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Posted on June 14, 2021

I love quotes from the famous and infamous. They stimulate the mind and spring me loose from my default state of…who knows.

There’s a great quote written in cement in front of the building in Washington housing the originals of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, “What’s Past is Prologue.” It’s from Shakespeare, modified, in music, by Justin Timberlake (who I wouldn’t know from a cord of wood), to “what goes around comes around.”

By the way, I love the Tip O’Neill expression “I wouldn’t know him from a cord of wood.” You gotta love Tip! (The Speaker of the House, for Math Majors) I call him “Tip” for two reasons. Most importantly, he’s dead and he can’t say he “doesn’t know me from a cord of wood” and, secondly, I actually did meet him twice and the second time he called me by name. You’ll just have to take that on the, admittedly, flimsy support of, my word.

There are certain people that just cry out to be quoted. Like Dorothy Parker, for instance. She was known for being known, doing some writing and having an acerbic wit. Dorothy described a Broadway starlet who recently arrived from Hungary as “speaking seven languages but unable to say ‘no’ in any one of them.”

Many Jews claim Dorothy as one of theirs. But, without being argumentative, I will point out that her Mother was Celtic (Scotch, Irish, Welsh…not NBA) and Dorothy attended The Convent of the Sacred Heart Elementary School on 79th Street in Manhattan. I’ll always claim her as one of mine, at least partly.

For what its worth, there is a Private Library across from the Convent School on 79th St, of very distinguished history from which my own self and George Washington, at different times in history, enjoyed borrowing privileges. I can report that I am no longer a Member, and my overdue fines have been paid. I have to assume the same for George. Continue Reading……

10 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Quotes for Fun”

  1. I’m a great believer in the fact that self-effacing humor is a politicians best friend.

    Reagan had a great line he used to soften many audiences. “They say hard work never hurt anyone. I say, why take a chance.” When Lincoln was criticized for being “two faced” he would reply “if I had
    two faces, I wouldn’t be using this one.” When Obama was asked if he inhaled when he used Marijuana,
    he, unlike Bill Clinton, said “I thought that was the point.”

    It’s hard to get angry at someone who who is capable of letting the joke by on him/her.

  2. Here are three quotes I think you could build a course in Political Science around:

    ONE: “What’s Past is Prologue.” Sign in front of National Archives.

    TWO: “A Republic if you can keep it.” Benjamin Franklin stating what the Constitution had given the

    THREE: “Public Sentiment is Everything. With it all things are possible. Without it nothing gets done.”
    Abraham Lincoln.

  3. I’m glad we have things of all types to look back on. Some good and some bad. I hate to think what future generations will have to say about this period in time. The intolerance and the lies as well as the Media of today. I bet Walter Cronkite is screaming for journalists to to their damn job and call it the way it is not their opinion of the way it is

  4. All we hear about crime is Gun Violence. A Gun is a object just like a Car,Hammer,Shovel,Axe etc……. The only common thing between any object used for evil is the hand that holds it Until we take responsibility for ourselves and our communities nothing will change.

    1. I agree with the thrust of your comment. However, I do not think any Tom, Dick, and Harry should be
      able to get a weapon that fires over 100 rounds per minute.

  5. I hope everyone took a hard look at Biden’s press conference yesterday and realize we have a real Problem at the highest level of our Government.

  6. I watch Hannity and Carlson usually one or two times a week. I’m aware of the drumbeat of ridicule of
    Joe’s obvious challenges in expressing himself.

    These challenges do not seem to be breaking the reasonably solid bond that Joe has with a critical mass
    of the electorate. People trust his word and his ability to make reasonable decisions. As someone who voted for him (without great enthusiasm), I say “so far, so good.”

    1. Obviously you didn’t see the press Conference on crime and the Second Amendment. His reasoning for the rise in criminal activity. Americans needing F-15s and Nuclear Weapons to take on the Government. His demeanor and thought process was alarming.I didn’t vote for him but,I realize he is being used by an extremely divided party. When he says he can’t answer questions or confuses countries and People it raises concerns about his ability to make his on discussions and who is really calling the shots.

  7. Harris is proving just how wrong the Biden Administrations boarder policies are. She is doing a tap dance today for show with know intent of solving anything. It is a true Black Eye for America that will remain until someone steps up and calls it like it is. Until then the Human tragedy will continue and probably grow with the heat of the Summer Months

  8. NEWS FLASH: 8-3-2021

    Gallup reports Biden Job Approval Numbers drop to 50% which is a number Trump never got up t0.

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