Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Taliban Reshuffles Geopolitical Deck

Posted on August 16, 2021

TALIBAN. The Taliban are a movement that originated in the mid 1990s. They practice a strict fundamentalist version of Sharia Law. The Taliban have 150,000 fighters. They now control Afghanistan, a landlocked country that borders Iran, China, Pakistan and four countries ending in “stan” known as the Stans.

The Taliban now get, for a brief fleeting moment, a second chance to make a first impression. Last time around they cut off heads, brutalized women and blew up priceless monuments. They have a chance to reboot who they are. The Germans remade themselves after WW II. Anything is possible. The American Press will give them about a week to demonstrate that they are not stuck in the Stone Age, after which the conventional wisdom will hold that they’re stone cold irrational killers.

JOE BIDEN. Has bragged about his knowledge of Afghanistan claiming he has taken up to 30 trips there. This is a moment of truth time for Joe Biden. Biden must get all our personnel out of Afghanistan safely. The same for the interpreters who risked their lives to help our troops. Biden’s presidency is on the line. Get us out neat and clean. There is no margin for error. Let your work speak for itself. Don’t over talk it. Use Wendy Sherman, No. 2 at State, as a spokesperson in place of underwhelming Secretary of State, Tony Blinken.

IRAN. Iran shares a 590-mile border with Afghanistan. A couple of million Afghanistan citizens have escaped into Iran. It’s in Iran’s interest to help Biden get all Americans out of Afghanistan safely. Iran helped the US right after 9/11. Continue Reading……….

7 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Taliban Reshuffles Geopolitical Deck”

  1. Israeli Prime Minister Bennett will arrive in US tomorrow (Tuesday) night. He’ll want more money
    (to pay for the rockets he used against Hamas) and assurances we don’t do anything to allow peace
    to break out between US and Iran.

    Those who follow things closely know that Iran was very helpful to the US right after 9-11 and that
    Israel was noticeably absent from the coalition that entered the fray in Afghanistan after we were hit
    on 9-11. Amongst the non-Nato Countries that fought and died with us in Afghanistan were: Finland,
    New Zealand, Australia, and Jordan.

    JORDAN! Israel didn’t join us and JORDAN did! Can you dig it?

  2. Biden’s lack of foreign policy over his entire career are front and center now. He has always tried to talk a good game. His ignorance of foreign affairs dates all the way back to his early days in Congress

  3. Tucker Carlson DID NOT lead with Afghanistan on Tuesday or Wednesday Nights. Clear indication
    that polling shows Joe’s handling of Afghanistan has limited viability for Rs. Tucker knows his audience.
    He gives them what they want.

    1. The numbers speak straight to the American People. They don’t need any News outlet or Biden Administration’s talking heads to spin any of this. Americans have eyes and ears that work much to many’s disbelief. Polls will continue to drop like a rock because people have seen enough.

  4. 5:56pm

    Almost an hour ago Cent Com Commander General Mackenzie gave an excellent presentation on
    the Conclusion of Operations in Afghanistan.

    Secretary of State Blinken was scheduled to go live at 5PM sharp. So far, a no show.

    Stupid screw up!

    Watch FOX have fun.

  5. 8-31-2021 4:17PM

    Joe concluded a solid statement on Afghanistan. It won’t expand his base but it should stop
    the leakage in his support that was happening because of the Afghanistan Exit.

    Carlson and Hannity will give him zero credit and full scale ridicule. Unfortunately there isn’t anybody at
    MSNBC that will take them on directly.

    Rachel Maddow is useless when hand to hand combat is required. Bring back Keith Olbermann!

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