House of Cards…..

The fate of Arthur Andersen holds important clues to what is coming at the Trump Criminal Enterprise based on today’s reporting the New York DA is considering charges against both the Trump Organization’s CFO and the company itself. This is especially true given the amount of leverage that exists on the balance sheet.

Trump lawyers warned by Manhattan DA of possible criminal charges against Trump Organization, CFO Allen Weisselberg ~ Dan Mangan

4 thoughts on “House of Cards…..”

  1. Here we go with another week of the Loony Tune Biden Administration. So many policies are failing the American People and our Allies. The one good thing is the American People are waking up finally. School Boards are being questioned. Defund the Police policies are now showing the Violence that comes with it. States are taking control back away from the over reaching Democrats and their broken policies. The Boarder issues are a disgrace. Biden caused it but blamed it on Trump. That dog won’t hunt. Harris is in so for over her head it would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

  2. If it wasn’t so sad it would make a great comedy routine. Watching the Democrats try to spin the past years violence on everybody but themselves. They think most Americans are Blind and Deaf. They created and own the Defund Police Policies. Now they are trying to do the same with the Boarder. They own the tragedy going on there They might as well admit that they have blood on their hands They have condoned Defund Police and the Boarder tragedy. That makes them complicit on some levels with the deaths and heartaches. It also does the same for all the illegal Drugs and Criminals that are being moved all over the Country.

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