told her I did not have a Councilman since I live in Waveland. She said that did not matter. Council hears from people who live lots of different places all the time. So, I told her I would just go through the Councilman-at-large. That seemed appropriate to both of us. I did, and Councilman Knoblock arranged for me to be on the Agenda. I was simply following the new policy. I have no idea why Mr. Burrell would think that was unethical. I have never met the man, never had a conversation with him. Anyway, Ethics Commission agreed there was nothing unethical about it and dismissed the complaint.

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